The Bloodline System - Chapter 1145 Leaving Earth

Chapter 1145 Leaving Earth

Chapter 1145 Leaving Earth

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"So, who won?" Ria asked.

Teemee shrugged before answering, "They got here before me," He said while gesturing at Aildris, Elevora, E.E and Endric.

"They got here before us," Aildris went ahead and pa.s.sed the batton to Gustav and Angy who were already seated in the aircraft in front.

"When did they...? These monsters," Yonda voiced with a look of astonishment.

"So guys, it was a tie," Gustav announced.

"I and Gus arrived here at the same time," Angy added.

Both of them had arrived here at the same instant Gustav had voiced out the word million.

They moved at the same time and arrived at the aircraft instantaneously.

Meanwhile the others that were still speeding forward looked slow to both of them. Even E.E who activated a vortex was spotted by Gustav who watched as the vortex slowly phased into existence and sucked him in.

He and Angy were already in the aircraft at this point.

"Sucks to not have super speed," The others complained with looks of unwillingness but they had no choice but to accept the results.

'Maybe I should have used that...' E.E slightly regretted not using one of his new dimensional abilities.

'I'll just save the surprise for later,' E.E decided as they filed into the aircraft one after the other.

The MBO officers who were standing on the sidelines still had their jaws hung losely with opened mouths.

The mountain path had almost been completely obliterated from the actions the group had just performed.

The aircraft would have gotten damaged as well even if no one made contact with it but Gustav already used his energy to protect it after he arrived here.

The aircraft took off immediately after they had all boarded. They headed off to the MBO first base.


Deep within s.p.a.ce a s.h.i.+p could be seen in a stationary position right behind a ma.s.sive asteroid.

It was as ma.s.sive as a football pitch with a pentagon shape and four pillar like extensions at the edges.

Greenish floating rocks could be seen in the vicinity which would make one wonder how this s.p.a.cecraft managed to arrive in the midst of all these without collision and damage.

Within the s.p.a.cecraft, a crew could be spotted moving to and fro while a man with leather like covering and a scarf covering the right side of his face walked towards the c.o.c.kpit.

The crew members greeted with respect when they spotted him and some even threw friendly remarks at him which he received positively.

Upon arriving at the c.o.c.kpit, a globe like projection could be spotted in the middle. The projection displayed multiple parts of s.p.a.ce and seemed to be triangulating something.

A ten feet tall figure stood right behind the globe like projection. He emitted an authoritative aura as he stood there.

Some noticeable features were the dark tentacle like things protruding from his back.

"Captain, are we really doing this?" The male with a scarf covering half his face voiced out.

"We accepted it months earlier so yes we are going through with it," The captain replied.

"There is no point to it since our contractors have been caught, presumably dead," The male with a scarf covering half his face voiced out once more.

"Rick, we can't get payment if we don't get the job done," The captain stated.

"I have a bad feeling about this. Can't we just focus on other jobs?" Rick questioned.

"The payment can get us going for the next fifty years without having to work a single job," The captain voiced out.

"It carries too much risk," Rick replied with a tone of disapproval.

"That is why we have you Rick. You are our master planner. The crew will follow whatever plans you draft up so I'm sure this will go well," The captain voiced with a dismissive tone.

"And since the contract has long been drafted, we get the money regardless of their demise so long as we complete the job so pull up your big boy pants, we are doing this," The captain added before turning around with a giant smirk on his face.


"Of course I am coming with you lots. Did you think we were going to let our main candidates go alone," Grand commander s.h.i.+on voiced out to the group of twenty before him.

"Uh? Like... you don't have better things to do? A whole grand commander?" Sheila voiced with a tone of disappointment.

"Is that anyway to speak to your great grandfather little Sheila," Grand commander s.h.i.+on didn't seemed bothered by her disrespectful tone and smiled.

"Hmph, G grandpa you still owe me twelve box of chocolates, sixteen crates of beer, twenty four packs of cookies and thirty two carts of juice," Sheila listed while folding her arms with a pout.

