The Bloodline System - Chapter 130 - Salitre Pure Crystal

Chapter 130 - Salitre Pure Crystal

Chapter 130 - Salitre Pure Crystal

The path Gustav was on right now within the cave was very wide and kept extending forward into the distance.

Gustav really couldn't see anything out of the ordinary as he kept moving forward but his plan right now was to check out every part of the cave.

After he was done checking it out whether there was anything suspicious about the cave he would push forward his next plans to farm EXP.

Gustav kept moving forward and there were times he would see some worms mating.

The manner in which they did it disgusted him and he secretly thanked the stars that he wasn't a solar worm for real.

One of the female solar worms around was even sending signals to him but Gustav speedily distanced himself from her.

In some minutes he had crossed several hundred meters.

'God eyes,' Gustav activated God eyes while he was still in the form of the solar worm.

[God eyes has been activated]

The cave turned into a myriad of colors from his point of view.

Every single solar worm that he came across had readings above their heads. Some had similar numbers while others didn't. Gustav stared at the stones up and they happened to be bright green with different energy readings too.

'Two thousand, three thousand two hundred... These numbers are too small for the next upgrade,' Gustav analyzed.

During the day, he had checked out the System interface and noticed that the system now had a bar where the amount of energy needed for the next upgrade was placed.

It happened to be a very massive number. More than twice of what was needed earlier.

Gustav had decided to absorb the energy within these rocks even though they were a far cry from what was needed in total.

Gustav was already closing in on the ending of the cave after moving through it for about five minutes.

His sight zoomed in on the ending of the cave where three different large holes could be seen on the walls.

These holes were more like rooms because Gustav could see several solar worms inside and he could also sense an immense amount of energy coming from all three of them.

Sqeeuuuee! Sqeeuuuee!

Some of the worms outside the hole saw Gustav and shrieked at him.

If Gustav didn't understand their manner of speech, he would have thought they had figured out that he was an imposter but due to his current form he knew what they were saying.

"Sqeeuuuee! Sqeeuuuee! Sqeeuuuee!"

Gustav replied as he squirmed towards the middle hole.

Sqeeuuuee! sqeeuuuuee!

The two worms on the outside made those sounds at Gustav again while rotating their body.

Gustav replied again with something similar before both worms moved out of the way for him to enter the hole in the middle.

Gustav crawled towards it's and got in.

The space within the hole was big enough to fit a thousand people but only about twelve solar worms were inside.

The flow of energy inside this hole was intense and Gustav could tell that this one was way higher than the others he saw on the cave ceiling when he was on his way here.

The hole would have been extremely dark but there was a bright source of shiny blue light stationed in the middle.

The blue light was actually a long crystal-like rock that protruded out of the ground.

The crystal happened to be over three hundred feet tall, glowing with refreshing light.

The twelve worms within coiled themselves around a very large crystal-like rock.

'This is on another level compared to the others,' Gustav said internally with a surprised look.

'Six hundred and thirty-four thousand?' Gustav now understood why the solar worms had guards positioned on the outside of these holes.

Earlier when he spoke to them he realized that this place was only accessible to a solar worm once in every two months and once that solar worm stayed within any one of the three holes for a single day, their strength, along with their internal constitution would undergo a fundamental improvement.

[High energy crystal has been detected]

[Name: Salitre Pure Crystal]

[If host wishes for the system to absorb the energy within this crystal, proximity range must not be father than two meters]

These notifications appeared in Gustav's line of sight as he closed in on the crystal.

The twelve solar worms did not notice him since they were basking in the glow of the crystal.

When he got to the required range another notification appeared in his line of sight.

[Does host wish to absorb energy into the system]


Gustav stared at the notification with a contemplative look.

He could also absorb this energy into his gravitational space and keep it for emergencies but the system seemed to be compatible with it.

'Gravitational energy container can absorb all kinds of energy but the system can't... I should let the system have this,' Gustav came to a decision and called out within his mind, 'Yes,'

He wasn't bothered about the twelve solar worms laying around the crystal since he got to the end of the cave, it was time to farm EXP. He already decided that he was going to kill every one of them there.

The crystal just happened to be an additional bonus.

<Energy from Salitre pure crystal will now be absorbed>

<Process: 1/100%>

A blue stream of energy as thick as a human body extended out of the crystal towards Gustav.


<Process: 20/100%>


<Process: 57/100%>

As the system absorbed the energy, the crystal was slowly getting dimmer.


<Process: 97/100%>


<Process: 100/100%>

[Energy has been successfully absorbed]

The crystal dimmed completely as this notification appeared in Gustav's line of sight.

The entire hole darkened due to that and the solar worms within it opened their eyes and looked around in confusion.

Inside the dark hole, the only visible thing was a pair of scarlet and green eyes that glowed ominously.

Immediately after the hole dimmed earlier Gustav had taken the form of the half bloodwolf.

God eyes were still activated so he could see clearly in the dark.


He dashed forward, hiding under the cover of darkness.

Before the solar worms could understand what was going on sounds of meat being shredded reverberated across the space.