The Bloodline System - Chapter 138 - Emergency Quest

Chapter 138 - Emergency Quest

Chapter 138 - Emergency Quest

"A celebration...? That's..." Gustav's eyes slightly widened in surprise.

"Yes, like a small party between family and close friends, would you like to come?" Boss Danzo asked again.

Gustav was short of words again. This was the first time he was being invited to a party.

Apart from the encounter he had with Charles and Gordon, he had never even been to a place where a celebration was going on.

'I just need to make sure I get back before night time,' Gustav said internally before replying boss Danzo.

"Uhm, yes," Gustav answered with a smile.

"Good, Mara will be happy," Boss Danzo tapped Gustav's shoulder while speaking with a wide smile on his face.

"Now let's cook," Boss Danzo added before beckoning to one of the workers in the vicinity.

Gustav nodded in reply while staring at the staff walking towards them.

It was a dark-skinned man in chef uniform and hat.

"Hey Gustav," The dark-skinned chef greeted.

Gustav nodded at him in reply.

"Get the ingredients for the tradashi dish," Boss Danzo instructed the chef when he arrived in front of them.

"Alright boss," The man replied and turned around.

Gustav remembered that this guy happened to be a new worker here after an old worker resigned recently.

"Hmm, boss Danzo how is the new guy doing?" Gustav asked with a curious glance.

"Better than you were at the beginning," Boss Danzo replied while bursting into laughter afterward.

Gustav also laughed along with him but all of a sudden his face froze up as he turned around.

Boss Danzo noticed the strange look on Gustav's face.

"What's wro.."


Before both of them could complete their sentences a loud blast resounded within the kitchen.


The entire kitchen erupted in mighty flames causing a cloud of black smoke to spread across the environment.

From outside the building, it could be seen that the kitchen had been set in ablaze and surprisingly the fire safety didn't go off.

Normally when the temperature of flames goes beyond a particular degree, the AI installed would activate the fire safety. A large amount of fire suppressing liquid will be sprayed within the building which would quench the fire in a manner of seconds but this time nothing of that sort happened.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Only the alarms went off.

Within the kitchen, the visibility had been reduced due to the intensity of the smoke from the fire.

Pieces of equipment had been blasted to different corners of the room and part of the ceiling had fallen to the floor.

On the east side, a silhouette could be seen holding onto another. A large part of the wall was currently tilting towards the side and resting on the back of one of the silhouettes who happened to be protecting the other.

The wall was ablaze and so was the back of the person who it was currently leaning on.

"Boss Danzo, are you okay?" Gustav voiced was heard within the smoke and fire.

It turned out the large broken part of the wall was actually on Gustav's back and Boss Danzo happened to be on the floor beneath him.

"Hmm... I'm okay," Boss Danzo replied slowly.

He was shocked to see that Gustav was fast enough to push him to the ground while turning around to block him from the incoming blast with his body and also supporting the weight of the wall while it was set ablaze. 'How did he do that?' Boss Danzo asked himself internally but when he looked around him he decided to throw that question to the back of his mind.

He stood up while coughing and looked around with a dreadful expression.

Gustav slowly pushed back the wall with his back until it straightened up and turned around.

Boss Danzo could see everywhere in flames and smoke. He couldn't describe how he was feeling at the moment but it wasn't in any way good.

"Is anyone alive?" Boss Danzo shouted out with a panicked expression.

Gustav turned around to face the wall and arched his arm back before throwing it out.


The wall was blasted into smithereens, creating an opening to the outside.

This part of the kitchen happened to be one story up so the wind was blowing into the wide hole crazily.

The blast that happened earlier was strong enough to destroy parts of the wall but it wasn't strong enough to cause the floor to collapse. The floor was still in good condition in the meantime but it obviously wouldn't be like that for long since the fire was still spreading.

"Hey... is still" Boss Danzo started moving forward as he shouted out with his voice turning hoarse.

[Emergency Quest: Save ten people from the fire]

A notification suddenly popped up in Gustav's line of sight.

In this situation, the system didn't even need to ask him because there was no way he wouldn't try saving the chefs.

Gustav turned around and quickly grabbed onto boss Danzo's arm.

"Boss Danzo, it's dangerous for you," Gustav said while pulling him back.

"No... Some of them must be alive, I need to help them!" Boss Danzo shouted out while being drawn back.

"You'll die," Gustav lifted boss Danzo and placed him on his shoulder before turning around with speed and jumping out of the opening.


Their bodies traveled across the air, dropping with speed. Boss Danzo had an unwilling look as he stared at the blazing kitchen getting farther and farther away from him.


Gustav landed on the ground and dropped boss Danzo.

"Boss Danzo, you can inform the fire company or any one of the teachers present at the moment... I'm going back in to get the others," Gustav voiced out with speed before turning around and leaping towards the opening.


Boss Danzo wasn't able to reply Gustav leaped back in. He could only watch as Gustav's body flew up into the air and entered the hole they had just come out from.

Boss Danzo looked around and noticed that the fire was slowly spreading towards the lower floor.

"How did this happen?" Boss Danzo ran towards the lower floor was voicing out subconsciously.

Several chefs could be seen running out of the building but they were coming from the lower floor not the one above that was currently ablaze.

"Are you okay?" Boss Danzo asked one of them when he got to their front.

"The others... Xiaomi is up there," The worker happened to be coughing along with the others that were also coming out.

"Ca..ll the fire depart..ment," One of them voiced out.

The problem now was, it was still early in the morning around six am so hardly any teacher had arrived yet.