The Bloodline System - Chapter 128 - System Upgrade Complete

Chapter 128 - System Upgrade Complete

Chapter 128 - System Upgrade Complete

Within the border, the solar worms came to a stop after they arrived in front of the sparse forest area.

They looked around for the assailant that dealt with their kin but Gustav was nowhere to be found.

Gustav had spent close to two hours in there and almost forgot that he still had to patrol the neighborhood in case of mixed-breeds that might appear although he had doubts about them appearing today.

'Looks like I'll have to wait till the system finishes its upgrade before heading there,' Gustav sighed in defeat once again after remembering what just happened some minutes ago.

He knew the solar worms were aggressive due to the information he sourced for but he never knew they were as aggressive and unforgiving as this.

Other species would definitely leave him after he traveled a particular distance but these ones kept following him.

Also, he doubted he would survive for long due to the scorching heat so infiltrating their cave right now would be a death task.

Gustav went ahead to patrol the neighborhood for the night.


-Two days later

Gustav woke up in the morning and the first thing he saw was,


[System Upgrade Complete]


Gustav sighed in relief after seeing this.

He could finally put his plans into motion.

Now he noticed how reliant he had been on the system but he was also glad that he was able to train himself when the system was unavailable.

This way if anything like this ever happened again, he would be able to handle the situation better.

The last two days were spent training himself and he had progressed a lot.

He created a new skill using atomic disintegration without the help of the system.

He wanted to see if the skills he had learned in the past three days would be added to the system.

Also, he wanted to know what changed about the system.

He wanted to open the system interface but before he could, notifications started to pop up in his line of sight.


<New Attribute Unlocked: Vitality>

<New Attribute Unlocked: Endurance>

<New Skill Unlocked: Super Jump>

<New Skill Unlocked: Combination>

<Shop Function Is Now Operational>

<Host Can Now Increase Stats and Levels of Abilities By Exercising>

<Skills Learned By Host Has Been Added To Skills And Attributes>

<Attributes Added To God Eyes: Energy Reading>

<New Requirement Has Been Attached To Bloodline Acquisition>

<System Now Has A History Panel Where Information On Bloodlines Can Be Checked>

<Goals Panel Is Now Available>

<Host Can Now Gain EXP From Killing Humans/Slarkovs/Mixedbloods>



The list of notifications still went on and on but Gustav paused at the part where it said, 'Host can now gain EXP from killing Humans/Slarkovs/Mixedbloods,'

He had a look of contemplation while staring at that particular notification for a while.

"Is the system pushing me to kill people now?" Gustav muttered while walking around his room.

"After the attack that happened on our way back from Atrihea city, I can say for sure that lots of criminals still exist on the face of the Earth even though the MBO happens to be very active... If I'm gonna gain EXP from killing people it will have to be such rotten people," Gustav added.

"Or maybe I should just become a mercenary instead," Gustav chuckled as he voiced out this thought.

"I am not powerful enough to handle such criminals for the time being so farming EXP can only come from dealing with mixed-breeds for now... And maybe some idiots who will decide to choose death on their own," Gustav walked towards the bathroom as he came to this conclusion.

He decided to check the system interface while taking his bath.

When Gustav was done with his bath he prepared for school and walked out of his apartment after a few minutes.


School today was pretty much uneventful again except for rumors flying around about where the MBO entrance test would be holding.

Originally this information was never revealed until a few days to the MBO entrance test but when Gustav remembered what Maltida said about big families getting access to such information earlier, he felt that there might be an iota of truth within the rumors flying around.

Different locations were mentioned so it was impossible to know which one was correct without guessing.

Some said a volcanic mountain range while others mentioned an extreme ice region located in another continent. There were still some other locations mentioned but the majority of them believed that the first two were more likely.

Gustav decided to ask Miss Aimee for clarification on these rumors during their training session.

"You mean none of the rumors are correct?" Gustav voiced out with a surprised expression.

"Hnm," Miss Aimee nodded slightly in affirmation, "The real information never spread like this, those that have the original information spread these rumors to keep the truth hidden so they'd be the only ones who will benefit from it. Think about it, why would they want to share such information with the public instead of keeping it under the wraps? If they keep it under the wraps more people get to fail because they relied on the wrong information to prepare themselves for the test. If more people fail it means their candidates get a higher chance of passing by indirectly eliminating a bunch of Mixedbloods and no one knows just how many potential mixed-bloods will fail due to this. Only about two hundred slots are available for mixed-bloods trying to get enlisted in to the MBO camp... Decrease in competition is what they want," Miss Aimee explained.

Gustav had a look of understanding now after hearing that.

It was just like receiving information about topics that the test of a subject would be set from and proceeding to read only those particular topics only to reach the examination hall and see a different set of questions that are unrelated to the topics you read.

'I need to be careful of the information I believe... If not for miss Aimee I would have been fooled also,' Gustav said internally.

"Even though those test sites flying around in the rumors may be wrong, one thing I can assure you is, the site is going to be very dangerous," Miss Aimee stated.

Gustav's face shown a contemplative expression after hearing that. He was originally lying on the floor while miss Aimee was seated beside him but when he heard that he sat up.

"Hmm, miss Aimee can't you just tell me the location?" Gustav asked while turning to the side with a sneaky smile on his face.

"You shameless little prick," Miss Aimee replied with a smile while slapping the back of Gustav's head.

Gustav rubbed the back of his head with a playful and pained expression on his face.

"You don't need to know the location," Miss Aimee said afterward.

"Hmm?" Gustav exclaimed with a look of confusion.

"I'm saying you won't need to know it... If you cannot pass the test without knowing the location beforehand that means I wasted time training you," Miss Aimee stated.

"Hmm," This made Gustav feel even more intrigued but he decided not to push it. What's the point of a test in the first place if you already knew the questions that will be asked.


At nighttime Gustav left his apartment for the border once again.

Now that the system was accessible he could increase his level and farm EXP from killing mixed-breeds.

Tonight he also needed to infiltrate the cave of the solar worms while also farming lots of EXPs because he really needed it.

Gustav arrived in front of the border and activated the skill he used to infiltrate it the last time.


He dashed in with a look of determination on his face, "I need to gather more than a million EXP or I'll never be able to purchase any item from the shop," Gustav muttered as he phased through the forest.