The Bloodline System - Chapter 122 - Unlocking God Eyes

Chapter 122 - Unlocking God Eyes

Chapter 122 - Unlocking God Eyes

"Tell me, Angy, do you think anyone will want to be companions with a person that can cause their death?" Gustav asked.

"I... Well... I..." Angy stuttered repeatedly. There was no way anyone would want that and she knew.

"If you cannot change, people will die and you won't be able to save anyone in the end,"


Gustav went back to his room after his discussion with Angy.

Although their discussion made the atmosphere turn a bit sore Gustav didn't regret telling Angy all that.

Right now he was interested in checking the rewards he received from completing three quests at a time.

Gustav sat on his bed and opened the notification bar in the system interface.


[Hidden Quest Completed]

[Information: Defeat a participant]


<+10,000 EXP>

<+1 all stats>

<Palm strike level up>


[Hidden Side Quest Completed]

[Information: Participate in the duel event]


<+10,000 EXP>

<+10 extra attributes points>

<Dash level up>


[Emergency Quest Completed]

[Information: Save Angy]


<Level up>

<New ability unlocked: God Eyes>


Gustav stared at the three rewards that came from completing the quests.

He was satisfied with the rewards the system dished out.

"God eyes, hmm... looks interesting," The reward that really caught his eye was the new ability that was unlocked.

He decided to check out his skills and abilities in the system interface.


{Skills and Abilities]

»Dash: Level 4

»Sprint: Level 3

»Regeneration: Level 3

»Shapeshifting: Level 1

»Joint movement: Level 3

»Toxin immunity: Level 3

»Recreation: Level 3

»Bloodline acquisition: Level 3

»Slash: Level 3

»Chop: Level 7

»Palm strike: Level 4

»God eyes: Level 1



»God eyes: Level1

(Abilities: Zoom eyesight, see clearly in dark places, and view a person life signs)


Gustav was amazed seeing what the new ability could do.

He could zoom his eyesight now with this and also see in the dark. Although he could practically see in the dark without this ability when he was scanning everywhere with his perception, he still liked that this was a new ability.

The only ability of God eyes that he didn't understand was the last one.

"Life signs? What are those? Signs of life?" Even though it sounded simple Gustav had a feeling that it wasn't.

He had never heard anything about life signs before so he was clueless as to what it was supposed to be.

Gustav decided to try out the new ability since it did not require him to do anything absurd first.

[God eyes has been activated]

Gustav's irises glowed a combination of scarlet and green upon activating God's eyes.

'Woah,' Gustav was amazed as an entirely new world appeared in his line of sight.

The room had turned into a world of different colors that depicted different things.

Inanimate objects around him were blue and they all had different number readings placed on them. Some glowed brighter than others and had more numbers while others were a bit dim compared to the rest with lesser numbers.

His eyes traveled towards the balcony where some flowers were planted and used to decorate the place.

In his line of sight, the plants were bright yellow in color. They could even be mistaken for gold. The plants also had numbers on them and also some weird micro symbols which Gustav couldn't understand.

These micro symbols weren't present on the walls and other inanimate things when he stared at them.

At this time there were more than two roommates here so Gustav decided to check them out with God's eyes.

He was once again astonished when he saw that two of his roommates had different colors from that of the plants and the inanimate objects.

Their bodies were made of crimson, blue, and yellow glowing colors. Gustav could also see that these colors would occasionally brighten then get a little dimmer after that. Then he notices the micro symbols that were present on the plants were also present on them.

The difference was, it was only located on their foreheads. He still didn't understand what they meant.

The one beside his bed had a '°¶°' on his forehead while the one on the other side had a, '∆∆'. Gustav kept staring at these symbols trying to see if he could figure anything out about them.

[Mixedblood life sign °¶° has been successfully saved]

[Mixedblood life sign ∆∆ has been successfully saved]

Gustav stared at the system notifications with a look of confusion mixed with intrigue.

'So those are life signs,' Gustav now understood a bit but this only brought him more questions, 'What are life signs and what are they used for?' He wondered but no matter how much he tried to, he couldn't come up with anything.

He also tried using it as a skill and called out to it repeatedly just to figure out its purpose but it was of no use.

After trying and failing to figure out anything, Gustav decided to try how far his sight could travel.

He stood up and walked over to the balcony.

He stood before the balcony where a small pool of fishes could be seen within the glass that served as a rack to prevent people from falling off.

Gustav looked down. The ground was more than eight hundred meters away.

Gustav could see the people down there look like ants due to distance but they seemed to also emit colors.

He could see the combination of red and blue in some while he could see red and yellow in others.

Of course, he couldn't see them properly due to distance so he decided to zoom his eyesight in and see how far it would take him.

Gustav's sight traveled downwards, zooming in on everything located on the ground.

The people walking on the ground that looked like ants in the distance slowly started becoming bigger and bigger.

Gustav's eyes didn't stop zooming till it reached around two hundred meters in length.

He was able to calculate the zoom in length, based on the number of floors his sight passed by while zooming in.

Gustav recalled his zoomed sight with a look of astonishment.

'This could really come in handy,' Gustav said internally.