The Bloodline System - Chapter 123 - Infiltrating The Mixedbreed Border

Chapter 123 - Infiltrating The Mixedbreed Border

Chapter 123 - Infiltrating The Mixedbreed Border

Apart from seeing things in different colors, Gustav could zoom in on a particular place with the normal sight which meant if he wanted to use the ability without seeing colors he could decide not to.

Gustav walked back to his bed with a smile.

'Looks like attending this event wasn't a waste but I wonder why miss Aimee said this place is more dangerous than Plankton City... I never sensed or saw any form of danger' Gustav wondered as he lay down on his bed.

'I wonder what miss Aimee is up to right now,'


"Ah, so this is why?" A beautiful lady sporting grey hair stood in front of a glass barricade.

This was a hidden underground facility and the lady seemed to have broken in. People in white medical robes laid on the floor in different positions of the large room.

They were taken out by this same lady.

Within the barricaded glass walls was a large green rock.

"What is this energy it emits? Why does it feel familiar?" She wondered while staring at it.

"It doesn't come from this world that's why he wants to crack it open and use whatever is within for his selfish purposes," She muttered with a look of understanding.

"But what is this sense of familiarity I feel coming from it?"


The next morning the schools departed for their various cities.

It had been a fun event even though some unexpected things happened.

Everyone that got new friends due to this event wished to one day meet up again.

Echelon Academy and Blackrock schools had the same destination so their busses would occasionally meet with one another during the road trip back to their city.

Their road trip was supposed to be eventless but something crazy happened.

(Author's note: I don't wanna keep dragging this arc so we're skipping that scene. It will be told as a side story in the future)

The students got back to their homes by night time.

The first thing Gustav noticed when he got back to the neighborhood was the slightly sombre atmosphere.

When he and Angy were walking through the street people were pointing at him and muttering words.

Gustav was able to use perception to catch a bit of what they said and his face turned dark upon hearing them.

The first thing he did was visit Angy's father.


"It is just as you heard, a mixed-breed attacked while you were away,"

"What? how could that be? I killed one a day before I left here and it hasn't been a week yet,"

"The neighborhood believes you haven't been doing your work and they've made a petition to skip your pay for this month,"

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yes, it would seem they believe you haven't earned it... No one knows about you killing a mixed-breed a day before... if not for the good officer who just happened to be patrolling around at that time there would have been casualties,"

"The month hasn't ended yet has it? There is still more than a week left which means enough time to make you guys regret your decision," After saying this Gustav stood up to leave but Angy's father called for him to wait.

"Please Gustav, don't do that," Angy's father already understood what Gustav's meant by his statement.

He didn't want the neighborhood to suffer due to this misunderstanding.

"All you need to do is talk with the people of the neighborhood," Angy's father suggested.


There was a small gathering where Gustav was able to converse with the people of the neighborhood.

-"He's not doing his job!"

-"Imagine leaving us to danger for the past three days!"

-"He has never protected us since the start he just keeps collecting payment for undone work!"

-"Yes, he never protected this neighborhood but receives payment,"

-"No I believe he has done quite the job observing the neighborhood during the night time,"

-"Also don't forget that he saved this neighborhood even before he became an observer,"

-"Have you ever seen a single mixed-breed attack the neighborhood again since he became the observer,"

-"Exactly my point not a single mixed-breed has attacked since then which means he hasn't done anything,"

-"Yes, he's not doing his job if he hasn't killed a single mixed-breed to protect our neighborhood,"

Most of the people in the neighborhood felt Gustav hadn't done anything since he became an observer while others felt this wasn't the case.

From the start, Gustav didn't say anything till

Angy's father gave him the signal.

Gustav just walked to the front of the gathering while holding onto his storage device.

Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing!

Decapitated heads of different mixed-breeds appeared on the ground in front of the gathering.

Bloodwolf, Savarinia Serpent, Mutated Ape, e.t.c.


The entire gathering was in shock. They immediately recognized these creatures.

Those who were speaking earlier about Gustav not protecting the neighborhood kept their mouths shut upon seeing these heads.

Angy's father walked to their fronts to speak.

"I think this already says a lot about what happens during the nights when you all are sleeping soundly,"

From behind Angy had a look of surprise also, 'Doesn't this mean he has been dealing with them himself?' She recalled that they had never run into any mixed-breeds during their night patrol together.

She never knew that Gustav had been killing them himself.

The meeting ended with the neighbors apologizing to Gustav for their conduct.

Gustav went back to his apartment afterward to plan his next steps.

He had missed his apartment during the last three days even though he hadn't been here for long.

"Hmm, another mixed-breed attacked the neighborhood eh?" Gustav couldn't help but think that something was wrong somewhere.

The attack from mixed-breeds usually came once or twice a month before he started living here. Then it increased to once a week and now it seemed like it would be coming twice a week from now on.

Gustav wondered what will become of the neighborhood when he left here. Will they be able to hire another mixed-blood?

"I have to find a way to get through the border and investigate how the mixed-breeds keep crossing it," Gustav came to a decision.


For the next few days, Gustav trained his gravitational energy container bloodline and focused on channeling his bloodlines to their next points.

The system was currently upgrading itself with the energy he absorbed from the astrobic tank.


[Upgrading System: 34/100%]


Since the system started upgrading, he hadn't been able to access it.

No quests were issued including the daily tasks.

Even though there were no daily tasks in the last few days, Gustav still did the exercises because he was used to them.

He had learned a new skill with his gravitational energy container and he was ready to try it out where the border was located.

At night he was going to patrol the neighborhood alone and that would be the perfect opportunity for him to try it out.

Nighttime came and Gustav left his apartment for the border.

In a few minutes, he had arrived there.

He stood in front of the green and blue wall made of lines that extended upwards with a look of astonishment.

The amount of energy he could sense coming from those lines was overwhelming.

He could tell that his body would be turned to ashes if he made contact with those lines which had him wondering how the mixed-breeds were able to escape from there since they were weaker than he was.

Gustav activated his gravitational energy container bloodline.

Although the system wasn't available to use at the moment, he could still use his bloodlines manually.

It was harder but he had gotten the hang of it in the past few days.

"Energy container... Gravity circulation," Gustav placed his right and left index fingers together before using them to draw invisible circles in the air.

He moved across the place and did this several times before clapping his hands together.


Immediately he did that, more than a hundred milky glowing circles appeared in front of the border.


The lines from a small part of the border below was being sucked into these circles.

All the circles focused on absorbing power from that particular point.

The circles begin to get filled up with some red-colored energy.

After a few minutes, a small opening could be seen forming, in front of Gustav.

The energy from that part of the border was being absorbed at a rapid pace causing the opening to expand even more as seconds passed.


Gustav immediately dashed through the opening just as it became big enough for him to fit through.

The circles outside were already filled to the brim with energy so they couldn't suck any more energy.

A few seconds after passing through the border, the opening closed up.