The Bloodline System - Chapter 171 - Golden Streams

Chapter 171 - Golden Streams

Chapter 171 - Golden Streams

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

It sounded like a nuclear explosion as the boulders slammed vigorously into the road ahead.

Cracks appeared all over the path ahead as it crumbled and started sliding down the mountain.

Over a thousand feet of the mountain pass ahead was destroyed, leaving a large gap. Nevertheless, Gustav kept on running.

Immediately he got to the edge where the route stopped; he bent his knees slightly with intense force.

[Super Jump has been activated]


Gustav pushed himself upwards with force.


His body traveled forward above the wide gap formed from the destruction of the mountain pass.

He could see the pointy bone-like objects below him as his body traveled in an arc through the air.


He successfully leaped over the thousand feet gap and landed at the other side of the mountain pass.


His feet made contact with the ground a few feet away from the edge behind him.

Gustav raised his body back up with a straight face after landing on the other side.

'Good thing I was able to get super Jump to increase in level,' Gustav said internally as he turned around to look back.

It was indeed an intimidating sight. The entire mountain pass, as far as the eyes could see, had been destroyed by the large boulders that rained down a few moments ago.

Looking down, the deep crater could bring about the fear of death. However, Gustav was not scared of looking at the bottom that was currently more than ten thousand feet away.

If someone couldn't fly, they had to either jump or walk across the straight surface of the mountain on the left.

Jumping was impossible because there was now a gap of over seven thousand feet. Only a mixedblood that could walk on walls could cross the area as a last resort.

'What would happen if I had fallen? Would the MBO let the participants get killed when they failed to surpass a particular region?' Gustav wondered whether the MBO had a way of preventing deaths when participants fail to overcome dangerous situations.

He decided not to overthink it and turned around to keep walking.

The end of this particular mountain pass was only a few feet away.

After passing through the current mountain pass, he would only need to overcome one more mountain before traveling beyond this mountain region.

In a few seconds, Gustav had gotten down from the mountain and was heading towards the next.

Gustav stood in front of the six-thousand-meter-tall mountain with greenish and yellow flowers surrounding the outward structure.

There was another mountain on the left and right side, but those were way taller than this particular one, so Gustav decided to pick this.

One question kept on nagging at Gustav's mind.

'Why do none of the mountains ahead have a pass?' Gustav wondered with a look of suspicion.


In another part of the space, a girl could be seen sprinting across the surface of a golden-colored stream.


Her speed caused the surface of the stream to split open as she glided across it forming line waves behind her.

Her silver and pink hair blew backward as she dashed forward with gracefulness.

She had two small white horns protruding from her forehead. Even with those horns on her beautiful face, she gave off a gentle vibe.


A large black creature suddenly shot out of the stream behind.

Its gigantic body blotted out a large part of the stream up ahead, casting a big shadow on the horned girl.

The creature's head looked like an upside-down triangle, and it had golden scales on its seven fins that were shaped like wings of airplanes.

'It's still chasing,' She said internally without looking back.

The girl, who was obviously Angy, already knew that she was being chased by this creature from the onset.

'Almost there,' Her sight was still focused on the end of the stream in the distance.


Her body movement increased in speed for a few seconds causing the water creature in the air to fall back into the stream, causing waves to splatter across the entire place.

Due to the large body of the creature, the waves that spread across the rifts upset the balance of the stream's surface, throwing Angy into the air.

Angy's body ascended by over one hundred and thirty feet into the air.

She flipped her body forward while still in mid-air. She then positioned it in such a way that when her rising momentum stopped, she will descend in a vertical format.


While Angy was descending from the air, the gigantic water creature suddenly sprouted out of the stream again with its mouth wide open.

Its big pointy teeth that looked like sharp unbreakable swords were revealed.

Angy was directly falling into the gaps within its teeth.

Just as her body descended to the point where she was close to entering into its mouth, Angy spread her legs.

Clum! Clam!

The sole of her right and left foot missed several teeth pointed upwards. They directly landed on two teeth positioned in a horizontal format.

She was able to find her footing within its mouth because of the creature's teeth position.


Hot breath and streams of water blew out of the creature's mouth as it growled.

Angy felt the intense heat blow her hair upwards, and her entire body was drowned in water mixed with the creature's stomach juices.

The creature started closing up its mouth after making that growl.

Angy's legs suddenly started vibrating at a crazy speed as she squatted and leaped upwards.


Before the jaws of the creature could close up completely, her body flew out of the tiny gap left.


The creature's mouth closed up with intensity causing the air to tremble quickly, generating loud soundwaves.

To the creature's disappointment, it only managed to eat air. Bones were not crushed like it expected.

It looked forward and noticed the humanoid-looking girl running across the water again.


It growled in anger. Disappointed by its fruitless efforts, the creature dived into the water again to give a chase to the puny-looking creature that managed to escape it's grasp.