The Bloodline System - Chapter 172 - End Of The First Day

Chapter 172 - End Of The First Day

Chapter 172 - End Of The First Day

It growled in anger. Disappointed by its fruitless efforts, the creature dived into the water again to give a chase to the puny-looking creature that it managed to grasp.

Splash! Zwwoooonn!

It became angrier when it noticed she was close to reaching land. The creature chased after Angy furiously, but its attempts were in vain.

Angy successfully reached the land ahead and kept on dashing forward for over three hundred feet before coming to a stop.


The creature burst out of the stream and arrived at the shore.

It stared at the creature on land far ahead with a disappointed look before turning around and diving back into the water.

Angy stared back at the stream area as the creature swam away.

She let out a sigh of relief as her legs gave way, and she fell to the ground.

She had been running across these golden-coloured streams for the past few hours and was nearly worn out.

She had encountered many creatures similar to the one she just escaped from.

Whenever she crossed a golden stream, she would only be able to traverse on a small patch of land before meeting another stream ahead.

She had crossed a total of thirteen streams during this period, and the one she just crossed was the last one within the vicinity.

What could be seen ahead was a plain field.

Angy rested for a while before standing up.

'I must not relent... I'm sure he must still be moving forward even in the face of difficulties.' She said with a look of determination written all over her face before dashing forward.



-Floor 617 (Watchroom)

'Magnificient speed and reflexes... The highest so far, and from her data, her bloodline is related to speed. However, there's nothing special about speed since all mixedbloods get an upgrade in physical fitness... If this is all she can offer, then I'm afraid it's not gonna be good enough. Nevertheless, she shows a lot of promise, so I'm going to keep observing her,' Gradier Xanatus said internally as he stared at the part of the screen that showed Angy.

He turned his face away and stared at another part of the screen that showed a boy with dirty blonde hair climbing a huge mountain top with his bare hands.

Gradier Xanatus remembered seeing Gustav's performance when he passed through the previous mountain range, even with the number of boulders he triggered.

'This boy from the Oslov family... He really is a hidden talent. The higher-ups must have noticed him as well as the others by now... If he keeps this up, he might get chosen,'

Gradier Xanatus wasn't the only one that was wowed by Gustav's performance so far.

Even the youngsters that passed the special test watched with a look of awe.

Some of them started comparing Gustav to themselves, wondering if they'll be able to do the same.

Most of them concluded that they would probably be delayed for a few minutes before they were able to cross the destroyed mountain pass.


In another four hours, participants all across the test space were starting to slow down because the sky was already turning dark.

They realized that the sky in here must mimic the original sky, and the darkening means that the day was coming to an end.

Those that hadn't been disqualified yet could see that the green ball of light was now bigger, and it signified that they were getting closer. Still, they knew it would probably take another day of travelling before they could get to the ball of light because it still looked far.

At this moment, it dawned on everyone who didn't realize it earlier that they would be spending more than a day within the test space. So, they would have to find food and water themselves.

The candidates began to search for food and water. To their disappointment, finding food and water was almost impossible.

The food was either from small fruits growing on a tree which would never be enough to quench their current hunger, while the water had tasted since it was from the golden-coloured rivers.

A lot of participants were going to sleep with empty stomachs since they couldn't even find any food or water source within their vicinity.

Now they truly understood why this phase was called an endurance phase.

Gustav found himself a nice shed underneath a big tree positioned beside a narrow river that led towards the east.

It was already dark, and he had successfully gone through the mountain region a few hours back.

His plan was to stay underneath the shade for the night.

He was in an area that had a plain field and long rivers. He had crossed several rivers already.

Gustav leaned his back against the tree and stared at the green ball of light in the distance.

There was neither a sun nor a moon in the space. The green ball supplemented for them both, and it was bright enough at day and night.

'It should take me about half a day or close to an entire day more to get there... I could move during the night close the gap even more, but I should replenish my energy right now. It would be risky if I fall into traps while travelling during the night, and I'm unable to get out of them due to lack of energy.' Gustav muttered while staring at his energy points.


»Energy: 390/3200


He noticed that he had spent lots of energy points and would probably spend just as much the next day.

'On the bright side, I might be able to complete my dinner here while following the light,' Gustav thought and proceeded to bring something out of his storage device.


A large oven-like piece of equipment appeared in front of Gustav with a bright flash of blue light.

This rectangular-shaped device was the same Gustav stored food to carry with him wherever he was headed.

"Good thing I brought my homemade delicacies with me," He said with a look of delight while proceeding to open up the food storing equipment.