The Bloodline System - Chapter 120 - Three Notifications At Once

Chapter 120 - Three Notifications At Once

Chapter 120 - Three Notifications At Once

"What do you mean Principal Durk? The battlefield is not a place for mercy... Didn't you just say that a while ago?" Principal Erhil said with a burst of light laughter.

"You... What happened to the morals you spoke of earlier? Are you not supposed to uphold them?!" Principal Durk voiced out with anguish.

"Morals? That sounds richly hypocritical coming from you... On the battlefield, the enemies will show no such morals when killing your beloved students! Do these words sound familiar?" Principal Erhil stated.

"Principal Erhil how could such an upright person as yourself be fine with what is going on?" Principal Durk said with a frustrated tone.

"Principal Durk student needs to learn from this just as my student did, it is for his own good," Principal Erhil said with a righteous tone.

Principal Durk was about to retort again when other principals started speaking up.

-"Principal Erhil is right, I wonder why Principal Durk wants other students to learn but is adverse to his own student learning,"

-"Principal Durk should stop throwing a tantrum, your student can learn from this experience,"

The other principals agreed with principal Erhil one after the other.

Principal Durk had no choice but to back down. He felt twice the frustration Principal Erhil felt earlier due to this and could only watch Zim get beaten up.


Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The audience had lost count of the number of times Zim had received punches while being held up in the air.

All the pointy stones had been embedded in his body completely. All fifty of them with average lengths of five inches and a maximum of seven inches.

No one could imagine the amount of pain he was going through and even with that Falco still kept punching his belly and chest repeatedly.

They thought Zim was ruthless when handling Angy but now they knew his actions couldn't be seen as ruthless compared to that of Falco's.

[Congratulations! Host has acquired Flesh Hardening Bloodline]

Falco who was obviously Gustav in disguise finally stopped hitting Zim after he saw the notification appear in his line of sight.

'This will be your punishment,' Gustav said internally as he threw out his fist towards Zim's chest for the last time.


Zim's chest caved and his back arched out as his body was blasted backward by over seventy feet before slamming onto the ground.


He slid across the ground for a few more seconds before his body came to a stop.

His sternum had cracked, his collar bones were shattered, his body was pierced in more than fifty different places, his forehead and face had wide holes where he was bleeding from.

Gustav knew Zim wouldn't last long before dying after having his bloodline stolen which was why he made sure that Zim's body crossed the line after receiving that punch.

The medical team was able to gain access to his body fast enough and started giving him medical treatment immediately.

Most of the audience had their mouths wide open after the battle came to an end.

It couldn't even be called a battle, it was more of a one-sided beating.

Zim's rocky state was durable enough to withstand bullets and powerful collisions from cars so no one expected him to be easily beaten like that.

Even Echelon Academy participants had to result in using the force from the blasts of the landmine to throw him into the air before their captain, Andrew, kicked him out of the ring while in mid-air. They won due to strategy while not power but in this battle, he lost completely in terms of power.

There were still about three more participants in the battle ring who were in a good state.

They could still fight if they wanted to but they had been scared shitless when they saw the way Falco was beating Zim earlier.

They were afraid that he would transfer his aggression towards them since it was pretty obvious that Zim was receiving such brutal beatings because of what he did to Angy.

Gustav turned around to glare at the participants that were left. Immediately they saw the cold look they flinched back once again and ran out of the ring.

"Blackrock Schools Win!"

A loud announcement rang out after they all crossed the line.

Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!

Gustav walked out of the ring amidst the cheers of the crowd.

Most of the students weren't pleased with Zim's actions earlier when he brutalized Angy so they saw Falco's action as a heroic deed especially students of Blackrock schools.

Gustav walked towards the Blackrock school's seating area with elegance.

His eyes scanned the area where Angy was being treated. Elle, Arianna, and Lim were surrounding her. They had looks of relief on their face which made Gustav believe that Angy was going to be okay.

Gustav didn't go to the seating area, he walked towards the path on the side that led out of the training field.

This path also led to the restroom. He didn't bother answering the greetings of anyone including the call of the coach.

He didn't want to risk anyone knowing that he wasn't the original Falco so he quickly headed for the restroom.

"Looks like his alter ego is still in control," Blackrock coach felt that this was the case since Falco didn't answer anyone's call or react to the crowd cheers.

The normal Falco wouldn't do that and this served as a perfect cover-up for Gustav.

"I will need principal Erhil's help to bring Falco back," The coach started walking towards where the principals were seated.

When Gustav arrived in the restroom three notifications popped up in his line of sight.

[Hidden Quest Completed]

[Hidden Side Quest Completed]

[Emergency Quest Completed]


Angy finally opened her eyes an hour after the match had ended.

She found herself lying on some kind of transparent stretcher around where Blackrock participants were seated.

"Gustav...?" This was the first word she mentioned upon waking up.

"Angy!!!!" The three girls beside her shouted out with joyful looks.

Elle grabbed he right hand, Arianna grabbed her left hand while Lim caressed her face.

Angy saw the faces of her friends and smiled. Her smile was so warm and beautiful that it made it look like she had forgotten about the incident that occurred with Zim.

"Are you okay?"