The Bloodline System - Chapter 170 - Challenging Mountain Region

Chapter 170 - Challenging Mountain Region

Chapter 170 - Challenging Mountain Region

"Gurg, don't be mad at him," She said with a pleading look.

"You're always supporting him, Paula, yet he treated you like shit," Gurg said with a look of pity on his face.

"I... Don't..." She stuttered, not knowing what to say.

"I can't believe Gustav is participating in the test. He seems to be doing well also... What's going on?" Gurg asked while staring at the screen.


Endric stood on a corridor with a sliding floor surface. The floor was moving him forward across the corridor.

'This time, Gustav, I promise to finish you off for the humiliation you brought me,' He said Internally with a look of rage.


Eight hours had already gone by since the second phase of the test started.

The participants were still following the green light, which looked as far as ever. However, those that had traveled farther than others could tell that they had closed the distance a little.

More than a hundred participants had been eliminated by AIs that suddenly spawned all around the place.

Another thing was, the AIs within each area were different.

To pass a particular location, a participant would have to go through one trouble or the other. Nevertheless, whenever they managed to surpass such obstacles and travel past that region successfully, they would notice a specific change. The green ball of light had become a little closer than it was earlier.

In a region of large mountains, Gustav was currently running along a mountain pass.

The current mountain Gustav scaled through was huge, and on the right side, the mountain pass was located.

At the edge, several spiky large bones could be seen at the bottom, pointing upwards.

The large spiky bones were lined up at the bottom of the mountain, densely packed together.

If one was to fall off the edge of the mountain pass, they would meet with a disastrous end.

The mountain pass was about sixteen feet wide.

Gustav ran across the mountain pass with his eyes glowing a bright green and scarlet color.

He furrowed his eyebrows as he noticed something nine hundred feet away.


He crossed over seven hundred feet in about three seconds and leaped upwards once he crossed eight hundred feet.


His body was lifted into the air by more than a hundred feet while moving forward like a rocket.


He landed several hundred feet ahead and kept running forward.

'Thanks to God eyes, I have avoided many traps within this mountain pass,' Gustav said internally while running.

When he first got to the mountain pass after moving through the forest, he activated a trap mechanism by mistake. He was nearly pushed to the bottom of the mountain because of that error.

Since then, he had been making use of God eyes while passing through.

He had been running for about two hours and had successfully crossed three mountain ranges.

His energy was depleting at a fast rate due to the continuous use of God's eyes. Still, he wanted to make sure he crossed the mountain region before deactivating it.

Gustav could already see the end of this mountain pass from his current location.

'One more mountain region to go,' Gustav said internally.

He could already see the next mountain in the distance, which was way taller than the mountain he was currently scaling through.

'I wonder if it will also get dark in this artificial space when the day comes to an end,' Gustav said internally as he kept traveling forward.

He could tell that it was getting close to evening in the real world.

Just as he had guessed, the test was going to take more than a day.

After a few more minutes of running, Gustav was closing in on the end of the mountain pass when he noticed something again.

Gburu~ Gburu~ Gburu~ Gburu~

Massive boulders suddenly started rolling down from the top-left area of the mountain with intense speed.

Unlike the last time he encountered a trap, his reaction time was slow because he didn't activate the current trap.

More than thirty of them, each the size of a truck, rolled down with intensity causing tremors across the mountain range.

Parts of the mountain crumbled and slid down the mountain pass.

Due to the intense vibrations, the large boulders generated as they rolled down, Gustav's speed was affected slightly.

The boulders were all rolling down simultaneously, but the first one was about a hundred feet away from Gustav, while the last one was more than six thousand feet away.

The boulders were over thirty in number. Their sheer sizes were more than enough to destroy the path ahead and hinder Gustav's progress.

[sprint has been activated]

Gustav activated sprint, and his speed instantly doubled.

The boulders rolling down decreased in speed from his point of view as he threw his body forward with force.


Afterimages were created from his body movement as he crossed over five hundred feet in a second, surpassing the first seven boulders before they smashed into the route behind him.

In the next second, he crossed a thousand feet.

The thirteen boulders left in front of him were several feet away from making contact with the mountain pass ahead.

Gustav's eyebrows furrowed as he leaped upwards and landed on top of the boulder seventy feet away from him.


He pushed his knees upwards the instant he landed on it, propelling his body forward once again.


Due to the force his legs generated, the upper part of the boulder blasted apart as Gustav leaped off it.

Gustav's body traveled in mid-air, leaping past seven more boulders.

He dodged a particular one that nearly slammed into his head since it was still rolling down from above.

Unfortunately, as Gustav's momentum was coming to an end, the last five boulders were already making contact with the mountain pass ahead.

Gustav landed back on the route the same time the five boulders ahead smashed into the mountain pass.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

It sounded like a nuclear explosion as the boulders slammed vigorously into the road ahead.