The Bloodline System - Chapter 1140 Teemee And Glade Discover A Shocking Information

Chapter 1140 Teemee And Glade Discover A Shocking Information

Chapter 1140 Teemee And Glade Discover A Shocking Information

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A bright glow was suddenly emitted from all eighteen of them. Their veins had expanded and were now visible on their bodies. The veins glow which was initially red, turned to the blue like the color of the sky.

Everyone of them instantly felt their consciousness traveling to another plane as the vicinity gave off a tranquil and unfathomable energy.


"Did you think you were the first?"

A masculine voice greeted Angy the instant she opened her eyes to find herself floating in the middle of what looked like a galaxy.

"What?" She turned aroind to see a human like figure right in front of her.

"You thought you were the first, didn't you?"

She could hear a voice from the figure but this figure didn't have a mouth or any body parts fof that matter.

Instead, this figure body was made of dark matter which embodied constellations, galaxies and planets.

"First what?" Angy questioned with a slightly suspicious look.

"The first with a universal enlightenment bloodline," The figure replied.

"Universal what now?" Angy had a look of confusion.

"That is the name of your bloodline and I am your predecessor... the first user and I was supposed to be the last but looks like the universe had other plans," The figure pointed out.

"What do you mean?" Angy questioned.

"You have merely awakened the true abilities of your bloodline... you have only scratched the surface with speed and discharge of kinetic energy," The figure stated.

"There is more?" Angy asked.

"Way more than your fragile mind could possible comprehend,"


E.E opened his eyes and saw that he was standing in a sky like realm.

Ma.s.sive figures could be seen lined up behind him. His figure was like a dot as he floated in front of the first one ma.s.sive forehead.

"What is this?" E.E voiced as he slowly turned around to see the line up of thousands upon thousands of these ma.s.sive figures in the sky.

Initially when he connected to them by touching Elevora, he only felt their presence but now everything was clear. It looked like he had traveled to another realm.

"It has been a couple of centuries since another earthling awoken this bloodline," The first one spoke.

"I'm still confused, I can sense you all give off dimensional energy but where is this? Are you guys my predecessors?" E.E questioned as he couldn't understand why they were all so ma.s.sive.

"Youngster, do you wish to unlock the secrets of your bloodline?" The first ma.s.sive figure questioned.

"...Do you think I would say no to that?"


Elevora opened her eyes and found herself standing on a dark path with dark mountains all across the vicinity.

The sky was completely purple and a line up of one eye figures standing on the mountains could be seen.

Elevora subconsciously reached for her forehead which wasn't wrapped with an headtie this time.

The eye on her forehead was completely revealed and it seemed to be glowing menacingly in the presence of these unknown figures.


The first figure atop the mountain voiced out.


Ria opened his eyes and found himself atop a large rock which was thousands of feet above the ground.

Turning around, he could spot a line up of figures that led down the path of the rock straight to the bottom.

There were up to a thousand of them.


"Ouch! What was that for?" Ria yelled out after receiving a slap from behind which caused him to turn around.

"You are the most idiotic descendant for not realising the full potential of your bloodline," The figure voiced out.

"Hmph... Even the dead mocks me now," Ria face turned serious as he proceeded to sit on the ground of the rock top.

-"Have some respect,"

-"Worthless fool,"

-"We were better than you when we were alive,"

-"This kid..."

The other predecessors behind yelled out upon hearing Ria's statement.

"I know i know I'm a disappointed, I'm the weakest in the group, everyone is stronger while I'm just... I'm just..." Ria sighed while picking up a little rock and squeezing it.

"Hey fool, listen to me," The figure at the front voiced out while pointing at Ria.

"Your bloodline is way more powerful than you think. You are only using a fraction of it," The last predecessor added.

"How much stronger?" Ria seemed a bit more interested as he looked up.

"You only manipulate the earth but what you don't know is, you can manipulate any natural resource to your desired intent and even embody it... become it... or let it become you..."

Ria face showed a contemplative expression as he heard this.

"Natural resource? Doesn't that mean I can manipulate any physical item?" Ria questioned.

"Looks like you're starting to understand... Your bloodline is an embodiment of nature. The earth itself is the biggest part of nature which is why it came easy for you to manipulate..." The last predecessor voiced once more.

Ria stood to his feet at this point as he began to show a look of interest.

"Kid, do you wanna unlock more of your bloodline potential?" He questioned.

"Yes, I want to become stronger!" Ria yelled with a fired up look.


Gustav sucked in air as he clasped his palms together while his veins wriggled intensely like they were about to burst out of his skin.

'This is way more difficult than i antic.i.p.ated,' He said Internally.

("You were warned,") The system voiced in his mind.

'Have... you... begun absorbing... more backup power?' Gustav questioned.

("Yes but it will take about a day to complete or it would become unstable if you left at the moment," ) The system responded.

'Who said... anything... about leaving...' Even speaking in his mind was getting difficult as Gustav's felt like his insides were both getting burnt and crushed at the same time.

("Let's see how long you will last in this condition,") The system added.

The deep reddish waters bubbled with intensity as Gustav's frame twitched repeatedly within. The energy spreading forth from this location was so suffocating that a normal Kilo ranked mixedblood would have exploded to pieces after spending just a second here.

Time continued to pa.s.s as Gustav endured, unbothered about what could be going on in other levels of the oasis since he was fighting his own demons here.


Aildris opened his eyes and found himself in a dark realm.

He stared at his arm and the rest of his body before realising he was black and white.

Gazing forward, he could see a ma.s.sive wheel up ahead. This ma.s.sive wheel had lines of different colors extending from the middle to the a part of the circ.u.mference of the wheel.

These lines of colors were millions in number and everyone of them glowed colourfully, giving that particular part of the realm a beautiful scenery.

However, his position remained dark and gloomy.

Zing! Zing~ Zing~ Zing~

Figures began to appear on the wheel one after the other and in a few seconds, up to twenty five of them had appeared.

"Come child," One of the figures voiced.

Aildris began to float towards them without control of his actions.

As he closed in on the wheel with millions of colors, his body began to change from black and white to a stroke of different colors.

Looking closely, these were the same number of colors that would appear in Aildris eyes whenever he opened them.

'Looks like i still have a lot more to unlock...' Aildris said internally.


Teemee opened his eyes and found himself in a dimension of red.

The first thing that caught his attention wasn't the figures in red glowing armor lined up but something else...

"What are you doing here?" He voiced with a tone of confusion.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," A greenish scaled female figure replied him.

"Huh? We aren't even holding each other so I don't understand how this happened..." Temee voiced out once more.

"Maybe we should ask them," Glade responded while turning to look up ahead

"Descendants... you have both awakened our bloodlines in the same age," The first red armored figure ahead voiced out.

"What?" Both of them exclaimed at the same time.

"We have different abilities," Teemee stated.

"I create weapons and structures I can easily control out of my energy," Glade voiced out.

"And I can speed up the time of anything I lay my hands on or increase my speed using my energy..." Teemee voiced out as well.

-"Do you two not realise how the red energy covers both your beings while activating your abilities,"

-"The speed is shared as well,"

-"You with the black hair, have you not created a weapon from your energy before?"

-"You with the tail, you have absorbed someone else's energy before, haven't you?"

Both of them were starting to realise that they truly had similarities with their bloodlines despite the differences.


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