The Bloodline System - Chapter 143 - Visiting Boss Danzo's Home

Chapter 143 - Visiting Boss Danzo's Home

Chapter 143 - Visiting Boss Danzo's Home

Trails of tears could already be seen on his face.

The last body happened to be the first one Gustav spotted.

"Anu," Gustav and Boss Danzo voiced out at the same time while staring at the dark-skinned male whose eyes were currently shut.

Officer Betty and the others heard that and immediately figured that this must have been the person in charge of that particular equipment that blew up.

"I guess this confirms that it wasn't a sabotage," Officer Betty said.

Gustav couldn't argue with that. At this point, it was obvious that this was just a rookie mistake.

Still, Gustav couldn't get rid of the feeling that this was planned somehow. How the mineral found its way into their supplies was still unexplained but at this moment Gustav was sure his credibility would be lacking so he didn't try to bring that up.

As far as the officers were concerned, there was a mistake in the buying of supplies and the rookie had no idea that the machine wasn't compatible with this mineral which eventually led to this incident.

Boss Danzo already explained that Anu was a rookie to them beforehand so they thought out the entire scenario.

Also one of the dead workers happened to be the one in charge of supplies so there was no way to question her.

"Officers please call their families and inform them," Boss Danzo said with a crestfallen look.

The officers nodded in response.

The sky was starting to brighten up since it was already seven in the morning at the moment.

The sun was rising but the atmosphere was extremely gloomy.

The officers of both the police and fire department did one last routine check-up before rounding up.

The ambulance took the bodies and some of the injured workers along with them and the place slowly returned to tranquility even though it was obvious that a lot had gone down already.

Boss Danzo was asked to head towards the board block.

This was where the principal, vice-principal, counselor, and some other higher-ups in the school stayed.

Gustav and the rest of the workers wanted to go along with him but he stopped them from doing so.

Gustav had no choice but to return to his class afterward.

The students started streaming into the school about thirty minutes later.

During the school hours, Gustav was very uneasy. He was very worried for boss Danzo, knowing how the school higher-ups were the type to make a matter seem worse than it was.

Well, in this case, the matter was already very bad, if word got out about this, it would take a toll on the school's reputation which meant they would definitely need a scapegoat.

'Why did this have to happen today of all days... His granddaughter's birthday,' Gustav sighed internally as he thought.

Even during the break period, he had to listen to the rants of the kids around him.

-"Did you hear about the kitchen fire?"

-"I heard about that, the entire place was burnt down!"

-"There was also a mysterious masked man that saved almost everyone,"

-"I wonder what caused it,"

-"What else if it isn't the incompetent chief, what was his name again... Something Zo,"

-"I hope he gets fired,"

Gustav nearly got pissed when he heard some of their conversations but he calmed himself down and waited for the day's activities to end.


After the day ended Gustav walked out of his classroom and started heading towards miss Aimee's office immediately.

"Hey, Gustav,"

He heard someone call to him from behind while walking on the path that led to miss Aimee's office.

He turned around and noticed that it was an average height male student.

"Hmm?" Gustav exclaimed with a low tone.

"An old man asked me to pass this to you," The boy handed a folded sheet of paper to Gustav.

Gustav was surprised but he still collected the paper.

The male student turned around and left after giving the paper to Gustav.

Gustav opened it and noticed a handwritten message inside.

Paper was hardly used these days so he was surprised to actually receive a message instead of the usual device-to-device messages.


Address: 21 Aistery block, Durkin Industrial area.

Starts at four, don't be late.



Gustav read the message with a bewildered expression.

'Boss Danzo's message is so well written,' Gustav liked the handwriting which wasn't so much of an item these days.

He also knew how to write as it was a basic thing that was thought to them at a young age but along the line, lots of people forget how to write because these days it wasn't necessary to do so.

In classes, they had information storing lenses that recorded the teachings in the classroom so they could be replayed at any time.

Of course, Gustav never had one of these in the past. He always had to learn everything by seeing the teachings once without being able to store them anywhere except for his brain.

'Hmm, looks like the party is still holding,' Gustav said internally and turned around.

He wasn't having training with miss Aimee today but he still wanted to visit her office because of boss Danzo but now that he saw this message, he changed his mind.

Gustav turned around and headed out of the school.


Twenty minutes later he arrived in a neighborhood that had different sizes of houses.

Unlike somewhere the sizes of all houses are similar, this one was quite versatile.

Gustav walked towards a house at the end of the street.

This house was a duplex that was shaped to look like two plates covering each other.

Gustav was surprised that this house happened to be the one in the letter boss Danzo sent him.

'Boss Danzo's house is more refined than I expected,' Gustav said Internally while chuckling.

It was obvious that it was built to look like the shape of two plates.

"Gustav," A short and stout middle-aged-looking man dressed in a casual outfit called out to Gustav from ahead.

"Boss Danzo," Gustav voiced out as he arrived in front of the man.

Both of them exchanged pleasantries again before boss Danzo led Gustav in as they discussed.

"Boss Danzo are you okay?" Gustav asked as they ascended the elevator.

"I'm fine," Boss Danzo answered with a smile.

He was smiling but Gustav could tell that the smile was just a cover-up for the way he was feeling deep inside.

"Don't mention what happened in school today to my granddaughter," Boss Danzo said with a pleading look.

"Uhm... sure but, Boss Danzo... What happened today with the board?" Gustav decided to ask.

"Hmm, nothing much, just some questions asked and how they're going to decide on what steps to take about the kitchen soon," Boss Danzo replied with a dismissive expression.

Gustav still wanted to ask more but they already arrived up.

Immediately they walked a few steps forward along the corridor, they arrived in the living room.


Oh it's someone's birthday

I'm giving you a fountain of my love

I want you to be full of joy

I've left some of the mund...


Classical music drifted into Gustav's ears as they walked into the living room.

Chatter Chatter!

Low chattering voices could also be heard as they walked in.

About fifteen people could be seen within the room discussing with one another. They were holding onto glasses with drinks in them as they laughed and discussed.

Their faces were full of smiles as they stared at Gustav and boss Danzo approaching.

-"You're back,"

-"Oh, is that the young man you were referring to?"


Several of them voiced out at boss Danzo and Gustav.

Gustav exchanged pleasantries with them and started checking out the place.

The living room was large than his by at least four times and the materials used to decorate them were unique.

Golden colored sofas, a projection on the southeast side that displayed boss Danzo and a girl that looked no older than five years.

Beautiful artistry that depicted the art of cooking on the walls. There were different kinds of dishes, along with different imagery of chefs cooking.

It was obvious that Boss Danzo was affiliated with food in some kind of way once you see the interior look of the house.

"Gustav I'll be back, I need to check on the kitchen," Boss Danzo said and started walking towards the second corridor on the east side.

"Can I join you?" Gustav asked politely.

"No you don't have to worry, just make yourself feel at home," Boss Danzo replied before he continued walking forward.

Just as Gustav was about to say something, someone called out to him from being.

"Are you Gustav?"

He heard a small cute feminine voice turned around.

It was a beautiful and slim girl with an oval face shape. She wore a fancy pink gown sporting dark red hair and blue pop socks.

Her eyes looked extremely lively and she seemed overjoyed to see Gustav.

Gustav didn't need to be told before he knew that she was the celebrant.

"Yes I am," Gustav replied with a slight smile.