The Bloodline System - Chapter 119 - Stealing A Bloodline In Broad Daylight

Chapter 119 - Stealing A Bloodline In Broad Daylight

Chapter 119 - Stealing A Bloodline In Broad Daylight

Miss Aimee's face suddenly turned colder upon hearing Yung Jo words.

"We're done here," Miss Aimee stated and turned around.

She walked towards the edge of the rooftop on the right side and paused before turning around to stare at Yung.

"Just a little warning... Stay clear of him! The next time you touch him will be the last time you touch anyone!" Miss Aimee voiced out with a provocative look before jumping off the three hundred-story building.


Yung Jo stared in the direction she had just jumped from with a playful grin on his face.

"Now that I know you care about something... What's stops me from using that against you," He muttered with a cool tone.


Back in the battle ring, Falco was currently dealing with Zim.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

The sound of collisions rang out as Falco's palm struck Zim's chest, shoulders, and face consecutively.


Another crack appeared on Zim's face and chest area.

Zim roared in pain and made spiky rocks grow out of his body.

The spiky rocks also grew out of his fist as he threw it towards Falco.

Falco swerve to the right and dodged the hand with ease.

He bolted forward and leaped up while raising his knee.


His right kneecap slammed into Zim's rocky jaw causing a lot of rocks to blast apart as Zim was sent flying several feet backward with a look of pain evident on his face.

Falco didn't give him the chance to catch his breath before sending out a fist after landing.

This would be the first time Falco was going to punch Zim so he made sure to pour a lot of strength into his right arm before throwing it forward.

A whitish light covered his right arm as it traveled with intensity towards Zim's face.


His punch landed cleanly on Zim's face causing him to stagger backward even more with his rocky face crumbling.

Falco dashed forward and arched his arm back once again before throwing it at Zim's stomach.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous amount of punches rained down upon Zim. One punch after the other slammed into his body non stop.

More rock-breaking sounds rang out across the entire training ground.

In a few minutes, Zim had been reduced to a pitiful state.

Not only was he unable to land a single hit since the beginning, but his protective outer covering had also been completely destroyed and now he was receiving those brutal punches on his bare body.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He received three furious punches from Falco again that caused him to vomit out another mouthful of blood.

At this moment, his face was full of blood and most of his teeth were uprooted when he was receiving the barrages in his rocky form.

Zim landed on the ground with a look of pain visible on his face.

Right now he had expended his energy so transforming into a rock again would be impossible and even if he did, he knew Falco would just beat him back to his original form again.

Falco walked towards the battered body of Zim which was laying on the ground and squatted before him.

"Remember what we said about weaklings?" Falco asked before grabbing onto Zim's neck and lifting him.

"What did we say about weaklings?" Falco asked while tightening his right hand on Zim's neck.

Gurgle! Gurgle! Gurgle!

"Oh, sorry was my grip too tight? Ah, you won't answer me? I guess I'll just continue then," Falco said before increasing the force of his grip on Zim's neck.

Zim's eyes bulged as he winced in pain.

He clawed, kicked, and punched repeatedly but it was to no avail.

After some seconds Falco decided to relax the grip on Zim's neck and proceeded to release him.


Zim fell to the ground while clutching his neck in pain. He kept coughing repeatedly.

Due to this, he didn't notice that Falco had gone to pick up all the pointy stones around the battlefield that had fallen off his body.

After picking up a lot of them he held one in his right hand and raised it before throwing it out.


A diamond-like stone flew through the air towards Zim and stabbed straight into his left chest.

"Ugh!" Zim voiced out in pain as his body started bleeding again but before he could touch it more of these small pointy stones were thrown out.

Swweeii! Sweei! Sweei! Sweei! Sweei!

Falco threw out the stones in his hands with speed towards Zim.

Puchi! Puchi!

Different parts of his body were pierced by the stones thrown out. His chest, arms, legs, belly, face, thighs, e.t.c.

Falco only stopped after the fifty stones in his possession were exhausted.

Not a single one of these stones missed. All of them were embedded in different parts of Zim's body. At this moment Zim was looking like a porcupine.

Falco didn't look like he was done. He walked over to Zim and grabbed him by the neck before lifting him once again.

Zim was bleeding from almost every part of his body right now.

"Now the main event is about to start... You remember what you did to her next after this right?" Falco asked in a low tone.

Zim shivered in pain and fright as he heard that.

Falco proceeded to arch his right arm backward before sending it forward at full force.


His palm slammed the pointy stone on Zim's chest in first.

"Urrghh!" Zim shouted out in pain but this was only the beginning for him.

Falco repeatedly thrust out his arm back and forth slapping more pointy rocks into Zim's body in the process.

Zim was in so much pain that he didn't notice his neck was currently pierced in by Falco's finger.

[Requirement for Bloodline acquisition has been met]

[Analysing Host compatibility with 'Flesh Hardening Bloodline' 0%/100%...]

[Analysis complete: 89%/100%]

[Host compatibility with 'Flesh Hardening bloodline is 89%]

[Does host desire to acquire this bloodline: Yes/No]


"Principal Erhil what is the meaning of this? Is it necessary for your student to do this to mine instead of just throwing him out?" Principal Durk voiced out with a tone of annoyance while pointing at the battlefield where Zim could be seen receiving numerous punches from Falco while being lifted in the air.

"What do you mean Principal Durk? The battlefield is not a place for mercy... Didn't you just say that a while ago?" Principal Erhil said with a burst of light laughter.