The Bloodline System - Chapter 124 - First Encounter Within The Boundary

Chapter 124 - First Encounter Within The Boundary

Chapter 124 - First Encounter Within The Boundary

Immediately Gustav went in what appeared in his line of sight was a dense forest of tall trees.

Within this was the continuation of the forest behind, where Gustav usually patrolled during the night.

There was a slight chill in the air due to fear of the unknown but Gustav had already kind of prepared for this.

There was a small green bracelet on his wrist.


He tapped the bracelet and a holographic map was displayed before him. The holographic map floated in the air and levitated till it got to the level of his face.


The holographic map turned into light particles and entered Gustav's head.

Immediately after that happened, the map was perfectly displayed in Gustav's mind.

He got this map from miss Aimee and it was the map of the entire border region where the mixed-breeds lived in.

The area within the first border was more than three thousand miles of land mass so Gustav knew it would be impossible to cover the entire border completely within a month but he had planned to keep coming back here until he discovered how the mixedbreeds kept passing through the border.

Miss Aimee had labeled some parts of the map as danger spots where powerful mixed-breeds that were on par or even stronger than she resided.

She had no idea that Gustav would try something as crazy as this. If she had known she would have told him that these creatures could sense him from a mile away.

Gustav already knew which spots to avoid and decided on which parts of the forest to visit.

From his entry into the border, he could already sense mixed-breeds in large numbers ahead.

'This place might be good for farming exp, but I have no idea if exp will be counted when I kill mixed-breeds since the system is still upgrading,' Gustav said internally as he started moving forward.

He had two reasons for entering the border. One was to investigate the weak mixed-breeds crossing the powerful border and the other was to farm exp since this was the living place of mixed-breeds within the city he was sure he would find a lot of mixed-breeds here.

He only had to be careful so he wouldn't run into a mixed-breed he couldn't handle.


Gustav used silent advancement along with dash and ran across the dense forest.

Fwoosh! Swoooshhh! Fwoosh! Swoooshhh!

As he ran he swerved left and right dodging the trees in the process.

It was a bit hard to use silent advancement without the system so Gustav still occasionally caused the wind to whistle.

His perception picked up on something up ahead and he quickly came to a stop.

He turned to his left where a thirty-five-meter tall tree could be seen with red leaves and branches that were similar to that of an evergreen conifer.

Gustav squatted a bit before leaping up into the air.


He ascended more than seven meters in the air before grabbing onto one of the branches and used it to pull himself upwards.

Once he got to half the height of the tree he stopped climbing higher.

He looked around his surroundings, where similar trees could be seen, and jumped forward.

Thoom! Thoom! Thoom! Thoom!

Gustav leaped forward from one tree branch to the other.

After crossing over three hundred feet by leaping from tree to tree, Gustav came to a stop on top of a tree that was sixty eight meters away from a small cave.

He squatted on the thin branch and stared at the cave entrance.

Vrooii! Vrooii! Vrooii! Vrooii!

Huge Mammoth sized red worms could be seen wriggling back and forth across the place. They had some yellow spiraling scales on the surface of their skin but overall they were red-skinned.

Some wriggled out of the cave while some were going in. Others moved around the vicinity.

Gustav counted their numbers and noticed that there were more than twenty of them moving about right now.

He guessed that the cave was their home and they happened to live together.

"Solar worms... said to emit unbearable temperature into the surroundings that cause human skins to melt when they sense danger," Gustav recognized these worms. The ones present here also happened to be level 4 mixed-breeds according to the map.

What he wanted now more than anything was to check out the cave for anything suspicious but he was worried about their numbers being higher than what he could handle.

He knew his defense could probably put up with one of the worms if it emitted an unbearable temperature but what if a hundred or more Solar worms did that, would he be able to escape unscathed?

From what he heard, they had fire resistance so there was no way the severe increase in temperature would harm them.

The only thing that Gustav believed he had to his advantage was speed.

The solar worms happened to be very fast but dash made up for that.

Another problem was he couldn't activate sprint. When he ran, he could only increase his speed to dash level.

His speed couldn't get to sprint level and he supposed it was because of the system upgrade that was currently happening.

His speed using dash was now around three hundred feet per second which was also similar to the Solar worms speed but they were a little slower.

Gustav's arms bulged and red furs grew out of them as his hands turned into paws.

His legs also transformed into that of the bloodwolf becoming slanted and showing four long and sharp-looking toenails.

Surprisingly, apart from these changes, the rest of Gustav's body was still looking normal.

During the past few days, he had learned how to restrict bloodwolf transformation and make it only affect the parts of his body that he wanted it to.

With the system inaccessible, he had been doing everything manually and this made him come up with that idea.

His current partial transformation gave him more mobility. He didn't have as much mass as the bloodwolf in his current state yet he could move as fast. If he coupled that with his original speed or dash it would put his speed above that of the solar worms.


Gustav jumped down from the tree while swinging his claws downwards and landed directly on one of the solar worms.

Slash! Krryycchh!

His unexpected slash, cut a fifty-nine inches deep gash into the body of the solar worm leaving it on the brink of death.

Gustav threw his claws forward again and divided the worm in half with his second attack.


Molten-like blood oozed out of the dead worm causing the ground to get roasted by its scorching heat.

Sqquueeee! Sqquueeee! Sqquueeee! Sqquueeee!

After performing that action, every Solar worm within the vicinity made some weird shrieks with loud voices before bolting crazily towards Gustav.