The Bloodline System - Chapter 1144 I Just Wanna Be Me

Chapter 1144 I Just Wanna Be Me

Chapter 1144 I Just Wanna Be Me

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"You two... mind telling us what in the Mary Mother of Zechariah that was?" E.E questioned with a weird look while alternating his gaze between Gustav and Angy.

"It is mother of Je..."

"I know what it G.o.dd.a.m.n is!" E.E cut Falco off before he could complete his sentence.

"Just creating a back up," Gustav shrugged as he stepped forward.

"You call that thing a backup?" E.E blurted out with a conflicted expression.

"That's no back up, that's mayhem," Matilda voiced out as well.

"To the enemies, it definitely will be," A smirk appeared on Gustav's face that caused chills to crawl down everyone's spine.

"I have unlocked more abilities related to my bloodline," Angy cheerfully broke the brief silence.

"It wasn't just speed related?" Matilda questioned from the side.

Angy shook her head in response.

"Looks like I'm not the only one who has undergone a big increase in strength," Gustav added while scrutinizing all of them.

"The oasis connected use to our bloodline predecessors," E.E revealed.

"Oh so that was what Endric was talking about," Gustav voiced in response.

"Where is my hubby?" Sheila hopped forward with a look of curiosity.

"Go find him at the fifth level," Gustav replied.

"Off i go," Sheila turned around while giggling only to be held back by Vin and E.E.


-"Shameless pedo,"

"You are all at the Kilo rank now? That's good," Gustav voiced out as he noticed no one was below the second step of the Kilo rank.

"Not just that, we have also unlocked hidden potentials in our bloodlines by connecting with out predecessors,"

"Can't wait to test them out,"

Aildris and Ria voiced out one after the other.

Only Falco seemed to not share in the hype as everyone. He just stood at the sidelines.

Falco had already reached the third step of the Kilo rank from this endeavour so everyone just felt he was tired or something which was why they weren't too bothered by his current lack of enthusiasm.

"You should have joined us Gus," E.E stated.

'And have hundreds of thousands of predecessors down my throat? I'd rather not,' Gustav could imagine how chaotic it would have been due to the numerous bloodlines in his possession.

"Don't destroy nature... You cam test out your new abilities when we arrive at Planet Ozious," Gustav instructed.

This was quite hypocritical of him since any ability he tested would usually affect the natural surroundings.

The entire group had jolly expressions and one could see that they had truly leveled up. With their current strength, they rivaled the strengths of even well known squads in the MBO.

"We are leaving tomorrow. I hope you are all ready," Gustav announced.

Everyone had sharp expressions upon hearing this. They were all fired up and ready to showcase their strength at the Intergalactic Youngsters Show Of Power,.

"I am hyped up," E.E stated while rubbing his afro.


Hours later, it was already dark and almost midnight at this point. Some were meditating and others were discussing all around the patch of beautiful flowers surrounding the first level of the oasis.

The scenery was even more beautiful at night due to glowing stream ahead. Some of the flower petals had dim glows as well.

"You take that half while I take the other half," Teemee said to Glade.

"Why do you wanna have all the cool ones? Why don't you take that half while I take the other half?" Glade responded with a look of disapproval.

"Such abilities would be wasted on you," Teemee responded with a look of ridicule.

"Oh you wanna go now? Don't think for a second you're more powerful than me just because you've been unlocking the better abilities," Glade threw Teemee a fierce look.

"You never stood a chance you monkey tailed tramp," Teemee replied with a vulgar tone.

Fwwhoommm~ Fwwhwoomm~

Both of them unleashed their bloodline energy at this point, causing a great clash. The vicinity vibrated as winds blew.

"Knock it off you two," The others came to separate them before anything could happen.

On the other side of the stream, Gustav laid on the patch of gra.s.s while Angy laid her head on his chest.

Her hands were slowly caressing his face as they both laid in place with peaceful looks on their faces.

She could hear his heartbeat. It beat in a slow but firm rhythm almost like Gustav had an unshakeable heart.

"Gus..." Angy called out to him with a soft tone.

Gustav responded with an "Hmm?" Without raising his head.

"Don't worry about me during the compet.i.tion. No matter what happens, I want to be a support not a hindrance," Angy voiced while slowly turning her face towards his.

"Hmm... I know," Gustav replied.

"I know I have been naive in the past but I won't fail to do what needs to be done when the time comes," Angy added.

"Angy... do you know why I always liked you even though I pushed you away?" Gustav suddenly asked.

"Eh? Eh? Huh? What are you saying?" Angy's face reddened up as he voiced out.

"You reminded me of myself when I was young and full of heroic dreams. I also used to want to be a saviour... a protector of the weak... a pillar of light,"

Angy's mouth slightly hung open as she heard Gustav say this.

"It is never wrong to harbour such a mindset but it is wrong to harbour such a mindset thinking your journey is going to be one full of roses," Gustav stated.

"Can you bear the suffering? Can you carry the weight of guilt on your shoulders? Can you be decisive when it is required? Can you make choices that might brand you a villain?" Gustav added.

"The world's logic of a hero is flawed which is why an anti hero is more of a hero than a hero most times," He voiced out once more.

Angy face showed a look of contemplation after hearing this before she spoke.

"So, do you still wanna be a hero?" Angy asked.

"I just wanna be me. Not a hero or a villain... just Gustav doing the things he wants to do. Becoming unhindered by the ideals and restriction of the world.

No white knight or dark Lord... becoming one who writes his fate because at the moment, I only have it written for me like a script that an actor has no choice but follow,"

Angy felt Gustav's last sentence was hinting at something deeper than it seemed but she couldn't place her thumb on it.

One could say Gustav wasn't very controlled at the moment since he literally did what he wanted and even disobeyed higher ups when their decision wasn't suiting to him.

Only Gustav knew what he truly meant.

"I will stand behind you like a pillar," Angy voiced out.

"You can lean on me for support," She added.

"You're the one leaning on me right now though," Gustav stated.

Angy chuckled and moved her face upwards.

"That's because I want to do this..." Angy said before placing her lips on his.

Lips smacking sounds could be heard faintly in the background as the two engaged in a pa.s.sionate smooching session.


The night went by very quickly, bringing the arrival of the next morning.

"Our aircraft is here to take us to the first base," Gustav voiced while pointing at the direction that led to the top of the mountain.

Everyone was gathered together already in front of the oasis.

"First person to get to the aircraft gets a million," Gustav announced.


The announcement instantly caused a uproar as everyone instantly activated their bloodline abilities.

A vortex instantly appeared in front of E.E which sucked him into it.

Angy blitz forward instantaneously causing her figure to disappear within a mili second.


Heavy winds blasted across her initial location in the next instant.

The same moment E.E and Angy used their bloodlines, the others didn't slack off as well and did the same.

Aildris opened his eyes and instantly drew himself to a color above, causing him to close in the distance instantly.

Ria had sunk into the ground instantly and Teemee's entire body had been covered up with a red glow. He proceeded to dash forward with immense speed too.

All this while everyone was activating their abilities, Gustav had already faded away into oblivion.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

All that could be heard at that particular instant was the sound of numerous missile like explosions.

The three people to arrive at the top of the four thousand feet mountain were Ria, Phinx and Matilda.

They had only arrived a second later, yet they found out the others arrived mili seconds earlier than they did.

"Maniacs," Phinx yelled out, regretting she didn't met the requirements to mimic a person with speed before the race.

They had moved four times faster than the speed of sound, yet everyone got to the mountain top before they did.