The Bloodline System - Chapter 1142 The Five Premonitions

Chapter 1142 The Five Premonitions

Chapter 1142 The Five Premonitions

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions rang out as a powerful pressure descended upon the mountains and sands that surrounded the environment.

Despite the oasis reducing the effect, the area outside the dimensional bubble where the oasis was hidden, had been thrown into chaos.

Some of the mountains were blasted into small chunks and ma.s.sive holes had appeared in sands around the vicinity.

The MBO officers and other private guards in the vicinity activated a combined barrier from their bloodline energies as the energy from Gustav's breakthrough affected the area.

The occasional tremble could still be felt after the barrier was set up but fortunately, the surroundings had stopped getting destroyed.

"Isn't this too much?" One of the MBO officers said to their fellow officer.

"Who knows which one of those monstrous kids is leveling up now..." The officer replied.

"The effect still has a wide range even though the oasis limits such an occurence," The other officer had a look of astonishment as he voiced out.


A couple of minutes later, the energy within Gustav began to calm. His initial hardened expression slowly returned to softness as his energy stabilised.

("You will have to contain your strength from now on...") The system voiced in his mind.

'I know,' Gustav replied while slowly opening his eyes.

Gustav slowly raised his fist while staring at it. He could somewhat guess what a casual swing of his fist could do now.

'I will only contain it on earth since I have to be careful about unnecessarily causing destruction but during IYSOP... I will be unbridled,' Gustav said internally.

The strength of the aliens they would be competing against were unknown but with all Gustav had figured out so far, there was bound to be really powerful opponents.

IYSOP seemed fair on the registration of partic.i.p.ants based on age requirements but they knew very well that this was far from being the case.

For all they knew, the possibility of going up against aliens that could decimate earth high ranked moxedbloods was high.

("Your channels are have undergone too much strain and become quite damaged... you have to leave the oasis for it to get rejuvenated,") The system announced.


In response to that, Gustav sped sideways and found himself outside the oasis in nearly an instant.

He began to fall from the air after speedily phasing out the side of level six instead of swimming downwards.


A loud splas.h.i.+ng sound rang out as Gustav landed in the first level of the oasis.

His figure was releasing a cloud of steam as he slowly strided out of the oasis.

Endric who was standing a few feet away from the oasis met Gustav's gaze as he walked out of the oasis.

"Oh? You're out too?" Gustav voiced while arriving at the patch of gra.s.s.

"Yeah I needed to meditate outside," Endric replied.

"Hmm you're delta rank too... what a coincidence..." Gustav chuckled before sitting on the ground.

'Husarius! I thought you said it is disguised?' Endric screamed internally.

'He is the Outworldly... I don't think we can hide such from his eyes,' Husarius replied with a defeated tone.

"You're quite fast now... You also have facial hair... Don't worry I won't ask," Gustav noted these but could tell Endric wanted to keep soke things to himself so he refrained from being too curious.

"Thank you," Endric sighed in relief because he wasn't sure he would be able to keep the truth from Gustav if he asked.

"The others are still in," Endric disclosed.

"Thanks captain obvious," Gustav replied.

"They're... they figured something out," Endric ignored the taunt.

"Hmm? Figured something out?" Gustav looked up at the ascending pillar of water in the middle of the oasis.

[G.o.d Eyes Have Been Activated]

He instantly peered through the walls of water surrounding the fourth level.

"Oh? They truly seem to have figured something out," Gustav voiced with a tone of astonishment as G.o.d Eyes showed him a reading of the energy they were giving off while glowing.

"It doesn't look like they will be done soon and we still have a little over a day of time left," Endric stated.

"Hmm as curious as i am, I can't get into the oasis for at least a day," Gustav slumped his shoulders while stating.

"Huh? Why?" Endric questioned.

"I've slightly damaged my channels from staying within the high levels of the oasis for so long. It will take some time for it to completely heal up," Gustav explained.

"It is a surprise you aren't dead yet after spending a whole day in the sixth level," Endric nearly facepalmed at Gustav's recklessness.

"Even though you are the Outworldly, you should stop actively trying to get yourself killed," Endric added.

