The Bloodline System - Chapter 1143 Planet Descecrating Orbs

Chapter 1143 Planet Descecrating Orbs

Chapter 1143 Planet Descecrating Orbs

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


("Suck yourself off,") The system yelled in his mind.

'When did you become so vulgar?' Gustav teased internally.

"I'm happy to be of help," Endric smiled while responding.

"One last thing I can reveal to you is... after the fifth premonition everything will end," Endric smile faded at this point.

"But it is my job to make sure that doesn't happen, right?" Gustav could more or less tell that this was the case.

"Yes and Everyone of us will join hands with you to battle," Endric replied.

"Hmm... Alright then. Thanks once more for the information. Gotta go meditate now," Gustav waved as he walked further away from the oasis.

Endric watched him walk away and could understand that Gustav would have so many questions but there was nothing he could do in the meantime.

Endric decided to head back into the oasis after this to further channel his bloodline.


"It embodies the energy of the universe that is why it is called Universal Englightenment," A figure whose body was made of constellations and galaxies voiced out within an unknown realm.

"I draw the energy of the universe?" Angy questioned while floating in a cross-legged position.

"Not right now you don't. You don't even know how to properly draw energy from your surroundings. You gather kinetic energy and discharge it when it could be used for other purposes," The figure disclosed.

"Oh? How else can I use it then?"


Within a fog of pitch darkness, a throne could be spotted up ahead with a figure kneeling in front of it.

With the amount of concentrated darkness within the vicinity, visibility was at zero percent. However, the figure kneeling in front of the throne could see rather clearly within.

Another figure donned in a dark armour stood beside the throne. This figure didn't look human. It had hollow and sunken eyes which were also laced with darkness.

The dark armor had weird carvings on them and it seemed like it was the body of this unknown figure. Claws could be seen on its hands and legs as well.

"You have been using my power all this time, it is time for you to start using yours," The figure standing besides the throne voiced out.

The figure kneeling had his eyes closed initially and a small mark was on his forehead. He slowly opened his eyes.

Indescribable intent brimmed from his gaze as he stared at the unknown figure standing beside the throne.

"I don't want this power if it will change who I am," Falco stated.

"This is not who you are! This weak, pathetic low life personality you have adopted is a facade my king," The dark armored figure replied.

"Shut it! I am who I am and anything that will change that, I won't allow," Falco stated with a strong tone.

"Accept the darkness!" The dark armored figure stated.

"Embody the negativity, become our sovereign once more," The figure added.

"I refuse and I will keep refusing," Falco replied.

"You cannot stay like this forever you fool! I mean my king... I will continue to fight for you but eventually, your true power will awaken,"


While the group were still in their trance like state, Endric had returned to the fifth level to keep channeling his bloodline while Gustav continued meditating.

Everyone seemed to be undergoing ma.s.sive transformation that would take years to achieve.

The world government seemed really h.e.l.lbent on winning the IYSOP with the boost they had practically given the candidates. The subst.i.tutes did not get to enjoy the same treatment.

After this endeavour, it was certain that the twenty who had been given a one week access to the oasis would surpa.s.s all of their peers by multiple bounds.

They were already some of the strongest mixedbloods in the MBO and now they would get even stronger.


The night went by very quickly and the last day arrived. Gustav had spent all this time meditating and trying to heal his slightly damaged channels which was going well but he still wasn't completely healed.

He was lucky this didn't affect his strength. He had no choice but to stay out of the oasis so as not to make matters worse.

He opened his eyes after sometime and insurmountable energy gathered around his frame.

Zing~ Zing~ Zing~ Zinh~ Zing~

Over two hundred spherical b.a.l.l.s containing destructive energy appeared all around Gustav.

They were purplish in color with red lightning arcs swimming across their circ.u.mference.

"System... add some of that energy you absorbed to everyone of these orbs," Gustav demanded.

("Huh? You know its for back up right?") The system voiced internally.

"This is also for back up, add em," Gustav replied.

("...Okay,") The system didn't know what Gustav was driving at when these orbs were already very powerful.

Red energy phased out of Gustav as he stretched his hand forward to touch the spherical b.a.l.l.s one after the other.

A couple of minutes later all of the b.a.l.l.s had turned from purplish to dark red while black electric arcs swam across it.

The all emitted fierce destructive energy which the air to vibrate intensely due to their existence.

Gustav went back to his seating position after imbueing them with more energy and looked upwards before whispering...

"Combine," He snapped his fingers.

Ziiiihhh~ Ziiihhh~ Zzziiihhh~

The spherical b.a.l.l.s of destructive energy began to phase into one another at quick pace..

With every combination, they grew larger and larger. A few seconds later, a gigantic building sized orb had appeared.


The air sizzled with intensity upon the final product of the combination causing weird reactions to the vicinity.

"Compress," Gustav voiced out.

A s.p.a.ce compression energy phased out of Gustav at this point and the ma.s.sive spherical orb began to reduce in size.

("You... Do you know what you just created?") The system voiced with a slight tone of terror.

"A planet destroying orb... yes I'll call it PLANET DESECRATING ORB," Gustav decided with a tone of delight.

("You are crazy, that thing can destroy a planet almost twice the size of earth,") The system yelled.

"Exactly why I call it backup," Gustav replied.

"Now lets make more," Gustav added.


'Did this idiot even hear what i just said?'


Hours upon hours pa.s.sed and Gustav spent half the day creating more Planet Descecrating orbs.

He didn't stop even after creating more than ten of them. This couldn't be called a backup anymore. It was more like a backup that had multiple other backups.

The system could only hope there wouldn't come a time where he had to use this because whoever would trigger the activation of such an attack would have an empty graveyard.

It was already evening time at this point and the others began to open their eyes.

When only four of them got out of the trance like state but the four had to remain in place with their hands locked so as not to disturb the others who might still be undergoing transformation from the predecessors connection.

After about thirty minutes, everyone had opened their eyes. They began to swim out at this point with delighted expressions.

It was obvious that they had transformed a lot from this encounter and they couldn't wait to test out the new abilities they had unlocked.

Fwwhiii~ Fwwhiii~ Fwwhii~

Upon swimming out of the oasis one after the other, they were met with a powerful pressure.

"What in the world is that?" They all looked up with expressions of disbelief.

In the distance, a large floating spherical ball could be sighted. It was as ma.s.sive as a floating building and it emitted such destructiveness that they could feel, they would get obliterated if it was to get activated.

"What is going on?" Teemee and Glade who had come out of the oasis last, voiced with looks of concern.

"It's Gustav," Angy stated.

"It is always him,"

"That monster has increased in strength again?"

They headed forward as they spotted a person in the distance amidst the mist, this ma.s.sive spherical ball had stirred up.

Streak of black destructive electric arcs were swimming across the ball.

One shot out unexpectedly in Angy's direction.

Everyone had expected that with Angy's speed she would easily swerve out of the way but to their surprise.


The lightning streak arrived before her and suddenly made a spin around her figure before disappearing.

"Snifff!" Angy breathed in intensely as her figure lit up for a bit before she turned around.



Angy suddenly sneeze caused the first level of oasis up ahead to blast upwards as the surroundings vibrated intensely.

The water blasted upwards, reaching a height of more than three hundred feet beforr descending.



"When did she...?"

Everyone had looks of surprise on their faces after witnessing what just happened.

"Compress," A familiar voice was heard from within the mist in the next instant.


The ma.s.sive spherical ball shrieked quickly before their very eyes and disappeared.

Everyone's attention was drawn from Angy towards the person responsible for the creation of the spherical ball.