The Bloodline System - Chapter 141 - Cause Revealed

Chapter 141 - Cause Revealed

Chapter 141 - Cause Revealed

The fire didn't start slowly like most fires usually did, It exploded and spread across the vicinity in an instant.

But even with this, the explosion occurred from a particular point in the kitchen before spreading outwards and this particular point was where the force would be the highest.

When Gustav got to that place, in particular, he met about three people will missing body parts who had received the full force of the explosion.

One of the three people wasn't dead yet because they happened to be a mixed-blood but the other two died instantly. Gustav still brought their body out regardless.

Apart from this, the last two he found had been burnt beyond recognition. Even when Gustav fed them the regeneration pill, they still died in a manner of seconds after he brought them out of the building.

"Gustav, it's not your fault... You really did good in there," Boss Danzo said while squatting in front of Gustav and rubbing his hair.

"Hnm," Gustav nodded again.

"Boss Danzo what's go..." Before Gustav complete his sentence boss Danzo was called upon from behind.

Boss Danzo turned around to leave because it happened to be the three teachers who wanted an explanation on what had happened here as they waited for the fire department to finish their investigations.

Gustav sat underneath the tree with mixed feelings.

'I never knew I could still feel this way about something,' Gustav was surprised because this incident happened to touch him in ways he never thought was possible.

When he thought about it carefully, he found the answer.

This kitchen had been like a home to him. This was the first place that gave him the warmth his former household never had.

Even though he wasn't very close with the other workers like he was close to boss Danzo, he never had bad feelings towards anyone of them because they always treated him well.

No one had spoken to him with looks of contempt neither had anyone ever mentioned his low-grade bloodline so he happened to be very comfortable with them.

Now that this was happening to a place that he subconsciously saw as a second home he wasn't happy with it.

He hoped that with his new strength he would be able to save everyone but reality proved him wrong. At least five lives were lost to the fire and now Gustav was having mixed feelings about this like he had lost family members.

He knew for a fact that if his mother or father had died in a fire, he wouldn't feel this bad. He doubted he'd feel anything at all.

[Emergency Quest Completed]

[Side Quest failed]

Gustav stared at the notifications in front of him but didn't bother checking their information at the moment.

In front of the kitchen, boss Danzo was being questioned by the three teachers.

Two of them happened to be normal teachers while one of them happened to be from the disciplinary committee. One female and two males. The disciplinary committee teacher happened to be a woman.

-"What is your excuse for this mess Danzo!"

"Nobody knows how it happened, like I told you all before, it was an explosion,"

-"Eh? Danzo how come you're unscathed and have not a single burn on your outfit like the others?"

"I was saved by that masked man earlier, he got to me first so I wasn't harmed,"

-"Eh? You make it sound like the masked man was here from the start... You know that's impossible right?"

-"His statement sounds very fishy!"

-"Besides this masked man is not to be trusted since we don't know if he started the fire,"

"What do you mean by started the fire? That man was busy saving lives while you three were cooped up in your offices!"

-"What? Are you actually defending him now? Danzo must be an accomplice then,"

"What are you insinuating? Just because you're teachers doesn't mean you have the right to insinuate nonsense!"

"Let's all calm down here," The teacher from the disciplinary committee finally spoke after noticing that the conversation was getting heated.

"Danzo, you're right, we shouldn't be questioning you like this but at least tell us how it happened," She added.

"This is something no one knows... One minute we were cooking and the next the entire kitchen had gone up in flames," Boss Danzo replied.

"Hmm, let's wait for the fire department to finish their investigation then," The teacher from the disciplinary committee said with a profound look.

The workers who had gotten burning injuries that were higher than what healing pills could handle were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Some of them were burnt to the extent that they couldn't talk but only five died while Gustav managed to save about sixteen chefs in total.

Of course, everyone still wanted to know who the masked man was but when the cops arrived, the teachers told the cops that the masked man was a suspect.

The cops ignored them and also waited for the fire department to finish their investigation before making any moves.

It would turn out that the leader of the cops that arrived here was someone Gustav knew.

It took about thirty minutes for the fire department to finish their investigations. They came downstairs and gave a briefing of their findings to everyone.

Gustav also had to listen so he could understand how such a thing happened.

Surprisingly the cause was something they didn't expect.

According to the fire department, the explosion happened due to one of the cooking equipment getting overloaded from the minerals used to fuel it.

They said a different mineral was used to fuel it instead of the mineral compatible with the equipment which caused the overloading and explosion.

When the mineral was mentioned everyone was surprised because that happened to be the mineral used to power a car.

Immediately this explanation was given out, boss Danzo was on the receiving end of the blame.

The teachers accused him of not being able to supervise his workers well since such a rookie mistake was committed.

Even Boss Danzo was shocked at such a thing happening.

This mineral was never among the cooking materials purchased monthly so he couldn't understand how it got there.