The Bloodline System - Chapter 135 - Angy And Gustav's Midnight Conversation

Chapter 135 - Angy And Gustav's Midnight Conversation

Chapter 135 - Angy And Gustav's Midnight Conversation

Gustav was starting to wonder how the earthlings of the past called bunnies innocent and cute because he couldn't find an ounce of cuteness or innocence in the mixed-breed he was currently engaging.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Gustav's fist slammed into the side of its face repeatedly while the bunny kept thrashing around in pain.

It raised its hand and tried grabbing Gustav for the umpteenth time.

Gustav leaped and landed on the other shoulder which enabled him to dodge the swinging arm of the Bunny.

The bunny ended up slapping itself once again as Gustav started raining another set of punches on the other side of its face.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

'This is amazing... After leveling up to this point, my normal strength is now able to deal with level 3 mixed-breeds easily,' Gustav said internally as he threw his fist back and forth repeatedly.

He could sense his strength really improved after leveling up severally earlier.

From the information he had gathered about mixed-breeds, he knew that this bunny had the strength of a level 3 mixed-breed.

Originally it would take two, step three Zulu ranked mixed-bloods or one step four Zulu ranked to defeat a mixed-breed on this level but now Gustav could do it easily and he wasn't even at step two yet.


The bunny roared in pain again causing sonic waves to shoot out of its mouth.

Bang! Bang!

Two small trees were blasted to smithereens.

It originally tried to aim at Gustav but it was impossible to hit Gustav at that angle.

After a few more minutes, the Bunny fell to the ground and succumbed to death. Its black eyes turned grey as brown blood flowed out of its head.

Two fist-sized holes could be seen on both sides of its head.

<You have killed a level 3 Demonic Sonic Bunny>

<+4000 EXP>


Gustav landed on both feet after finishing off the bunny.

'Hmm... Should I take its bloodline? It doesn't seem very useful,' Gustav wondered.

The bunny wasn't very strong physically but its sonic roar was pretty powerful. It never hit Gustav since he was able to dodge every of its attack but he could tell that he'd take quite the damage if one of its sonic attacks had made contact with him.

'My storage device is nearly filled up, I'll need to get another one after storing this,' Gustav picked up a blue button from his pocket and tapped on it twice.

The corpse of the bunny disappeared with a flash of blue light after he performed that action.

'I'll decide later,' Gustav said internally and started patrolling the environment.

He knew another mixed-breed was unlikely to appear but he wasn't going to risk it.

Nothing was certain, especially after the whole fiasco that happened with the neighborhood when another mixed-breed appeared while he was away in Atrihea city.


Three hours later Gustav was returning to his apartment.

It was already midnight so his job was over for the night.

'I need to reschedule the time I visit the border... Going during the night will affect my work,' Gustav said internally as he climbed the stairs.

His reason for thinking this way was due to what happened this night.

If he went during the day, he could patrol the neighborhood during the night without any form of distractions.

Gustav got to the top floor in a few seconds and was walking through the corridor when he noticed someone standing in front of his apartment.

He kept walking forward without any form of wariness on his face.

The person also noticed him and turned to the side to face him.

"Shouldn't you be asleep by now?" He asked as he arrived in front of the person.

The person standing in front of his door happened to be Angy.

She was in red shorts and a blue singlet. It was nighttime so a lot of her body parts were exposed including her smooth cleavage causing her to look appealing.

Her fingers fidgeted as she twirled her hair in a shy manner while smiling at Gustav.

"I wanted to talk to you," She said.

Gustav could sense the seriousness in her voice so he didn't question her about the timing anymore.

Both of them sat in front of Gustav's door and leaned their back on his door.

'He didn't invite me in...' Angy thought with a look of disappointment.

She had expected that Gustav would tell her to come in so they could talk but instead, he proceeded to sit in front of his apartment and she had to join him.

What she didn't know was Gustav was thinking about the current time. It was the middle of the night so Gustav felt it would be inappropriate to invite her in, at this time.

"So what was it you wanted to talk about?" Gustav broke the silence after noticing that Angy didn't speak for a while.

"Gustav... Will you..." Angy turned to face him and grabbed his right hand.

"Will you... If I change will you remain my companion even within the MBO camp?" She asked with a pleading look.

"Change? What type of change?" Gustav asked with a curious gaze.

"Well.. let's say I... Become a little more ruthless... Will you still discard me?" Angy asked while turning her face away.

"Hmm... It depends on the subject of your ruthlessness... If it's to your enemies then you can be guaranteed that I won't break ties with you," Gustav replied with a profound gaze.

Angy slowly let go of Gustav's hand as her face shown unwillingness, "I want to try but I don't know if I can ever come to terms with hurting someone," She said softly while staring at the floor.

"Look, Angy... I'm not asking you to hurt or be ruthless to just anyone but when it comes to people who have the intention of harming you, it's either you or them... If you decide to pull your punches that means you've chosen to be their punching bag, which is pretty stupid,"