The Bloodline System - Chapter 183 - Reminiscing

Chapter 183 - Reminiscing

Chapter 183 - Reminiscing

"I'm Glade," she said while stretching out her hand towards Angy.

Angy received her hand and shook it gently while smiling at her warmly.


Gustav had been channeling his bloodline for the past two hours now.

He started channeling his bloodline before Angy, and the rest arrived within the barrier of light.

Later on, seven other participants arrived within the light barrier, and some others were still outside trying to break in.

Gustav's consciousness was currently within his body at the moment.

'Fourth step seems so simple yet so complex. Looks like I might not be able to get there today. Still, at least I'll make sure I saturate my original bloodline well enough to prepare for the time of breakthrough,' Gustav said internally.

His genetic transforming bloodline was currently bubbling, insanely within his body.

He had gotten to the third step several weeks ago with his original bloodline. By contrast, he had gotten atomic disintegration, beast transformation, and Gravitational energy container to the first step.

Gustav's mind wandered to several weeks back.


After Gustav sneaked into the disciplinary committee's teachers' office, he spent the next two days channeling his bloodline.

His original bloodline was already at the second step at that time, and he only managed to get Beast transformation Bloodline to the first step.

He still had two more to channel to the first step.

After two days had gone by, he headed for Delta labs which happened to be the lab where he sold corpses of mixed breeds.

Although selling those corpses and making more money was important, Gustav was headed to the lab for a more important reason this time.

Mr. Lon would also be visiting the lab, and he needed to see what Mr. Lon was up to. If he could get any clues that pointed to the disciplinary committee as the culprits of the kitchen explosion, he would know what to do next from there.

He had been tapping their phone lines for the past two days, but he didn't get any incriminating evidence from their phone calls.

The only thing he figured out was the name of the person Mr. Lon would be meeting today.

'Ebunoluwa,' Gustav felt that the name sounded a bit familiar. However, when he linked it up to what he remembered, it didn't make any sense, so he decided to just head there and see how things went.

Mr. Lon was headed there by 2 pm, so Gustav had to leave school.

He visited the bathroom and transformed into his alias.

Gustav changed into a six-foot muscular-looking man with ruff brown beards and a bald head.

His skin was a bit tanned, and he looked quite menacing.

Gustav had gotten access to the city records and checked for the person he was currently using.

His alias used to be a hunter, but he happened to have left the city some time ago. So, Gustav decided to make use of his identity for selling the corpse of the mixed breeds.

Gustav felt that even if his fake identity was compromised, he could just transform into another.

Gustav headed to the lab before Mr. Lon did to wait for him.

He arrived there five minutes before Mr. Lon. He waited at the reception area, acting like he was expecting feedback from a worker there or something.

The lab was truly a run-of-the-mill type of lab.

It was a small bungalow building, and the reception area was quite small.

Gustav had been to one of their morgue rooms before, so he knew that some of their equipment was also kinda outdated.

Gustav sat and waited till Mr. Lon walked in.

The staff started greeting him the instant they noticed him, but he ignored them and headed for the corridor on the right end side of the reception.

While heading there, a dark-skinned man in a lab coat came out from that passageway and met with Mr. Lon.

Mr. Lon paused his steps when he saw this man, and they said a few words to each other before turning around to head for the passageway.

Gustav's eyes widened. The moment he saw the man that met with Mr. Lon, he recognized him.

Gustav even thought his eyes might have been playing tricks on him so he made use of God eyes and zoomed in on the man to confirm.

After using God eyes, Gustav didn't have any more doubts.

'Anu,' Gustav said internally.

'He's supposed to be dead. How is he here?' Gustav debated internally.

This person happened to be the same guy employed in the kitchen after one of the workers resigned.

He was also in charge of the cooking equipment that exploded and was one of Gustav's suspects until he was confirmed dead in the explosion.

Gustav remembered seeing his dead body with his very own eyes. So, he couldn't understand why the same person was standing here alive, hale and hearty, conversing with Mr. Lon.

'How in the world is he alive? I need to get to the bottom of this,' Gustav thought with a look of resolve before standing up and heading towards the passageway.

"Mrs. Gonlaz, I'm going in to meet Mr. Ali for the purchases," Gustav voiced out with a thick masculine voice when he arrived before the receptionist.

She stared at him and smiled while nodding.

Gustav nodded back and walked into the passageway on the right.


Gustav opened his eyes and sensed that four hours had gone by already.

'Next time, I'll definitely reach the fourth step,' Gustav said Internally while standing up.

At that moment, there were close to three hundred participants inside the barrier.

Most of them looked like they had run out of energy.

This was to be expected since a lot of them did not eat the previous night. However, they were still happy that they made it to the end of the test phase even though they were starving.

Some were still trying to break through the light wall, but their efforts were fruitless.

Everyone within the light wall was seated at the moment so, when Gustav stood up, they all stared at him with weird gazes.

'It's time,' Gustav said internally while looking up.

Everyone followed his line of sight and stared at the spherical ball of green light above.