The Bloodline System - Chapter 139 - Masked Man

Chapter 139 - Masked Man

Chapter 139 - Masked Man

All of the teachers in Echelon Academy were mixed-bloods so they would have been able to assist and save the workers faster than Gustav could but only about three of them were present right now.

The staffs' room ass also happened to be far from the kitchen area so unless they were outside the building, they wouldn't be able to see the flame.

School activities normally start by eight am so no student could be found within the vicinity.

After calling the fire department, boss Danzo was told that they would arrive in five to ten minutes but he knew that ten minutes was long enough for a person to be turned into ashes so he hurried towards the staff block to inform any available teacher.


Immediately after Gustav got back in, he looked around. All that could be seen were flames and burning debris positioned in different parts of the burning Kitchen.

Most of these burning debris and fallen parts of the ceiling blocked Gustav's path.

The temperature of the room was very high but it was nothing compared to what Gustav faced with the solar worms so he wasn't even affected.

[Size manipulation has been activated]

Gustav's body grew in size becoming around six foot seven tall with broad shoulders and back.

He tapped the button on his left sleeve and a mask appeared in his hand.

This was the same fox-like mask that Gustav bought in the ancient market.

'Only boss Danzo knows of my strength... Let's keep it that way,' Gustav said internally while putting on the mask.

He also tore apart his upper wears becoming half nude once again.

Part of his clothes had been set ablaze earlier so he decided to discard them.

[God eyes has been activated]

The two openings on the upper right and left sides of the mask suddenly lit up with scarlet and green color making Gustav look quite menacing.

The view of the room from Gustav's sight turned into different colors. The fire became white and was unable to block his vision anymore.

The other inanimate things in the environment turned blue and white also and now Gustav could see red-colored silhouettes ahead, holed up in different parts of the room.

Some had passed out from the fire but were still alive while in other areas, burning parts of the ceilings had collapsed on some of the workers.

[Sprint has been activated]

Gustav activated sprint without a moment of delay and dashed out.


His intense speed even caused the flames to part ways.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

His body smashed into several pieces of rods that fell from the ceiling as he raced forward.

He didn't even react to the rods colliding with his body. Some of the rods were thrown towards the side when contact was made while others broke into two halves.

Gustav arrived at a particular part of the kitchen and came to a halt.

He only dashed out for a second but he had already covered more than three hundred feet.

In front of him was a cluster of debris packed together. They had fallen and stacked upon one another till they reached the height of one meter.

Gustav bent and dipped both hands underneath the debris before lifting it with force.

Crumble! Crumble!

Some blazing parts of it fell to the floor.

Gustav turned around and dropped the entire thing like it weighed nothing.

He turned back around and an unconscious lady could be seen lying on the ground with a partly burnt chef outfit.

Two slightly bent rods in a diagonal position were few inches above her body, with their tips lodged into the wall. These rods were what prevented the debris from squashing her. Had the debris continued to stack up, the rods would have been unable to hold on and end up collapsing.

Gustav squatted and grabbed onto her body before lifting her and turning around.


His body blurred as he dashed across the sea of fire and leapt out of the hole on the other side of the kitchen.


Gustav landed on the ground where some chefs had already gathered and dropped the lady before turning around and leaping upwards again.

The chefs in the surroundings quickly dashed towards the unconscious lady.


-"Who is that masked man?"

-"Who cares? Let's help Yerma!"

-"Ah, alright,"


Gustav arrived back inside the burning kitchen and darted towards another corner of the room.


He arrived in another part of the room and moved some debris to the side revealing two trapped staff that happened to be boxed in by fallen walls.

They were seated on the ground and were already coughing hard.

Their faces had turned black and parts of their outfit were also burnt.

Gustav grabbed onto the male and female chefs and put them on his shoulder quickly.

Both of them had teary eyes due to the smoke so they couldn't even see Gustav. They only felt they were being carried away and due to their current predicament, they didn't try to resist.

Gustav dashed out of the kitchen again and dropped both staff on the outside before heading back in again.

He was moving faster than he ever had.

Only about one minute had gone by and he had already saved three people but he felt he wasn't fast enough as he could already sense with his perception that some workers had been set ablaze.

Due to the crackling of the fire, their screaming voices could hardly be heard.

Gustav moved quickly towards another part of the room. He had to punch an entire wall that blocked his path this time. About four staff were holed up within this time and he had to place two on his back and carry one in his left hand and the other in his right.

Even with the load, Gustav's speed was only hindered slightly.

He still managed to bring four of them out safely. They only suffered slight burn injuries.

Gustav went back in after leaving them with the staff below.

He didn't waste a second before leaping back into the building.

This time he dashed towards the Southwest corner of the kitchen and removed the obstacles on his path.

He got to a part where a small hole had already been burnt through the floor making the room below visible.

Gustav leaped forward a bit and landed on the other side before arriving in front of a small blockage of debris once again.


The scream coming from beyond the blockage drifted into his ears.