The Bloodline System - Chapter 142 - Sabotage?

Chapter 142 - Sabotage?

Chapter 142 - Sabotage?

Boss Danzo tried to explain that the mineral wasn't included among the weekly purchases made to get the materials needed for the kitchen but no matter how hard he tried the three teachers debunked his claim and called him incompetent.

Even the other chefs tried defending boss Danzo but it still didn't change anything.

"Wait for the board's jurisdiction after they hear of this blunder," One of the teachers said as he left.

The other two teachers later took their leave after getting a detailed report from the fire department.

It turns out that the fire safety was faulty so it failed to activate when the temperature of the fire went above the threshold.

For some reason, the blast within the kitchen happened to be below the degree that would cause the fire safety to activate.

Gustav felt the whole situation was kinda fishy. Why would a mineral that wasn't purchased be among the minerals within the kitchen?

Some of the chefs felt that the person in charge of purchases must have made some kind of error and ended up getting the wrong minerals but even if that was so, whoever was using the equipment should have known that the mineral wasn't compatible with it. Which means it shouldn't have been made use of even if it was purchased.

"Boss Danzo let's check out the equipment," Gustav walked up to where boss Danzo was discussing with the cops and suggested.

"Hey Gustav," One of the cops called out to him.

"Officer Betty, good to see you again," Gustav nodded at the female officer sporting red hair and some white strands.

"Hmm, you too," Officer Betty replied, "Isn't it a bit too early for you to be in school by now?" Officer Betty asked with a look of confusion.

"He works with me," Boss Danzo chipped in.

"Oh," Officer Betty was a bit surprised to hear that but she nodded in understanding.

Officer Betty happened to be the same officer that arrived with her squad after the incident with the bloodwolf. She was also the one who helped deal with the mixed-breed that attacked the neighborhood while he was away.

Gustav was surprised to actually see her here and started wondering why her team would be dealing with situations here since it was pretty far from his neighborhood. It seemed as if the cops didn't have divisions or anything like that and this surprised Gustav greatly.

'Hmm, might the masked man be him? It looks like he's the only one powerful enough to pull something like that off among the workers but the description is way off,' Officer Betty wondered while staring at Gustav.

"Thanks for the last time," Gustav said with a grateful look.

"It's nothing," Officer Betty replied with a dismissive expression.

Boss Danzo and the workers around wondered what they were referring to but since Gustav and officer Betty didn't say more than that they decided to suck it up.

"We need to check out the equipment so we know who was making use of it," Gustav proposed with a look of suspicion.

"Hmm?" Officer Betty immediately sensed where Gustav was headed for with his suggestion.

"I don't know but if you guys are going to conduct an investigation, at the very least we need to know this," Gustav replied with a bold look.

"I agree with him," Boss Danzo chimed in. He was also finding the whole situation weird with the minerals stuff.

"Alright then, let's go in but you have to be careful because the floors are weak at the moment and could cave in when were walking on them," Officer Betty stated before turning around to start moving towards the kitchen with two cops beside her.

Gustav nodded at her and told Boss Danzo to stay beside him at all times.

They walked into the kitchen though the stairs had almost been burnt down completely.

Gustav activated God eyes as they walked on the kitchen floors.

He was able to know which part of the floors was weak and which parts were strong enough to hold both their weights.

The cops didn't need this since they had their helmets on which scanned the environment automatically and showed them the weak spots of the floor.

The entire view within the kitchen was that of destruction.

Scorched floors, fallen ceiling parts, cracked and broken down walls, burnt cooking pieces of equipment, a large hole in the roof, e.t.c.

The entire place reeked.

The floors didn't have as many openings as expected due to being strong but some parts were already weakened from the fire and only a little pressure would cause it to give way.

Gustav and boss Danzo moved forward for some seconds before turning towards the right to avoid a huge fallen debris from the ceiling.

The place was still had workers from the fire department moving around and making more investigations.

They moved for a bit more till they arrived at the middle right corner of the kitchen.

They stopped in front of the rectangular-shaped device that the two fire department officers happened to be inspecting at the moment.

This device used to be placed against the wall but now there was no wall beside it.


The wind drifted in through the seven meters wide opening. It turned out that when the device exploded, the wall beside it paid the price.

The cops stopped here and turned to face Gustav and boss Danzo.

"This is the equipment responsible for this mess," Officer Betty said after taking off her helmet.

Gustav also turned to face boss Danzo before questioning.

"Boss Danzo, who used to be positioned on this side of the kitchen," He asked with a suspicious look.

He had no idea about how the boss Danzo shared the workers so he didn't know who managed this spot.

"This place is..." Boss Danzo looked around and pictured how the kitchen used to be before the incident.

"This is where Marilyn used to stay," Boss Danzo said immediately he remembered.

"Marilyn? She resigned some time ago right?" Gustav asked with a look of uncertainty.

"Yes she did," Boss Danzo confirmed.

"Which means... This is where Anu the new guy uses now," Gustav came to a realization.

"Hnm," Boss Danzo nodded in affirmation.

He remembered putting the new guy here after supervising his cooking for up to a week.

It only made sense that he would make use of this spot since this was where the previous worker used to man.

"Where is this Anu, we'll need to question him," Officer Betty asked.

"He should be down..." Gustav was about to reply when he remembered that Anu wasn't among the people he saved.

"I don't think I saw him among the chefs outside," Gustav said with a weird look.

Officer Betty and the rest of the officers stared at Gustav with a contemplative look after hearing that.

"Does that mean..." Officer Betty didn't get to finish her statement before boss Danzo interrupted.

"Before jumping to any conclusions, let's go check for him outside," Boss Danzo proposed.

They all went outside after that and called on the chefs to gather in one spot.

The workers were checked out one after the other.

After doing that, they noticed that Anu was nowhere to be found.

'There's only one more place to check before assuming that he's responsible,' Gustav said internally.

"Officer Betty the body detection procedure complete," One of the officers approaching from the left said to officer Betty.

This was the last step that Gustav had been waiting for.

"Mr. Danzo, Gustav, I need you both to come and check out the identities of these bodies," Officer Betty said after receiving the information.

Gustav and Boss Danzo nodded before following her towards the side where the burnt bodies were placed.

The body detection procedure was a process where the bodies would be examined and to figure out the identities of the unrecognizable victims on the spot.

They arrived at where five burnt bodies were placed on stretcher-like beds with a circular device floating above them.

This circular device was shooting out streams of light onto the burnt bodies that projected their looks before the incident.

Normally these bodies were burnt beyond recognition but when these lights hit them, the bodies became fresh once and right before boss Danzo's and Gustav's eyes were recognizable corpses.

These bodies didn't heal or anything, it was just the light projection on them that made them look this way.

This was how bodies were identified before the family of the victims were informed.

"Aria..." Boss Danzo had a crestfallen look on his face as he stared at the first body.

"Samuelle... Goro... Rondo..." Boss Danzo's eyes went from body to body as he called out their name.