"Danger and fortune comes hand in hand... I went from the first step of kilo rank to the first step of Delta rank in less than six days. It paid off," Gustav shrugged.

"*sigh* I guess but still... be careful," Endric advised.

"Sure mom," Gustav reply caused Endric's forehead to twitch a little.

"I'm going to head back in," Endric voiced out.

"Hold on, did you forget we have something to discuss?" Gustav voiced in response.

"Huh?" Endric stared at him with a suspicious look upon hearing this.


Minutes later Gustav and Endric were deeply enagaged in a conversation.

"So it appeared already hmm," Endric voiced with a contemplative expression.

"I already knew but I was waiting for the right time to inform you," Husarius voiced was heard as he phased out of Endric's forehead.

"The talking crystal," Gustav stated.

"Husarius..." Husarius corrected.

"Talking crystal sounds better," Gustav replied.

Husarius; ...

"Anyways, do you know what it was?" Gustav questioned.

"It is one of the five premonitions... premonitions of universal disaster," Endric stated with a serious tone.

Gustav was about to say he was aware until Endric added the second sentence.

"Premonitions of universal disaster? The system didn't mention it," Gustav replied with a contemplative expression.

"I can only give you limited information as well but I can say we are getting close to the endgame," Endric voiced out.

"What endgame and how close?" Gustav questioned.

"A few years... Maybe three maybe two but we don't have much time," Endric replied.

"What exactly is that eye that appeared?" Gustav questioned.

"Can I tell him?" Endric asked Husarius.

"You can't tell him much... just a little," Husarius replied.

("You idiots, are you trying to ruin everything?") The system suddenly materialised in holographic form, just before Endric could say anything.

"You again," Husarius tone depicted he wasn't fond of the system.

("Keep quiet you wannabe!") The system red dress fluttered as its female face showed an expression of disgust.

"Make me... you fake," Husarius voice was unyielding as the crystal let out a bright glow.

The system also emitted a red glow as both their energy clashed and caused s.p.a.ce to twist and turn.

"Enough," Gustav voiced out before emitting his Cosmic Superior energy.

Both energies were like babies before his and slowly faded away.

"System, get back in," Gustav stated with a solemn look.

("I cannot have them ruin things by revealing things to you earlier than intended,") The system voiced in response.

"We are not restricted like you fake," Husarius stated.

("It will...")

Endric interrupted before the system could complete a sentence.

"Husaruis can stop the cause and effect to a certain extent so a bit of revelation is allowed,"

("This wannabe?")

"I embody wisdom and can see into the paths of the fates... This much revelation will not have a cause and effect," Husarius a.s.sured.

The system pouted in response and decided to keep quiet.

"Endric, tell me... what is it?" Gustav turned to stare at Endric once more.

"That eye belonged to one of the ancient executioners," Endric finally spilled the beans.

"One of the ancient executioners? So there are more eh?" Gustav muttered.

Endric nodded in response.

"What is their aim? And where do they come from?" Gustav questioned.

"Sorry, I can't reveal anymore than this," Endric replied with an apologetic gaze.

"Answers leading to more questions as usual..." Gustav voiced with a 'I should have known' look.

("You should not have asked if you weren't ready for the answer,") The system girly voice buzzed like a mosquito in Gustav's ears.

"Why are you still here useless?" Gustav questioned with a glare.

"tch," The system dematerialised in the next instant.

"You also mentioned this being one of the five premonitions like the system did... that means, more of these executioners would appear here in the future or their body parts..." Gustav said to Endric.

"They can't appear here in full physical form... at least not yet... the next premonitions won't be happening in the milky way," Endric replied.

"So... other galaxies then?" Gustav inquired.

Endric nodded in affirmation, "But you will still feel it because they give off your..."

Endric stopped himself before he could reveal anymore information.

"Give off my...?" Gustav voiced with a questioning gaze.

"Can't say anymore," Endric shook his head.

"Alright... at least you were more useful than the system," Gustav replied.

("Suck yourself off,") The system yelled in his mind.

'When did you become so vulgar?'