The Bloodline System - Chapter 136 - Buying An Item In Shop

Chapter 136 - Buying An Item In Shop

Chapter 136 - Buying An Item In Shop

"Even though you're a kind-hearted person by nature, there should be a limit and you have to understand that not everyone deserves your kind-heartedness," Gustav lectured.

'He sees me as a kind-hearted person?' Angy felt her heart flutter when she heard Gustav say that.

She turned to stare into his eyes which showed sincerity.

Gustav stood up and dusted his trousers after saying that.

"You're coming with me in the evening for the observation right?" Gustav asked while staring at Angy.

"Uhm, yes," She replied while standing to her feet also.

"Good, be prepared," Gustav said and turned around to open his door.

"Prepared for what?" Angy asked with a look of curiosity.

"You'll see when the time comes, go to bed," Gustav said as he walked into his apartment.

"Hmm, alright," Angy answered, "Good night Gustav," she added while turning around.

"Goodnight Angy," Gustav replied to her as his apartment door closed up.

Gustav got in and immediately went to shower.

Tonight had been a very long one for him. Dealing with the solar worms, managing to absorb energy from two energy crystals, killing more than a hundred of the solar worms and destroying their cave, lastly defeating the bunny mixed-breed.

His energy was nearly depleted in the fight against the level 5 and 6 solar worms but he regained it after leveling up several times.

If his energy was still low after leaving the border it would've taken him longer to deal with the bunny or he would have gotten defeated by it.

Gustav stood underneath the shower as today's events replayed in his mind.

He realized that there were lots of things he didn't put into account when dealing with the solar worms.

Also, after the second battle, he retraced the steps of the mixed-breed bunny to the east side of the border.

Both times he infiltrated the border was through the west but now he had decided to infiltrate the border through the east next time.

What still bothered him was the fact that the border on the east was also properly closed up. He didn't find openings of any kind yet there were signs that the bunny came from there.

It was almost as if it phased through the wall of green and red lines which Gustav believed was impossible.

Some mixed-bloods had the power of intangibility but security protocols were put in place for that. It was impossible to use that power to go in or out of the border.

Gustav felt like there was a mysterious force at work here. He decided he was going to tell miss Aimee about it but he had to think of a way to tell her without revealing some things.

'Open system interface,' Gustav said internally.

[Host Attributes] [Skills and Abilities] [Bloodlines] [Quests] [Shop] [Goals] [Bloodline Information]

'host attributes,'


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav

-Level: 12

-Class: ?

-Exp: 580,800/650,000

-Hp: 5400/5400

-Energy: 1700/1750


┬╗Strength: 50

┬╗Perception: 49

┬╗Mental Fortitude: 49

┬╗Agility: 49

┬╗Speed: 62

┬╗Bravery: 49

┬╗Intelligence: 49

┬╗Charm: 49

┬╗Defence: 49

┬╗Vitality: 9

┬╗Endurance: 9

{Attributes points: 40}


Gustav stared at his stats with a look of gratification.

Although he only moved up by three levels this night, this was the fastest he had ever leveled up in almost five months.

When his strength stats got to fifty he felt a substantial increase in strength as if ten points were suddenly added but only one point was added in reality.

He clenched his fist with force, 'I never knew that a day would come where my strength would reach such a level,' Gustav recalled how pathetic he was about five months ago.

'This system has really turned my fate around but where does it originate from?' The origin of the system was a mystery that Gustav wanted to solve in the future when he became powerful enough.

He had tried initiating a conversation with the system several times but it still ignored him.

Remembering what happened on the mountain with the star slamming into the cliff area Gustav couldn't help but think that the system had alien origins but there was no way to confirm that right now.

'Add ten points to vitality and endurance,'

[Ten points have been added to Vitality]

[Ten points have been added to Endurance]

After adding points to both of the new stats, Gustav closed the system interface and opened the shop.



(CREDITS: 100)

<Bloodline Items> <Bloodline Recipes> <Bloodlines> <Skills> <Abilities> <Training manuals>


Gustav stared at the tabs that were displayed in the shop.

He had checked everything here during the day so he already understood what each tab on was for.

Bloodline items was where the system recommend items that would assist him in using his bloodline properly. It was like a guide.

Bloodline Recipes was where he could buy manuals that included different recipes and concoctions needed to improve his bloodline or the bloodline of others. Thousands of them had different purposes.

The Bloodline tab happened to be where he could buy different types of Bloodlines and have the system input it in him.

Skills and abilities just as their names implied were where he could buy different skills and abilities.

Training manuals was where he could buy different manuals that helped in training himself and this was currently the only tab that had items that he could afford currently.

The other tabs had crazy prices that Gustav couldn't afford right now. He knew it would take him some time before he could gather enough credit to purchase things from other tabs.

'I got a hundred credits from amassing one million EXP this night... It's pretty small but it's enough to get something for training,' Gustav said internally and proceeded to call for training manuals to open up.



<Training Manuals>

┬╗Breathing Control (300C)

┬╗Boxing Techniques (50C)

┬╗Battle Movement Martial Techniques (250C)

┬╗Force Control (500C)

┬╗Underwater Battle Technique (1000C)

┬╗Energy Control (100C)

┬╗Six paths (2000C)



Hundreds of them still extended further down.

Some of the items here were very expensive while some were very cheap but Gustav already set his sights on a particular one since when he first checked.

He couldn't buy it then but now he had enough credits to make a purchase.

"Purchase Energy control," Gustav muttered with an excited tone.

[Energy Control has been purchased]


A bright golden glow suddenly appeared in the middle of Gustav's forehead.

He suddenly felt a massive amount of information flowing into his mind.

The contents of this information were about energy control. Images, texts, and different scenarios flowed into his mind in waves all divided into several categories.

After a minute had gone by, these pieces of information had been completed downloaded into his mind.

"Wow," Gustav exclaimed with an astonished expression.

He didn't expect the information to be directly uploaded into his mind. When the process was happening he kept wondering, 'What if I forget it,' The information was pretty bulky so he thought he might forget a bunch of them before he managed to finish learning all but now that the process was over he didn't have those thoughts anymore.

The information was directly installed into his mind in such a way that he only needed one thought to picture everything.

He was sure that he wouldn't be able to forget it even if he tried to.