The Bloodline System - Chapter 1153 Another Threat?

Chapter 1153 Another Threat?

Chapter 1153 Another Threat?

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


He stretched forth his hand at the two hostiles whose eyes were still widened in shock and fear.

"Monster!" The captain yelled out just before his figure melted.


"Dimension of colours..." The spectrum of light formed walls on both sides of the enemies.

They tried to escape but they couldn't and in a couple of moments the walls of colorful lights boxed them in completely.

The captain and the female figure melted like b.u.t.ter and turned into a puddle of color that got absorbed into the walls.

Aildris snapped his finger and the walls dissapeared in the next instant.

"d.a.m.n! You didn't even leave some for me," E.E exclaimed with an expression of disbelief.

"Sorry i got a little too carried away," Aildris displayed an apologetic smile as he voiced out.

"~Fiuuu~" E.E whistled as he was still astonished by the display he had just witnessed.

There was a large hole atop the s.p.a.cecraft at this point as Aildris ability had affected it


Meanwhile, Gustav had stood up from his watching point and was currently atop the IYSOP s.p.a.cecraft.


A head shaped but transparent item appeared before him. The item had a fist sized gleam of light within and floated before Gustav as the light occasionally flickered.

"Get the stone," Gustav commanded.

The sacred jewel floated a bit forward and left afterimages behind as it only moved a couple of feet forward.


Its entirety glowed intensely as a bolt of light shot forth from it.

It pierced through the laws of the sticky void and soon arrived before the intergalactic bounty hunters s.p.a.cecraft.

In the next instant it disappeared and a glowing greyish stone appeared before the Sacred Jewel.

Hands grew out of the sacred jewels circ.u.mference and it grabbed onto the stone before flying towards Gustav.

Gustav received the stone from the sacred jewel and nodded, "Good job,"

He said before bringing an energy crystal out of his storage device and handing it to the sacred Jewel.

The sacred Jewel seemed happy as the light within flickered even more before it disappeared into thin air.

"With this, there shouldn't be anymore problems," Gustav voiced out as he held the glowing grey stone before his face.

"Do you guys need help destroying the s.p.a.cecraft or should I do it myself?" Gustav voiced through the comms as he stretched out his right arm.

-"Don't you dare Gus,"

-"We're having a lot of fun here,"

-"We'll do it ourselves,"

Gustav chuckled as he heard their responses.

He slowly lowered his arm, "You guys have less than a minute to clean things up," He stated.

In that same moment a purplish beam tore through the s.p.a.cecraft from within, splitting the entire thing in two.

"Ouu," Gustav exclaimed as he swerved towards the right.

The reminant of the destructive beam blasted past his initial position.

"Be careful with that Elevora," Gustav said through the comms.

"You gave us permission to go all out. Don't complain," She responded.

Gustav clicked his tongue in pity for the opponent she had just obliterated.

The sticky void laws were causing them to shrink and reducing the output of their abilities yet the initial ability was still so powerful.

Gustav moved back into the IYSOP s.p.a.cecraft and headed to the engine room with the stone in his grasp.

"I will activate the bubble when everyone gets back in the s.p.a.cecraft," He announced.

In a couple of seconds a blinding glows began to appear in different spots within the IYSOP s.p.a.cecraft.

The candidates were reappearing one after the other and from the transparent view of the walls, a violet gate could be seen standing atop what was left of the intergalactic bounty hunters s.p.a.cecraft.

When the last IYSOP candidates phased into the violet colored gate, the gate which seemed to be in the form of a person disappeared as well.

The remant of a once mighty and menancing looking s.p.a.cecraft could be seen drifting into s.p.a.ce along with its multiple disjointed parts.

"We're back in Gus," Aildris voiced through the comms.

"Good... its now time to activate the stone," Gusyav replied through the comms.

"Pilots, prepare to restart the engine," Gustav voiced through the comms.

The pilots in the control room replied immediately but they were still reeling in shock from the kids handling this intergalactic bounty hunters that had handled the situation.

