The Bloodline System - Chapter 1152 You Can Go All Out

Chapter 1152 You Can Go All Out

Chapter 1152 You Can Go All Out

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


Fwwhoop~ Fwwhoop~

They both threw out fierce punches at the captain's blind spots which he realised too late.

Bang! Bang!

The combined forces from both punches sent him reeling across the air in the opposite direction once more as he puked out blood.



The captain quickly stabbed his dark tentacles into the top of the s.p.a.cecraft to stop the movement of his body.

Blood kept trailing down his mouth within the helmet. He glared forward with a look of anguish at his opponents.

'These kids are no ordinary kids,' He internally came to this realisation.

E.E and Aildris were about to charge forward once more when a figure suddenly appeared from an elevated stand that brought him to the top of the s.p.a.cecraft.

Unlike the others, this figure was clad in red s.p.a.cesuit and had a feminine build. However it was impossible to see her facial looks due to the darkness of her helmet.

"Tiara... you came at the right time," The captain stated grudgingly.

"Captain Gantz how did you get so injured by two kids?" She questioned while moving towards him.

"They're not ordinary kids, if you underestimate them you will come to regret it gravely," The captain replied with a strong tone.

"Sure oldie," She said after arriving before him.

E.E and Aildris glanced at each other before nodding.


They both charged forward once more, however the moment they took a step forward the newcomer raised both her hands...


A sudden wave of circular energy instantly covered up the vicinity as the crew member who had just arrived vanished.

"The h.e.l.l?" E.E voiced with a shocked tone as the surroundings turned a little darker.

Aildris could feel a certain chill in the air which caused his hairs to stand on hair.


The female figure suddenly appeared behind him with a blade two inches away and about to slice his head off.

E.E mouth widened as he turned to the side. It seemed like time had paused as the Captain also appeared in front of Aildris at this instant stabbing tentacles towards his ribs.



"What? They disappeared?"

-"Yes and we can't make contact with them,"

"How is that even possible?"

-"We don't understand as well. Grand commander s.h.i.+on is off comms too,"

"How long has it been?"

-"Four days,"

"Four days!? You waited four days to tell me?"

-"Young miss- I..."

"You dimwit!"

A conversation ensued betwen Miss Aimee and an MBO agent that came to report an issue with her. They were currently at the MBO tower and fury had began to build up within miss Aimee.

"Did you know about it too?" She turned to glare at Gradier Xanatus who seemed to be glued in place from pressure.

"I had no idea as well," He responded while shaking his head.

"Why did you wait so long to tell us you..." Miss Aimee's anguish was starting to twist the air in the room.

"Young miss we should be more concerned about where they are and how to find them," Gradier Xanatus quickly voiced out before her fury would turn the officer into mincemeat.

Someone could get obliterated from her fury alone and there was nothing the MBO would be able to do about it.

Misd Aimee immediately calmed down afterwards and turned to stare at Gradier Xanatus.

"We already have a lot on our plate as it is. I wonder which idiot is behind this! I will rip them to pieces!" Miss Aimee stated with a strong tone.

"It might not even be what you think... there are a myriad of possibilities," Gradier Xanatus said with a calming tone.

"Where was their last notable location before they vanished?" Gradier Xanatus asked the officer.

The officer who had a device in his grasp, operated it and a holographic screen appeared.

"Let's go," Miss Aimee commanded while turned around to head for the exit.

"Huh?" Gradier Xanatus stared at her from his position with a look of confusion.

"I don't know how to use that thing so follow me," Miss Aimee voiced before she resumed her movement.

'Just like that?' Gradier Xanatus was still wrapping his head around how powerful she was as he quickened his pace to catch up with her.

"Are you not going to make use of your original self?" He inquired after catching up with Miss Aimee.

"This avatar is more than enough to deal with any intergalactic threat... except for that eye," She replied.

"What if that eye is responsible?" Gradier Xanatus asked once more.

"It isn't... I have met enough dumb people to know this isn't related to that. My intuition tells me a stupid person is responsible for this," Miss Aimee voiced solemnly before grabbing Gradier Xanatus and speeding out of the building.

"And I won't spare them," She added as they disappeared into the skies at high speed.


All Gradier Xanatus noticed was they had somehow arrived in deep s.p.a.ce in just a matter of moments.

'She's insanely fast,' He yelled internally.

-"Breaking News!"

-"The IYSOP Candidates s.p.a.cecraft is reported missing!"

-"The MBO are currently doing their best to locate it,"

news was being broadcasted across the world.

On the earth, the IYSOP candidates left nine days ago meanwhile in the sticky void the candidates were sure they had only been gone for five days.


-(The Sticky Void)

"Yeah it's just right after that door... there are two crew members there," Gustav voiced through the comms.

"Hold on... there's someone coming your way," Gustav tone turned a bit worried.

"Teemee, go meet up with Phinx at the engine room. You're the closest to her," He added.

-"I'm a little busy... I'm sure you can see," Teemee replied through the comms.

"Leave it to Falco," Gustav instructed.

-"Falco isn't..."

"He's coming up behind you. Leave the enemy right now and go back Phinx up,"

Teemee stopped arguing at this point and Gustav could see he had suddenly left the enemy and began running away.

The crew member was baffled and wanted to go after him until he felt a dark presence in the vicinity.

His being was glued to place and in the next few moments, he felt cold hands crawling all over the back of his neck.

"How do you wish to die," A cold voice that caused a his heart to nearly jump out of his chest rang out.

The fingers reached the top of his head and grabbed onto it firmly from behind.

"I asked you a question... how do you wish to die?"


Meanwhile at the engine room Phinx had broken into it and beaten up the two crew members within.

Just as she was about to pull a glowing grey stone out of a storage unit in the engine room a large presence appeared behind her.

"You are not taking that!" The ma.s.sive figure voiced out while throwing an attack forward.

At this same instant Teemee arrived.

"Pull it oit right now," Gustav instructed as soon as the presence got distracted by Teemee's arrival.

Phinx grabbed hold of the glowing grey stone at this point while the dark figure reached out to grab her as well.


Teemee slapped the hand of the figure before he could get hold of phinx.

"Hyaaah!" Phinx cried out as she pulled the grey stone from the storage unit.

"You little b.i.t.c.h!" The figure yelled the instant she pulled it out.

The entire vicinity suddenly turned weird as the sound of a powering down machine rang out.

"Good job," Gustav praised over the comms.

Outside the s.p.a.cecraft, the bubble covering them had holes appearing over as it shrieked before eventually disappearing.

E.E and Aildris who had been getting their handed to them since the arrival of the female figure, paused.

Everyone paused at this point as they felt a certain way. Moving their arms created afterimages and was even more strenuous.

"E.E, Aildris... you two can go all out now... Don't worry about the s.p.a.cecraft getting destroyed," Gustav voiced through the comms.

E.E and Aildris turned to stare at each other as wide grins appeared on their faces.

"Go all out and show them... show them they made a deadly mistake by messing with the wrong crew," Gustav voiced was like fuel as E.E and Aildris, unleashed their full bloodline energies.


With the sudden outburst, despite the restriction of the sticky void since the bubble had been compromised, they still caused the entire s.p.a.cecraft to quake intensely.

The captain and female figure beside him had widened eyes as they stared at the two.

'They were holding back?' This question rang through their minds like alarm bells.

"Color grading... Restructuring,"

As Aildris let out this whisper, the world around them suddenly went from its present state to colorless and then from colorless to a spectrum of colors.

He stretched forth his hand at the two hostiles whose eyes were still widened in shock and fear.