The Bloodline System - Chapter 140 - Using Combination

Chapter 140 - Using Combination

Chapter 140 - Using Combination


The scream coming from beyond the blockage drifted into his ears.

Gustav stared forward with his eyes squinted. He already sensed this but seeing it with his two eyes still gave him some kind of chill.

In front of him was a person who had been set completely ablaze.

From the sound of the screams, it was obviously a male. He kept thrashing around in pain and hitting the walls surrounding him which was also on fire.

Gustav quickly reached out to him and grabbed his shoulders before lifting him.

'I need to go faster... It's time I made use of this skill,' Gustav said internally as he turned around with speed.

[Combination has been activated]

[Dash + Sprint has been activated]

[-500 EP]


Gustav only moved once and arrived outside the hole in an instant.

The movement of his body created afterimages due to the intense boost in speed causing the flames within the room to create a path.


Gustav landed on the outside and a cloud of dust was formed.

He slowly dropped the person from his shoulder whose clothes had been completely burnt off with visible darkened skin and blisters on several parts.

Due to his intense speed earlier, the fire on the body of this victim had been put out but he was still screaming in pain as the wind entered his wounds causing them to sting even more.

[Combination has been deactivated]

Gustav's speed went back to normal after this but he had already used more than five hundred energy points due to this skill.

He knew that a lot of energy points would be spent when he saw the information of this skill for the first time which was why he never used it until now. This was because he didn't have any other means of putting out the flames on the body of this worker so he had to make use of combination.

His Intense boost in speed had been the key factor in putting out the flames.

Gustav had a weird look on his face while staring at the man who had been burnt half to death. Although he had carried the man earlier he didn't even feel pain from the flames because of his body defense but that didn't mean he was unaware of the high temperature.

Although it unlikely that normal flames would affect him from now on, he could still imagine how the victim felt due to his first encounter with the solar worms.

While still on the mask, Gustav squatted and placed a healing medicine in the mouth of the man.

After doing that he turned back around to face the building before leaping back in.

Gustav started moving from place to place, bringing out the workers that he could find and in the next three minutes he had brought out every person he could find within the building.

Gustav leaped down once again. He could already sense the approach of vehicles and silhouettes coming from ahead.


Gustav turned east and dashed off into the distance.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

-"Who is that masked man?'

-"I wonder who he is also,"

-"He is so big and muscular, I bet he's a powerful mixed-blood,"

-"We should just be glad that he saved so many of our colleague lives today,"

Even though the atmosphere was somber the chefs couldn't help but talk about how heroic the masked man was.

In less than thirty seconds the fire department had arrived along with the three available teachers in the school.

The fire department activated a machine that flew above the kitchen and conjured an ice-like liquid that was the size of a lake before dropping it entirely on the building.

The chefs within the vicinity were asked to move away from the surroundings due to the volume of the liquid which spread to the vicinity.

The fire was quenched in an instant and the fire department began investigations to find out the cause of the incident.

When boss Danzo arrived back with the teachers the first thing he did was ask about Gustav.

"I didn't see him, boss, I don't know if he got out," One of the workers replied with the same statement as many others.

Boss Danzo was starting to get worried and even some of the workers looked around for him until he was found sitting underneath a shade three hundred meters from their current location.

The chefs were glad he wasn't burned to death but they wondered when he got out. They didn't suspect Gustav to be the masked man in any way because of the difference in size and strength. They had also heard rumors of Gustav in the past so they knew he couldn't be as strong as the masked man that appeared earlier. Also, Gustav was currently shirtless while sitting under the shade of the tree with his blonde hair having dark burns in different places.

His face had soot on it and there were signs of burns on his upper body. The workers could never forget the mighty look and bearing of the masked man along with the red hoodie jacket he wore that somehow didn't get burnt even when he was coursing through the flames repeatedly. Gustav's figure paled in comparison to that of the masked man.

The workers felt he was probably saved by the masked man also, only Boss Danzo had a different opinion from the rest of them.

"Are you okay, Gustav?" This was boss Danzo's first question when he arrived in front of him.

"Hnm, I'm fine..." Gustav said while nodding. His face shone tiredness and disbelief.

"Some of them didn't make it," He added while staring at boss Danzo.

"I kn...ow... You did your best, thank you," Boss Danzo said with teary eyes.

"Could've done better," Gustav said with a sigh but he decided not to beat himself up over this even though he couldn't describe his current emotions.

Gustav was able to bring everyone out of the building before the fire department and the teachers showed up but not everyone survived.