In a couple of moments, a milky colored bubble began forming around their s.p.a.cecraft.

-"Hey i don't feel restricted anymore,"

-"Me too, i no longer feel sluggish,"

-"I've grown back to my original height,"

The IYSOP candidates began to voice out their observations.

Gustav appeared from the hallway in the next instant and they all stared at him with thoughtful gazes.

"Good job out there you all," Gustav commended them and they bursted out in uproar.


"We did it!"

They seemed proud of themselves. Although some had disheartened looks and Gustav was instantly able to tell that these were close friends of the casualties that had fallen from their side.

It was absolutely normal for them to have a couple of casualties and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

Their numbers had lessened from fifty to forty-four. On the bright side there wasn't a lot of casualties however, every single casualty was a subst.i.tute member.

Gustav wasn't too surprised about this since the main members were way more powerful after the oasis...

Trrinn~ Trrinnn~

The pilots had restarted the engines of the s.p.a.cecraft and they worked perfectly within the bubble.

"He must be the one the captain was talking about," Gustav voiced out as he approached a person kneeling on the floor bound by dark glowing chains.

"Yeah he is Rick, the co captain," Aildris replied.

Gustav arrived in front of Rick who raised his head to stare at him with a blank look.

"The scarf covering part of his face... its because that power activates when it's revealed, right?" Gustav questioned already he already knew the answer since he witnessed the whole saga.

"That's why we had to leave it covered or he would trap anyone he stared at here in that unknown realm," Teemee replied this time.

"You are Gustav Crimson... all of you are true monsters," Rick voiced with a regretful tone.

He couldn't imagine how powerful Gustav was currently after witnessing the strength of his peers. Their data had been completely wrong because it gave info of the candidates strength from months back.

They had calculated their current strength based on that and it caused their failure.

"You wanted to spare everyone else and only let your crew members kill me... I commend you for that but who sent you guys after me?" Gustav questioned as they s.p.a.cecraft began to move.

"The group known as Genxodus gave us a contract for your head over four months ago. It was good profit and the captain couldn't turn it down despite your status," Rick explained.

"Hmm I see. But I am sure you lots are aware the Genxodus got taken down. Why still do the job?" Gustav inquired.

"Because the contracted protocols let's us get payment regardless so long as the job is done," Rick responded.

"I see," Gustav nodded in understanding.

"Can we kill him now? He is responsible for murdering Debby!" A subst.i.tute appeared from the side while voicing out.

Without explaining, Gustav could tell Debby was one of the subt.i.tutes who met her demise at Rick's hand.

"Hold on... can you bring them back?" Gustav questioned Rick.

"Once anyone has been sucked into the VI realm, they can never return," Rick shook his head.

"Oh I guess this is where you meet your end then..." Gustav stated and was about moving away when a sudden presence caused the s.p.a.cecraft to be hooked in place.


The s.p.a.cecraft had just disappeared from the sticky void a while ago through a teleportation that caused them to appear right in front of the Orion two gateway.

This was the same gateway they flew into and ended up in the diminis.h.i.+ng void almost a day ago.

The instant they reappeared here the bubble surrounding the IYSOP s.p.a.cecraft disappeared.

The pilots were initially on tenterhooks on whether or not to use the gateway again.

After making the decision to head to the third gatway point which would cause more delays in their travel, they decided to move.

However at this instant the s.p.a.cecraft paused in s.p.a.ce as it found itself unable to move.

Gustav and the others within the s.p.a.cecraft had darkened faces as they felt an unfathomable force desecend upon the s.p.a.cecraft, pausing them in place.

"What is going on again?" A candidate voiced out with a tone of terror.

What they were all feeling at this moment was something they were sure they wouldn't be able to fight with.


A whitish figure suddenly appeared right in front of the s.p.a.cecraft with flowing robes. She looked like an ethreal cosmic ent.i.ty that was far above the level of mortal men.

Her eyes looked sharped as she peered directly into the s.p.a.cecraft like she was looking for someone.

"Miss Aimee?" Gustav voiced with a tone of surprise.


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