The Bloodline System - Chapter 137 - Birthday Invitation

Chapter 137 - Birthday Invitation

Chapter 137 - Birthday Invitation

"These pieces of information are pretty detailed... Hmm, I can tell there will be an improvement in my control of gravitational energy when I start learning this," Gustav muttered with a look of anticipation.

He closed the training manual tab and opened that of bloodline.




»Aqua adaptation - Grade C (30,000C)

(Adapt to aqua life and use aqua related abilities)

»Mutated Lizard Transmutation - Grade B (20,000C)

(Release venomous gas while in the form of a mighty lizard)

»Wind Body - Grade B (25,000C)

(To become and manipulate the wind)

»Rock Manipulation - Grade D (5,000C)

(Manipulate any form of rock)

»Aephelis - Grade A (50,000C)

(Take on the alien form Aephelis and use their abilities)

»Fiery Constitution - Grade C (33,000 C)

(Having the internal structure of fire, ability to manipulate and resist fire)

»Radioactive Distribution - Grade A (45,000C)

(Manipulation of radiation)



Gustav could see hundreds of bloodlines with different prices along with their information being displayed.

Some were very expensive while some weren't as expensive as the others. Regardless, Gustav couldn't even afford the bloodline with the lowest price.

"Hmm, still don't understand the weird prices," Gustav had a confused look as his sight kept scrolling down.

He was wondering why some C grade bloodlines were more expensive than some B-grade. He had a vague idea in his mind about what the reason might be but the only way to confirm it was by purchasing the bloodline which he couldn't right now.

"According to the system I could still get credits by trading EXP but that means my level will be reduced... It took me so long to level up to this point so that isn't an option right now," He muttered with a look of contemplation.

When Gustav first checked out the shop, a notification was displayed about how the shop works.

From there he found out about how credits are attained. That was also how he discovered that one million EXP would get him a hundred credits.

He also discovered that he could trade EXP for credits. If he wanted to get a hundred credits at the moment, one million EXP would be deducted but if that happened, his current level would reduce.

Gustav was reluctant to do that since leveling up hadn't been easy so he decided he would get credits the normal way which is by killing more mixed-breeds and farming EXP.

Gustav had his eyes on some of the bloodlines here which looked pretty interesting to him but before he would be able to amass enough credits, he would need to farm lots of EXPs.

Gustav closed the shop interface and opened goals next.



»Kill five hundred mixed-breeds (321/500)

»Read a hundred books ✓

»Become independent ✓

»Pick a new household name (Oslov) ×

»Save a hundred lives (2/100)

»Join a powerful organization

»Learn a dancing skill

»Defeat a higher-ranked mixed-blood

»Travel into outer space



"Picking a new name is something I haven't thought of yet... Looks like even the system doesn't want me bearing that name," Gustav chuckled lightly.

There were more than a thousand goals and out of everything, he had only completed about three of them.

Seeing the goal, 'Save a hundred lives,' made Gustav wonder if the system was hinting at something.

Yes, he planned on saving lives after joining the MBO and attaining strength but he didn't want to be forced to do it.

He wanted to save lives at his convenience and save whoever he wished to save.

It didn't really seem like the system was forcing him to do that the moment which made him feel glad, but he had a feeling that something like that could happen in the future, where the system would mete out punishment for not doing what it wanted.

He once again decided not to overthink it. When the time came he would make decisions then since he couldn't think of a way to go against the system for now.

Gustav finished showering and went to bed. He had scheduled his activities for tomorrow and believed it would be a productive day as well.


The next morning Gustav woke up and prepared himself for school once again.

Forty minutes later he arrived in school and went to the kitchen to work.

Boss Danzo was pleased to see him again and they exchanged pleasantries.

The staffs were always jealous of boss Danzo and Gustav's bond. Boss Danzo never showed such a wide and peaceful smile until Gustav arrived in the kitchen.

Both of them stood in front of a large cooking equipment as they discussed.

"Let's make a special dish today," Boss Danzo said with a smile.

"Hmm... What do you have in mind?" Gustav asked.

"The tradashi dish," Boss Danzo replied.

"Oh, what's the occasion?" Gustav asked with a surprised look.

"Well nothing much, just that my granddaughter whose picture you've been masturbating to, happens to be a year older today," Boss Danzo said while chuckling.

"Hahaha, Boss Danzo sure knows how to mess around," Gustav couldn't hold back his laughter after hearing that even though he was surprised.

'Boss Danzo has a granddaughter for real?'

He had only been joking about using boss Danzo's granddaughter picture to masturbate. He never knew that boss Danzo truly had a granddaughter.

Boss Danzo only looked like a middle-aged man so Gustav still couldn't wrap his head around why a man who looked no older than forty-five would have a grandkid.

"Boss Danzo is she maybe a year old?" Gustav asked with a curious gaze.


Boss Danzo slapped Gustav lightly at the back of his head upon hearing that.

"Ouch," Gustav rubbed the back of his head while shutting his left eye.

"If she was a year old wouldn't that make you a pedophile?" Boss Danzo asked while squeezing his face.

"Haha, I guess that's true," Gustav laughed wryly while speaking, "How old is she then?" He added.

"She's seventeen years today," Boss Danzo replied with a proud smile.

"Huh?" Gustav exclaimed with a look of disbelief, "Seventeen?"

"Hnm," Boss Danzo nodded slightly in affirmation.

"I have told her a lot about you and she wishes to meet you in person," Boss Danzo added.

"A lot?" Gustav right eyebrow was raised slightly as he heard that, "How much did you tell her? By any chance did you mention that I use her picture to do that?" Gustav asked with an intrigued look.

"Hahaha, you little rascal, why don't you find out yourself?" Boss Danzo said while laughing lightly.

"Find out myself? How?" Gustav asked.

"We're having a small celebration at my place, would you like to come?" Boss Danzo asked with a smile.