The Bloodline System - Chapter 121 - Drilling Angy

Chapter 121 - Drilling Angy

Chapter 121 - Drilling Angy

"Do you still feel hurt anywhere?"

"Say the word and I'll have that bastard killed!"

The three girls voiced out at the same time but Angy seemed to be looking around like she had lost something.

"Where's Gustav?" She asked.

The three girls' smile froze as they heard that.

Gustav had disappeared over thirty minutes ago and they hadn't seen him since then.

"He le..." Elle was about to say when a voice was heard from the side.

"I'm here," A cool masculine voice was heard from behind.

The girls turned around and noticed Gustav walking towards them from the spectators' area.

Gustav arrived before Angy and asked, "Are you okay?"

A sweeter and broader smile appeared on Angy's face as she reached out to grab Gustav's right hand.

The three girls remembered when Gustav told them to leave the situation to him before disappearing for over thirty minutes.

They had a feeling that he played an important role in what had happened with Zim and Falco.

'Maybe he helped in persuading Falco to join the battlefield,' The girls had no idea that Falco was actually Gustav during that time so they linked his disappearance to that.

"Thank you," Angy said to Gustav with shimmering eyes.

"Hmm? Thanks for...?" Gustav asked with a confused expression.

"For taking me out of the battle ring..." Angy replied.

"Taking you out?" Gustav said in a confused manner.

Even the girls were also dumbfounded.

"Em, Angy that was the doing of Falco," Elle stated.

"No..." Angy said, "That wasn't Falco..."

The girls stared at Angy with a look of confusion mixed in with bewilderment.

A part of them wanted to believe this when they remembered the way Gustav left the other time assuring them that it was going to be okay but when they remembered the rumors they heard about him being an F-grade, they felt performing such a feat would be impossible. The whole situation seemed suspicious since Falco's alter ego wasn't as powerful as what was displayed on the battlefield and also never took over without tattoos appearing all over his body.

Angy had also told them many times about how Gustav was strong enough to defeat mixed-breeds and surpass her in speed so right now they were confused about what to believe.

'Which abilities does Gustav bloodline grant him?' This was a question no one knew the answer to, including Angy since Gustav had never used bloodline abilities in anyone's presence.

They turned to look at Gustav to listen to what he was going to reply with.


The event ended for the day later on. Blackrock school decided to sit out the finals even though they had the opportunity to battle Echelon Academy for the win.

Due to this Echelon Academy won first place while Blackrock school were second but they weren't bothered about it.

Now that the event had ended, schools would be going back to their cities the next day.

News had already circulated about how Zim was unable to use his bloodline abilities since the fight ended.

Everyone laughed at him thinking he had been beaten to the extent that he didn't remember how to activate his bloodline. They all felt it was a psychological situation and he would probably be able to use it after he got over his fears but they had no idea that he no longer has a bloodline.

The real Falco was found passed out in the restroom. When he woke up they asked him about the battle but he was unable to recall anything about what happened. He claimed he wasn't responsible for the situation until video proofs were shown to him.

This made the coach of Blackrock believe that Falco was truly taken over by his alter ego which was why he couldn't remember a thing but what bugged him was the absence of black tattoos all over his body and why the alter ego didn't go on a rampage like it used to because the alter ego didn't know friend from foe.

Even though there were suspicions, no one knew that Gustav was responsible for the whole situation. Even if they suspected him one would wonder how he would be able to defeat Falco who had a powerful alter ego that would awake when he was in danger.

Of course, when Angy and friends suspected Gustav, he denied having a hand in anything that happened earlier.

They had no way of confirming that he was involved neither was there any proof to justify Angy claims.

That night Angy spent a lot of time with Gustav in the arcade alone. She had already been given the best medical treatment so she was able to heal up before the day came to an end.

They had a short conversation about what happened today and Gustav warned Angy that if she carried on this way she would suffer a worse fate in the future.

He told her that if she was going to remain a nice person even on the battlefield, then becoming a fighter wasn't for her.

This led to the conversation of what Angy truly wanted to do in the future. Her answer greatly surprised Gustav.


"I want to join the MBO,"

"You what?"

"I want to join the MBO... Do you remember I mentioned wanting to save people? I can only do that by joining the MBO,"

"Angy, do you think this is a joke?"

"A joke? What do you mean?"

"You are too softhearted! Do you think you can kill enemies on the battlefield with kindness?"

"But... Being..."

"What happened today is just the start... If you ever joined MBO in the future with this same attitude and mindset, you won't live long... You want to hit enemies' kindness but do you think they'll be merciful when returning your attack? Are you so naive as to believe the world out there will return the same kindness you've shown them? Do you really think enemies will get treat you any better because you showed them kindness? Get a clue... You can't save anyone on the battlefield with kindness instead you'll end up getting more people killed since you're not ruthless enough,"

"So... What do I do?" Angy asked.

Gustav paused for a few seconds and stared into Angy's eyes before answering.

"You need to learn the difference between friend and foe,"


"You need to learn how to not treat your foe like a friend,"


It was supposed to be a date but Gustav used that night to drill these things into Angy.

Angy listened to everything Gustav said with a crestfallen expression. She knew everything Gustav said was correct but she couldn't bring herself to truly cause harm to another person unless it was a beast but Gustav threatened her with something.

"If you don't change, we will never be companions within the MBO camp... If you cannot learn how to be ruthless to your enemies, your companions will suffer the consequences,"