The Bloodline System - Chapter 1141 Breaking Through To The Delta Rank

Chapter 1141 Breaking Through To The Delta Rank

Chapter 1141 Breaking Through To The Delta Rank

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"Both of you have the same bloodline, however, the abilities you have unlocked are two different sides of a coin," The first figure stated.

"Does that mean we can both use each other's ability?" Teemee questioned.

"Yes and no," The first predecessor replied.

"Why yes and no?" Glade asked.

"As long as you are within close proximity of each other, the other will never be able to unlock the full potential of the bloodline," He explained.

"Why is this so?" Teemee asked.

"Because only one person was meant to possess the bloodline in a generation," The predecessor replied.

"That is unfair! We didn't ask to be born with the same bloodline," Teemee squeezed his fist with a look of disapproval.

"Life is unfair kid. You just have to deal with it," The predecessor voiced out.


"While you two may not be able to unlock the complete abilities of the bloodline, you can each unlock separate ones and become far more powerful than you already are," The predecessor disclosed.

"Hmm... Are you saying this unfortunate revelation won't hinder us from becoming powerful enough to stand at the peak of earth?" Glade inquired.

'Peak of earth...?' Teemee turned to glance at her with a slight look of suspiciousness.

"You each just need to unlock half of the abilities contained in this bloodline to become very powerful ent.i.ties," The predecessor replied.

"We shall reveal to you what you need to know about your bloodline..."


"What the ten fingers are actually fingers from an ancient mixedbreed with destructive abilities?" Yonda questioned with a with a surprising look.

"Hnm, you must be wondering how you got my bloodline kid," The figure standing in front of him was a ma.s.sive creature.

This creature looked like a fox but had silver colored furs with fourteen limbs. Behind the creature was a line up of multiple other creatures with similar looks.

By the sides were human looking beings.

"Are you saying... they... did the..." Yonda stuttered as he spoke.

"Yes exactly what you are thinking," The creature replied.

"*cough cough* Sc.u.mbags," Yonda voiced in response.

"Anyways, now you understand that it isn't ten fingers but fifty six. You have only unlocked ten fingers," The creature stated.

"I see..."

"There is more you have to know,"


'It is happening...' Endric voiced internally.

'This is truly marvelous... you have only spent a day in the fifth level,' Husarius responded with a fascinating tone.

'But four days have gone by since we arrived at the oasis already,' Endric added.

'Still, one day in the fifth level is truly miraculous,' Husarius stated.

Endric went on to focus as he could feel a gus.h.i.+ng outpour of energy from all his bloodline channels within.

"Hnnngghh!" He groaned slightly as rings of telekinetic energy began to form around him.

s.p.a.ce also began to twist and turn within the oasis, causing the water to be seriously disturbed.

'Restrict it now!' Endric yelled internally as he felt his energy sour.

His forehead glowed as a green dot appeared on it.


A green crystal phased out of his forehead and floated directly above his forehead.


It emitted a glow that encapsulated Endric's entire figure in the nex instant.

Slowly the distress in the vicinity began to reduce as the surroundings returned to tranquility.

Endric felt the energy that was about to gush out initially, get restricted by the force Husarius had created.

'Congratulations on achieving the beta rank, you are now amongst the hundred thousand,' Husarius said internally.

'Thanks, I guess,' Endric's face lowered as memories of atrocities plagued his mind.

'Don't think about it,' Husarius voice pulled him out of his reverie.

'Do you think I should tell him?' Endric questioned.

'Tell him you achieved the delta rank?' Husarius Inquired.

'No... should I tell him... I slaughtered... millions?' Endric voiced internally.

'You did it to change the path of fate... you did it to save him from future suffering... and you potentially did it to save the earth too,' Husarius listed.

'Stop making it look like i performed a n.o.ble act,' Endric face turned dark as he looked upwards.

'You did. Had you not done this, the future events would certainly be more troublesome,' Husarius added.