-"Shameless loli,"

-"This shorty drinks?"

-"Huh? They're related?"

The group threw out remarks of disbelief one after the other.

"Now now my little Sheila, great grandpa will pay up okay," The aura of sharpness around Grand commander s.h.i.+on reduced as he pat Sheila on her head.

"How are you two even related? She's... she's..." Teemee voiced out with a look of confusion.

"I'm black doesn't mean G grandpa isn't my relative you fool! I was just born with a different skin color," Sheila yelled out.

"...oh..." Teemee nodded in response.

"Anyways, it is time for you all to gear up for IYSOP," Grand commander s.h.i.+on announced.

"I have a.s.sembled a technological team specially tasked with a.s.sisting you all in this. Your s.p.a.cecraft will be ready to leave within the hour," Grand commander s.h.i.+on added.


-"This is an amplifier... you all have four amplification shots before it runs out so make sure you make use of it wisely during IYSOP,"

-"A bult in suit sh.e.l.l,"

-"Healing meds,"

The group was currently within what looked like a ma.s.sive warehouse with technology items stacked at different corners.

The group a.s.signed to handle this actually had someone that Gustav was familiar with, included.

"Mara did you make this?" Gustav questioned while holding onto a metal ball.

"Yes and the combat suit too," The beautiful red haired girl who had a slight semblance to boss Danzo replied.

"What combat suit?" Gustav asked with a slightly suspicious expression.

"Hehehe I created an adaptive combat suit for the IYSOP candidates which merges with a mixedblood bloodline, cells and skin," She disclosed with a proud look.

"You have really gotten better at creating tech, keep it up," Gustav rubbed her head with look of praise.

Despite being agemates with Gustav she didn't seem irked by his gesture instead she looked delighted.

"Thank you... now try them on," Mara stated before tapping on a controller.


-"Hey are those...?"

-"The IYSOP Candidates?"

-"They look powerful,"

-"Do you think we will win?"

-"I heard Gustav Crimson is leading the team,"

Chatters could be heard in the vicinity of the first base as a group of twenty were spotted striding forward with confident expressions.

-"What are they wearing?"

The group was clad in a blue skin tight suit with red lines around the waist and neck area.The suit covered up their neck and the back of their head as well, leaving only their faces exposed.

A small art.i.tistic depiction of earth could be seen on the left chest area of the suit.

The group could be seen heading into the area where aircraft were kept.

A visible s.p.a.cecraft could be spotted up ahead. It was so much larger than the aircraft parked in the surroundings that it could be seen vividly even though it was positioned at the far end.

The group moved towards the s.p.a.cecraft where a bunch of MBO officers could be seen standing around it.

The s.p.a.cecraft was as ma.s.sive as a small skysc.r.a.pper in a horizontal position. It was at least seven stories tall too.

It had designed with a red, green and blue color, depicting both the earth and MBO organisation. It looked quite majestic.

"It is time," Grand commander s.h.i.+on voiced out from his position in between two grand generals.

"Are you ready to represent the earth and win this compet.i.tion?" He questioned.

"Yes!" The group yelled with enthusiasm.

Grand General s.h.i.+on nodded at them and gestured at them to move into the s.p.a.cecraft.

Gustav couldn't understand why they decided to make them travel in such a large s.p.a.cecraft but he wasn't too bothered by it.

The travel to Planet Ozious would take more than three weeks of journeying through s.p.a.ce. Even with the multiple dimensional gateways set across s.p.a.ce to make the journey faster, Planet Ozious was located in a distant galaxy so this was normal.

They would arrive at the venue just a few days before IYSOP would officially kick off.

Gustav got into the s.p.a.ce craft which also had a couple of crew on board who were tasked with piloting, s.p.a.ce navigation, cooking, cleaning and other tasks.

It looked even more ma.s.sive within with multiple hallways.

"This is gonna be one h.e.l.l of a ride," E.E voiced out excitedly as they moved towards the bedroom area.

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