The Bloodline System - Chapter 118 - Meeting At The Rooftop

Chapter 118 - Meeting At The Rooftop

Chapter 118 - Meeting At The Rooftop

When Falco turned around he noticed that Zim had grown two feet taller bringing him to a height of eight feet also he was now as wide as two adult males joined together.

White rocks had covered every part of his body from head to toe.

Hardly any openings could be found on his body upon transforming into this new form.

Zim bore no semblance to his former self in this state. He looked like an abominable monstrosity at the moment.

"Do you still dare to call me weak after seeing this?" Zim asked while taking steps forward.

Bom! Bom!

His steps were like that of a Titan.

"Do you think covering up your weakness with a hard surface makes you any less weak?" Falco replied with a question of his own.

"You... We shall see who's weak and how you're going to successfully harm me!" Zim said and raised his arm to shoot out pointy stones at Falco.

Tuo! Tuo! Tuo! Tuo! Tuo!

Hundreds of pointy white stones shot out from his rocky hand towards Falco.

Sweei! Sweei! Sweei!

Falco swerved from left to right and right to left across the place with a speed that was comparable to half of Angy's highest speed.

Even with that, he was still able to dodge the projectiles accurately as he kept moving forward.


All of a sudden Falco's speed went up by a notch and he dashed forward amid the rain of pointy stones.

Zim was nowhere close to being as fast as Falco but his eyes were able to follow his speed. He reacted by swinging out his left fist just as Falco Arrived in front of him.

His large rocky fist that was almost twice the size of Falco's entire face traveled towards him from above.

Falco scrutinized the fist traveling towards his head at a slightly slower pace. He reacted by raising his left arm with speed.

His left hand extended from underneath and pushed the large arm up causing Zim to lose balance and stagger backward due to the sudden push but before his foot could stomp on the ground after staggering backward, a palm tore through the air with speed and slammed into his chest.


A loud blast resounded across the place as his palm slammed heavily onto Zim's rocky chest pushing Zim back by a few feet.

The effect this time couldn't be compared to the last time when he hadn't taken this form.

It was weaker which meant that his defense had increased.

Falco had already confirmed this after blasting him backward with that strike.

'Let's see how long your defense can keep up,' Falco said internally as he raised his palms and dashed out again.

Only he could see the whitish wavy like light surrounding his palms as he engaged Zim again.


In a large technological environment, a three hundred-story tall building stood out majestic in another business area of the city.

This building was shaped to look like armor which was silver in color.

It gave off a very exquisite feel. The security detail around the building was so tight that it could be mistaken for a military base.

On the highest floor of the building, two people stood in front of each other.

It was a man and a lady, both with cold looks.

They weren't just on the highest floor but actually on the rooftop of the building which wasn't constructed in a way that people could stand on.

The roofing was slanted so it was very surprising that both of them could stand on it with ease.

Tiny roads and buildings that looked like Lego toys were visible from this height.

It was beautiful to see small mist gather around the rooftop of the building and all this was due to heigh.

The atmosphere would have been at peace if not for the two people standing in front of one another, positioned in the middle of the large roof.

The male was a man with dark brown hair and handsome cold looks while the female was a young lady with ash-colored hair and a beautiful but extremely uncaring look.

"What are you doing, Yung?" The lady asked with her glare intensifying.

"Hmm? What am I doing? Well obviously I'm here doing nothing right now thanks to you, Aimee," Yung Jo said with a playful tone.

"Stop acting like a fool... You and I both know what I'm talking about! What is the purpose behind the dangerous mixture?" The lady who happened to be miss Aimee asked with a slightly disturbed look.

"Ah, so the MBO has failed to find any meaningful information against me and now they requested for you to come here and inquire... pathetic!" Yung Jo said with a light smile grazing his lips. It was unnatural how the coldness on a person's face could increase even when the person was smiling yet Yung Jo looked just like that.

"I'm not just here on behalf of them... This is an investigation that I've taken upon myself and I'll warn you to better keep hiding and hide well because once I get solid evidence that you're responsible for that, you will lose all your protection and I will finally be able to hurt you," Miss Aimee said while staring into his eyes.

"Haha, alright good luck with that but why are you interested in this case? Is it because of your student?" Yung Jo asked with a look of interest, "He seems pretty interesting for a kid with an F-grade bloodline... Would be a shame to mention the bad parental upbringing, lack of friends, repeated bullying, and the mysterious circumstances regarding the fall of these said bullies. Quite questionable if you ask me. The same kid happens to be receiving training from a willful teacher such as yourself. Who knows what kind of monster lies within after undergoing such a distasteful upbringing.

What happens when he becomes a very powerful figure in the future? I for one think he should be monitored alongside his mentor. The MBO seems to be investigating the wrong case, don't you think?"