'I should keep this to myself. I don't want him to bear any more load. He has suffered enough... I just want him to be happy,' Endric replied.

'That is a good choice. You made a difficult but sacrificial call. You will have to carry this guilt for the rest of your days and you shall perform even more sacrificial actions in the future,' Husarius stated.

'This is what it means to be a time candidate,' Husarius added.


In a flash another day had gone by. During the last one day no one else had left the oasis besides Endric.

Endric sat on a patch few feet away from the first level of the oasis. He seemed to be in a meditative state as the vicinity remained quiet.

After a while, he opened his eyes.

"Doesn't look like they will be done anytime soon," He muttered.

"Do you want to join them?" Husarius questioned.

"As much as I would like to, I can't disturb them," Endric replied.

On his way out of the oasis, he noticed the circle the group had formed with their hands connected to each other.

He realised that they must have figured something out while he and Gustav were in the other levels.

He was also interested in figuring out what they were up to and also joining in but with the way their figures were glowing along with how they were in a trance like state, Endric figured it wouldn't be wise to disrupt them.

"You mentioned something about being amongst hundred thousands of mixedbloods after I achieved the Delta rank... does that mean you can tell how many have achieved a certain rank?" Endric questioned.

"I can make a rough estimate yes," Husarius replied.

"Then, how many have achieved the Beta rank?" Endric asked.

"Ten thousand," Husarius answered.

"How many have achieved the Alpha rank?"

"About a hundred," Husarius answered once more.

"Out of billions of mixedbloods, only a hundred managed to achieve the Alpha rank... that is really something. I wonder how it feels to be at the pinnacle of power," Endric voiced out.

He wasn't so hinged on power like he used to since he was more driven by a higher purpose now but he still wanted to become one of the most powerful mixedbloods one day.

"Only one person has managed to achieve the Beacon rank," Endric muttered.

"Yet, he isn't the most powerful," Husarius stated.

"Huh? Then, who is?" Endric questioned.

"The..." Just as Husarius was about to respond a strange outburst of energy suddenly attracted their attention.


"That energy... unbelievable... someone is breaking through to the Delta rank," Husaruis voiced out.

Endric's eyes widened as he looked up at the area where the sixth level was located.

"It is coming from the sixth level... don't tell me it's him..." Endric didn't even need to say this as he could only think of one person who was capable of this at the moment.

"It is the Outworldly," Husarius confirmed.

Endric's face was filled with even more astonishment as a torrent of energy that stirred up strong winds burst forth from the ascending oasis.


The grounds began to quake as the energy caused a change in the weather.

"How is he on the sixth level?" Endric voiced out.

"The sixth level can only be endured by bet ranked mixedbloods... The Outworldly is truly a monster," Husarius added.

They could understand his current speed but they were still astonished by the how he managed to endure the pressure of the sixth level.

"Is the oasis is negating some of the effects of breaking through to the Delta rank?" Endric questioned as he expected worse.

"That is indeed the case... The surroundings would get destroyed if it doesn't," Husarius responded.

The last time Gustav broke through to the Kilo rank, he nearly evaporated an entire river so it was sure that something worse would occur this time but fortunately, the oasis was reducing the effect.

Usually, Mixedbloods at this level of strength would have a breakthrough containment where the energy discharge from their breakthroughs would be absorbed instead of causing environmental issues.

However, both times Gustav had broken through, he happened to be far from any location where he could use a breakthrough containment.

Within the oasis, the water was sizzling with intensity as Gustav's skin peeled off his body and his shorts got disintegrated.

Immense energy was flowing from within him uncontrollably as he felt his entire being undergoing a ma.s.sive leap in strength.

'The Kilo rank is truly nothing compared to the Delta rank...' Gustav noted internally as he felt his bloodline channels fill up with energy.

He could feel the oasis reducing the excessive outburst of energy yet the surroundings were still getting affected.

Outside the dimensional bubble where the oasis was situated, the skies had darkened.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions rang out as a powerful pressure descended upon the mountains and sands that surrounded the environment.