The Bloodline System - Chapter 134 - Rocking Explosion

Chapter 134 - Rocking Explosion

Chapter 134 - Rocking Explosion

Within the holes, the glowing blue circles suddenly increased in brightness and expanded immensely. The red electric arcs circulating around them also became extremely unstable and flashed brightly while spreading across the surroundings.

The worms sensed the impending doom but before they could try to escape from the holes...


The glowing circles exploded with intensity incinerating the environs and the solar worms along with it.

Crumble! Crumble!

Gustav's mouth hung slightly opened as he stared at the cave crumbling to fragments and dust right before his very eyes.

The blasts were so powerful that he felt the force from his location. The tree he was standing on and the rest in the surroundings vibrated intensely as a cloud of dust covered the surroundings.

'The energy from the border is this powerful?'

When Gustav was leaving the holes one after the other he planted a little bit of the energy he absorbed from the border. He placed it in a gravitational field that only he could sense.

Gustav was surprised by how much devastation it caused. This further put him in a dilemma about the mixed-breeds escaping from the border.

<You have killed a level 4 Solar worm>

<+8,000 EXP>

<You have killed a level 4 Solar worm>

<+8,000 EXP>

<You have killed a level 4 Solar worm>

<+8,000 EXP>

<Level up>

<You have killed a level 4 Solar worm>

<+8,000 EXP>


The notifications kept ringing in his ear over and over giving him a feeling of gratification.

He was glad the gravitational energy Bloodline worked well this time.

He had been training himself on how to control and use it effectively but he wasn't quite there yet.

He even felt reluctant to use the 2% energy discharge skill in his battle against the solar worm leaders. He was glad it worked out fine this time because there were times when he tried it out during training and things went really south.

'I have to leave now,' Gustav recalled that this blast would definitely attract other mixed-breeds towards this location.

He quickly turned around and started jumping from tree to tree with speed.


Twenty minutes later Gustav had arrived outside the border.

He had spent more than an hour dealing with the solar worms. He quickly ran towards the direction of the neighborhood to make sure that no mixed-breed had escaped the border during his time in the cave.

As Gustav streaked past the trees in the sparse forest area he suddenly sensed something in the distance.

Around seventy meters ahead was an oversized yellow-colored bunny, hopping towards the neighborhood at fast speed.

'Looks like one did manage to leave through the border while I was dealing with the solar worms,' Gustav's eyes zoomed in on the thirteen feet tall bunny.

He was glad he finished up with the solar worms earlier than last time. If he had taken longer to deal with them, this mixed-breed would have caused havoc in the neighborhood.

His mind was once again plagued with the question, 'How do they keep escaping through the border?'

Remembering the amount of destruction the energy from the border caused, Gustav was sure that these mixed-breeds were definitely getting help from somewhere.

As Gustav closed in on the bunny, it also noticed him.


The bunny roared with a loud voice causing a spiraling sonic wave to shoot out of its mouth towards Gustav.


-Within the border

At the site of the cave, scattered rock fragments could be seen in the vicinity. The air reeked of burnt flesh and a view of destruction was displayed.

The former glorious looking cave was nowhere to be found right now.

Within the vicinity of the crumbled cave, the silhouette of a seven feet tall man in dark clothing was visible under the glow of the moonlight.

Every part of his body was covered up. Black cloak, black boots, and full black mask which covered even his hair up. Even the presence he carried was a dark one that wasn't easily noticeable.

He squatted in front of the crumbled cave with his index finger placed on the ground.

'I wonder what a mixed-blood is doing within the border?" The man muttered with a husky voice as a red glow coated his fingertip.


A red ripple spread from the point where his finger touched the ground to the surroundings.

It kept spreading till it covered a circumference of more than three hundred meters.

Red glowing footsteps started appearing.

These footsteps were human-shaped. They kept appearing in multiple numbers, extending deep into the forest.

"Hmm, so it's a kid," The man muttered as he slowly stood up.

"But how did it get into the border?" He turned around to stare at the red glowing footsteps that extended into the forest.

At a particular distance, the footsteps changed from the ground to the trees.

"A Serial ranked should be unable to cause such destruction," He said while turning around to stare at the destroyed cave again.

"Weak but... Abnormal... Very abnormal," The man turned around and started heading in the direction of the footsteps.

"What an unexpected variant," He muttered with a frustrated tone before vanishing straight into thin air.


Back in the sparse forest area, Gustav was currently engaging the bunny mixed-breed.

Several trees had been blasted down due to their battle but the bunny happened to be seriously injured and bleeding from the head.

Gustav was currently standing on the left shoulder area of the bunny and raining barrages of punches down on its head, causing it to bleed even more.

He didn't pity the bunny in any way and kept pounding its head with punches.

Unlike normal bunnies, this particular one was far from being cute.

Its ears were like pointy black horns. Its eyes glowed an ominously dark color and it had multiple fangs that were more than six inches long.

Its muscular and tall body was enough to chase anyone away in fright.

Apart from all these, whenever the bunny roared the surroundings would be destroyed due to the sonic waves its voice generated.