The Bloodline System - Chapter 185 - Nostalgia

Chapter 185 - Nostalgia

Chapter 185 - Nostalgia

"Map," Gustav called out while turning his palm to face his head.


Rays of light shot out of his palm as a small holographic map hovered above it.


The entire hall turned to stare at Gustav after noticing the holographic map hovering over his palm.

They instantly understood that this was the method of checking out the map and everyone repeated Gustav's action.

Trrooiinn! Trooinn! Trooinn!

Just like Gustav, rays of light shot out from the number on their palms and formed a map of the current floor they were on.

Everyone could see where the openings on the east walls lead to.

It led to a big corridor within the floor that was a bridge to smaller corridors that led to the eatery, rooms, and public convenience rooms divided between males and females. These parts and some other places were shown on the map. However, at the end and the beginning of the map, a red sign was displayed, which had the word "restricted."

Gustav's eyes squinted when he noticed the restricted parts on the map.

"Let's go, Angy," He muttered.

Gustav and Angy walked out through the openings along with many others.

Immediately they arrived at the corridor, everyone could see a path leading to the front, right, and left simultaneously.

The walls were glistening white, and the glow served as the light for the passageways.

According to the map, the way to the eatery was northwards.

The instant everyone was about to raise their foot to move forward, blue circles started appearing on the ground. The blue circles surrounded everyone's right and left foot.

The number of circles was equivalent to the number of feet that everyone had.

Everyone was surprised at the appearance of the blue circles that surrounded both their foot. However, before they could understand what was happening, the floor beneath them started moving their bodies forward.


No one was used to this. So, many lost their balance and even fell on their butt.

'Another reason why you have to be ready for anything within the MBO,' Gustav said internally after seeing people falling on their butt.

They weren't informed about this, so the MBO obviously wanted them to figure it out themselves.

He looked down at the small circles surrounding both his feet. A thought came to his head, and he suddenly stopped moving.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Three people ended up bumping into him from behind. Still, due to Gustav's sturdiness, they ended up falling on their butts like the others.

"Hey! How did he end up stopping?" Some of the people around wondered.

Angy, who was still being moved forward, noticed that Gustav was no longer beside her and turned her head to the side to look behind her.

She also stopped moving forward when she noticed him.

The circle surrounding her feet rotated, and surprisingly, her body was turned around, and the floor started moving her forward towards Gustav behind.

'Looks like the movement is based on leg muscles intentions,' Gustav analyzed internally.

'The floor scans the intentions of the person standing on them and moves that person in the direction they intend to move in.' Gustav came to this realization when he stopped moving earlier and also noticed Angy being moved towards him.

[God eyes has been activated]

Gustav activated God eyes and stared at the floor.

He couldn't see through it. However, he noticed the energy points and the color of the floor displayed when he activated it.

In the past weeks, Gustav had started learning about the colors that objects displayed when he activated God eyes.

He discovered a few things, and among them were the colors of mixed-breeds, Slarkovs, and humans that were different from one another.

Another thing he figured out was the color AIs displayed, which was oxford blue.

'The floor has an AI installed within,' Gustav slowly deactivated God eyes after seeing this.

'As expected of the MBO... Such advanced tech,' Gustav thought as he looked forward.

The floor started moving forward once again as he met up with Angy.


Several minutes later, Gustav, Angy, and some other participants had arrived in the eatery and had ordered their desired dishes.

Eating was free, so the participants that were famished ordered to their heart's content.

The eatery was pretty large. It was able to contain a thousand people. However, only around three hundred participants were left after the last phase, so there were many unoccupied tables and chairs around.

There was not a single human in the vicinity except for the participants.

The food was served by machines even though they were prepared by people.

On the left side of the cafeteria was a glass wall that showed the outside of the tower.

They could see the outline of Plankton city from their position.

It was already around eight pm, so the skies had already darkened. Still, the city's beauty seemed to even shine more spectacularly in the dark.

The skyscrapers glowed up. Commercials of different kinds were displayed. Even small buildings looked dazzling, and every part of the city looked splendid.

It was like staring at a cluster of fireflies.

This gave Gustav a feeling of nostalgia, reminding him of the times he would head to the mountainside to attempt suicide.

He always adored the city's beauty, but unfortunately, society wasn't as beautiful as the structures they created.

'The earth is really a beautiful place... Too bad that most people's hearts are the opposite,' A melancholic vibe surrounded Gustav as he ate while staring at the city upfront.

Angy noticed his weird mood and was about to speak when three people approached their table.

It was Glade, Teemee and Ria.

"Can we join you guys?" The three of them asked together when they arrived before their table.



Angy and Gustav stared at each other after giving contradictory responses.

The trio stood in position with a look of confusion on their faces wondering which response they were supposed to listen to.