The Bloodline System - Chapter 129 - Solar Worm Transformation

Chapter 129 - Solar Worm Transformation

Chapter 129 - Solar Worm Transformation

Gustav streaked through the forest dodging lot of trees along the way.

In a few minutes, he had arrived in front of the cave again.

He stood on a tree branch and observed the space in front of the cave for some time.

The solar worms moving around the vicinity were up to thirty this time.

Since they were fairly intelligent, they had increased defense in front of their abode but even with that Gustav was feeling more confident now that the system was accessible again.

Now his defense stats were operational.

The last time he was fighting with his normal body but now that he had defense he believed he might be able to hold on for longer, still, he decided not to jump in like he did the other time.

'I have to lure one of them away,' Gustav said internally.

'Energy is still stored in my gravitational field but I cannot risk detonating it and drawing more mixed-breeds to this place,' Gustav canceled every thought he had of using gravitational energy container because he had no idea how many mixed-breeds within the forest would be attracted to this place if he decided to detonate it.

He couldn't guarantee that a more powerful mixed-breed than he could handle wouldn't show up, so he decided to make this operation as quiet as possible.


The solar worms in the environment heard the sound of their kind coming from the east side of the cave entrance deep within the forest.

They stared at one another for a while.


They heard the sound again.

One of them in the environment made a sound similar to that in reply before heading in the direction of the sound.

The others continued patrolling the environment. They weren't bothered since that was the sound of their kind.

The solar worm traveled through the forest towards the sound of the voice.


It heard the sound again and followed it.

Whenever it felt it was closing in on the sound, the next one would sound farther than the last.

The solar worm kept moving forward and tracing the sound even though that happened three more times.

It squirmed across the ground till it got to the front of a small bush.

The bush wasn't that big but it wasn't small either however it was very thick.

This was where it traced the last sound.

At the moment it had traveled more than seven thousand meters away from the cave entrance.

The solar worm raised its upper body and looked around for the other solar worm making that sound.

Just as it raised its body to around three meters high a silhouette suddenly dashed out of the small thick bush in front.

Slash! Slash! Slash! Slash!

The solar worm didn't even get the chance to check out the silhouette before it was hacked to several pieces with blood and flesh flying in separate directions.

The silhouette was obviously Gustav in his incomplete bloodwolf form.

He had taken the solar worm by surprise. He perfectly mimicked the sound of a solar worm earlier and kept drawing it into the forest to make sure that he was able to kill it without raising an alarm.

He had already calculated the amount of time it took the solar worms to aware of the death of their kind so he knew they won't be aware any time soon which gives him enough time to test out bloodline acquisition.

<You killed a level 4 Solar Worm>

<+8000 EXP>

Gustav squatted and placed his hand on the shredded body of the solar worm.

[Mixedbreed Corpse Found: Solar Worm]

[Host has met the requirements to absorb Bloodline]

[Does host wish to collect this Bloodline]


Gustav stared at the notifications with a look of relief.

He finally saw the notifications he had been missing for the past three days.

'Yes,' Gustav answered immediately.

[Extraction Process Shall Now Begin]


Gustav waited for about one minute before it was done.


[Extraction Successful]

He was pleasantly surprised. It was never this fast in the past. The least amount of time it took was three minutes but this time it only took a third of that.

This made Gustav wonder, 'When the system gets another upgrade, would the time spent on bloodline acquisition shorten even more?'

He felt that a time might come when he would be able to steal a bloodline instantly.

Gustav decided not to think about it too much, he had a task at hand and that took priority at the moment.

Gustav activated his storage device and kept the body part of the solar worm within it.

'Solar worm transformation,' Gustav said inwardly.

His body suddenly bloated and his skin began to turn red with yellow spots appearing at different parts.

Gustav's body length Increased also while his body bloated. His arms retracted into his body and In a few seconds, he had transformed completely to look like the same solar worm he had just killed.

His vision had changed along with his sense of smell.

His sight was able to cover a range of 270° in this form.

Gustav squirmed across the ground towards the location of the cave.


He was still extremely fast in this form.

In about a minute he arrived in front of the cave. The cave entrance was still being patrolled by the same amount of solar worms earlier.

Gustav made those sounds the solar worms used in communicating with one another before entering the cave.

On entering the cave what appeared in Gustav's line of sight were glowing blue rocks protruding from the ceiling of the cave.

Blue liquid dripped from the tip of some of them and fell to the ground before turning into small blue stones.

Gustav noticed that these small blue stones were practically everywhere in the cave.

Another thing that Gustav noticed was the pure energy flowing within this cave due to the stones.

As expected he could see a massive number of solar worms moving about within the cave.

Some remained stationary at different parts.

Some were moving on the walls of the cave and some coiled around the pointy rocks on the cave ceiling.