The Bloodline System - Chapter 1151 Enjoying The Show

Chapter 1151 Enjoying The Show

Chapter 1151 Enjoying The Show

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"Huh?" The instant he turned around a punch was already headed for his face.


E.E's fist made contact with a crew member who the captain had grabbed with his dark tentacles and placed in front of him at the last instant.


The crew member vomited out blood within his s.p.a.cesuit helmet, causing the internal gla.s.s walls to be stained.

"Oops," E.E jumped back after missing the punch.


A dark tentacles swept across the place he had just leapt away from but it didn't stop and kept streching forward.

"Now that my dimensional abilities are no longer hindered..." E.E smiled while snapping his finger.


A violet vortex suddenly appeared right in front of him before the elongated tentacle could get to him.

Contrary to E.E's expectations, the dark tentacle suddenly turned illusionary and phased through the vortex without getting teleported.

"Uh oh," E.E realised this a bit too late as the tentacle had arrived right before his face.


A figure suddenly appeared right beside E.E and grabbed hold of the tentacle before it made contact with E.E.

"Aildris," E.E beamed with joy.

Aildris nodded at him before voicing out," Color absorption,"

A strange phenomenon suddenly occured where the black from the tentacled drained at quick pace.


The captain quickly tried pulling the tentacle back but it was too late. The color had drained completely and it looked like a piece of paper.

"What in the world?" The captain could no longer feel any energy from that particular tentacle and could not control it as well.

Half of Aildris right arm had turned dark like the tentacle color and he raised it slightly.

The darkened part of his arm turned illusionary for a bit before returning to normal, "Thank you for this," Aildris stated.

"Let's get him," E.E yelled out before charging forward.

"I will teach you kids a lesson!" The captain yelled out as well as more tentacles shot out of his back while he charged forward as well.

Within the s.p.a.cecraft, everywhere had turned chaotic as the candidates battled with the crew members.

Angy tried not to rip the place apart with her speed as he sped forward while grabbing the bodies of the crew members and slamming them against the walls.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sounds of collisions rang out across the place. The s.p.a.cecraft which was larger than a football pitch vibrated intensely as the candidates battled against the bounty hunters.

Within one of the corridors a man with black scarf covering half his face was moving forward at quick pace when two subt.i.tutes suddenly arrived before him.

"You must be one of the crew members,"

"Let's get him,"

The male and female candidates charged forward instantly.

"I didn't want to hurt you kids before but now you leave me no choice," Rick voiced as he slowly pulled the scarf off his face.


A bright light was instantly emitted from the side of his face as the two who charged at him displayed expressions of horror in the next instant.


In another part of the s.p.a.cecraft, Falco moved around with a dark burning flame on his forehead.

"I told you I didn't want this," Falco voiced out like he was talking to himself which made the crew members around him display weird looks.

"No, you come out and take the wheel,"

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I don't want this," Falco kept speaking while moving forward.

The crew members charged at him with weapons and all sort of supernatural abilities.

Falco turned his face to the side and the burning dark flame on his forehead increased.


The crew members who happened to be closest to him fell to their knees and began writhing in pain.


"It burns!!!!"

"Kiarrrhhh! Make it stop! Make it stop!"

They yelled and rolled on the floor in pain while begging with tears flowing from their eyes.

The others who were also charging forward initially stopped in place with looks of confusion on their faces.

They stared at their subordinates on the floor and still couldn't understand what was happening. Their bodies looked okay and physically it seemed like they were unharmed so they were at loss as to what was going on.

"Fine! Fine! Just this one time," Falco said out loud once more causing them to wonder if he had a few screws loose in his head.

'Good my king! Relish the feeling of darkness!" Dark Falco voiced in his head.

"Shut up. Don't say none of that," After voicing this out a ma.s.sive dark scythe appeared in Falco's grasp while he swung forward.


The entire s.p.a.cecraft instantly vibrated immensely as a large cut tore through the walls and left a holes within.

"s.h.i.+t that was too much," Falco voiced out while piles on torn up bodies could be seen scattered across the place.


A suction force came from the side of the s.p.a.cecraft which now had a long s.p.a.cious cut but Falco was unaffected due to the s.p.a.cesuit.

However, even if he was to get sucked out, the bubble covering the s.p.a.cecraft would still stop him from drifting through s.p.a.ce.


"As expected, the s.p.a.cecraft isn't going to hold with how much damage they are causing," Gustav watched from his seating position with G.o.d Eyes Activated.

He could see every corner of the s.p.a.cecraft and it was almost as if he was witnessing everything going on like he was right there.

A container holding popcorn was stationed in between his laps as he occasionally grabbed some and stuffed his mouth full.

"Oh? Those subst.i.tutes are pretty strong too," Gustav made another remark as he took note of a group of subt.i.tutes that arrived at the upper part of the s.p.a.cecraft with coordination.

They blasted their way through a group of crew members who were using spatial bombs.

Fortunately the spatial bombs didn't make contact with any of them or their body parts would have been forcefully teleported to different locations in s.p.a.ce.

Which of course meant instant death...

"Some of the enemies crew have abilities while some only have good weapons..." Gustav a.n.a.lysed as he kept eating his popcorn.

("Out of the hundred and nine crew members, only around thirteen of them are truly threats. I don't think the whole group will come out of this unscathed,") The system said internally.

"Watch the corridor before the control room... we're about to have our first casualty," Gustav announced to the system.

Since the system was within him, it could obviously see everything as well and instantly understood what Gustav was talking about.

Just as he had mentioned, two candidates disappeared.

"That is the most dangerous person on the s.p.a.cecraft right now. Even more dangerous than the captain," Gustav voiced before stuffing his mouth full once more.

("If he joins hands with the captain, E.E and Aildris will have it more difficult up there,") The system stated as well.

"He won't be able to... He is about to make contact with Elevora is is a bit further away," Gustav replied.

("Wait... you are right. I don't sense any worry from you... you truly don't intend to help them?") The system questioned.

"No. I won't be interfering in the battle. They can handle themselves," Gustav sounded like a proud father as he voiced with a smile.

Gustav wasn't bothered with sitting this out after witnessing how powerful his teammates had become.

He was truly proud of them especially seeing as they had new abilities that could easily level the s.p.a.cecraft if they weren't holding back.

"That s.p.a.cecraft won't last for long so we'll have to look for another means of leaving the sticky void... or..." An idea suddenly flashed in Gustav's mind as he stared at a particular part of the s.p.a.cecraft.

"Yeah... we could use that," Gustav smirked upon sighting what he was looking for.


Atop the s.p.a.cecraft, E.E and Aildris had successfully dealt lot of blows to the captain who happened to be very durable.

However, it was quite obvious that both of them had the upper hand.

"Color absorbion..." Aildris voiced out once more as he appeared on the left of the captain while his hand was directly placed upon another tentacle.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" The captain yelled while another tentacle appeared from behind Aildris and stabbed forward.


A vortex appeared right in between and the tentacle phased in before appeared in front of the captain's chest.

His eyes widened as he quickly turned the tentcale illusionary, causing it to phase through him instead of piercing through.

Aildris who was by the side threw a punch at the captain's face causing him to get blasted backwards once once more as his face displayed a look of fury.


Multiple dark tentacles shot out of the captain's back while his body was traveling in mid air and they all stabbed towards Aildris.


Aildris disappeared into a vortex in the next instant arriving behind the captain along side E.E.

Fwwhoop~ Fwwhoop~

They both threw out fierce punches at the captain's blind spots which he realised too late.

Bang! Bang!

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