The Bloodline System - Chapter 1139 Connecting To Bloodline Predecessors

Chapter 1139 Connecting To Bloodline Predecessors

Chapter 1139 Connecting To Bloodline Predecessors

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter



A strange phenomenon suddenly occurred where both their figures displayed a bright glow upon contact.

'What the h.e.l.l was that?' E.E wondered internally.

He and Elevora stared at each other with looks of confusion but they couldn't speak within the oasis.

E.E raised his right palm and Elevora did the same as they turned to face each other.

Stretching their hands forward, both of them made contact again.


The same phenomenon occured once more as the veins in their body expanded and appeared on their bodies. Their visible veins were glowing a red color which slowly turned to blue as it spread across their bodies.


Both of them groaned for a before separating once more.

Everyone in the vicinity were staring at them at this point, wondering what just happened. They seemed to be waiting for some type of explanation.

E.E and Elevora stared at each other for a bit before smiling. E.E then gestured at everyone for them to follow him out of the oasis.


While speech was currently impossible, they understood the gestures. Since everyone was curious, they followed.

The others at the lower levels wanted to understand why everyone was leaving so they followed as well.

Only Endric and Gustav remained in the Oasis at this point. They couldn't get to Gustav so it was understandable why he wouldn't be a part of this but no one understood why Endric remained.

After everyone had left, Endric looked up at the area where the water had turn a bit reddish.

'I have to get in there...' He said Internally before swimming upwards with force.


His speed was immense but he still met with resistance upon reaching a certain point, just like Yonda.

However, Endric pushed forward with his telekinetic energy, battling against the immense force of the oasis.

After a couple of seconds, he broke through the resistance and finally found himself in the fifth level.


Outside the oasis everyone had gathered except for Gustav and Endric.

"Make this quick I need to get back to entering the fifth level," Yonda voiced out upon getting out of the oasis.

-"Give it a rest,"

-"You're never getting there,"

-"Keep wasting your time when we only have four days left,"please visit ???e?e???e?.c?.

Sheila and a few others laughed at Yonda's statement.

"You little s.h.i.+ts! I'll show you who's boss!" He yelled in response.

Sheila kept laughing before Elevora spoke.

"We connected to something when we touched in the midst of my bloodline channeling earlier," She voiced out.

"We both saw a line up of people and for me it felt like I was in the presence of kins.h.i.+p..." E.E added.

"What does this mean?" Ria questioned.

"Didn't you guys do any research about the Oasis before arriving here?" E.E voiced in response.

"The connection to the bloodline predecessors?" Falco chimed with a look of surprise.

"That seems like the best possible explanation," Elevora answered.

"We didn't get enough time to bask in it properly but I felt like I was basked in a world of dimensional energy," E.E added.

Everyone knew E.E's vortex creation bloodline was related with spatial manipulation so his explanation made sense.

Elevora chose not to reveal hers but it she definitely felt she was in the presence of figures who carried the same bloodline energy as hers.

"Since it only worked through contact, does that mean we have to touch each other?" Angy questioned.

"You guys have been in the fourth level since the first day, did anything similar happen?" E.E asked.

They shook their heads in response which gave them the answer they were looking for.

"Everyone, let's pair up," Aildris voiced out.

"Where is my hubby? Hubby! I only wanna pair up with my hubby!" Sheila jumped around like a kid while ignoring Ria who had just tried to pair up with her.

"Hold on guys," Falco suddenly voiced with a contemplative expression.

"From both their explanations, it wasn't vivid enough. They sensed it but it didn't seem like it was very clear..." Falco added.

"Yes but what are you getting at?" E. E questioned.

"If contact with another Mixedblood is required during bloodline channeling, then, how much of an effect would it create when there is contact between more mixedbloods," Falco replied.

Everyone's faces sharpened up with an expression of understanding as they heard this. They entertained the possibility of this having a better effect.

"Then, does everyone just need to touch one person?" Ria wondered out loud.

Everyone turned to stare at him while rolling their eyes. Teemee had the urge to facepalm.

"It requires everyone to hold hands... why am I explaining this?" Falco hunched his back with a look of tiredness.

"Let's try it," Aildris stated.

"First level or fourth level?" E.E questioned.

"There's no guarantee it would work on the first level but let's try," Falco suggested.

Everyone moved towards the stream at this point and lowered their bodies to the position where only their heads were left above the surface.

They closed their eyes and locked hands together after forming a circle before proceeding to channel their bloodlines.

The group channeled their bloodlines together, while waiting for a similar phenomenon like what happened with E.E and Elevora to repeat itself.

"Uhh guys... I don't feel anything," After some time, Sheila voiced out.

Everyone began opening their eyes one after the other.

-"I don't feel any different too,"

-"Looks like it didn't work,"

They voiced out one after the other before leaving the oasis.

"We have to get back to Level four," Falco stated.

Everyone already figured out at this point that this was the only way it would work.

The others who had settled on level three initially had dark looks on their faces as they heard this. They could already predict how much discomfort they would have to endure.

However, since no one in the group was below the peak Echo level, they could endure the pressure of the fourth level.

The group proceeded to move towards the fourth level next.



'Took you three days... hmm looks like I won't be able to make it to the last level before time runs out then,' Gustav responded.

("The chances of you exploding to smithereens at the last level is 99% so don't be greedy and make do with what you can handle,") The system replied.

'Is that your way of telling me, you delayed for this long on purpose?' Gustav questioned internally.

("Maybe... what are you gonna do about it virgin?")

'f.u.c.k you,'

("You can't f.u.c.k me. I don't have a physical body you pervert haha,")

'No I... fuc... you b.i.t.c.h that's not what I meant,' Veins appeared on Gustav's forehead as his eyebrows twitched repeatedly.

("Dumb little pervert who knew you had such fetishes haha,") The system kept laughing at him.

Gustav; e??'

'I'm heading up...'


Waves of waters blasted across the vicinity as Gustav figure sped upwards.

He could sight the deep red waters hundreds of feet of feet above which prove he was still in the fifth level.

("The results are pretty satisfactory... you already reached the third step of Kilo rank,")

'Still unrefined...'

("You reached the third step in three days... if you can endure the sixth level you might reach delta rank before the next four days are up,")

'If? So you don't 100% think I can endure it,'

("I am a computerised being despite my sentience so I statistically reveal every data after proper a.n.a.lysis... You have a 30% chance of enduring... 70% chance your channels burst open and you return to Zulu rank,")

'I know,"

("Yet your dumb a.s.s still tries to head straight to mishap anyways... What is the use of your intelligence?")

'Look system... I have a higher intellect than most but I am not a computerised being like you. Despite being aware of the low odds, every cell in my body wants to compete with the pressure.

Your computerised sentience would make you decide to forfeit trying anything with low odds but mine, makes me eager to push the boundaries...'

Just as Gustav finished saying this, he pushed his palm upwards with force.


Streams of force tore a s.p.a.ce between the oasis and Gustav shot upwards with even more powerful force.

In a few seconds, he had successfully broken through the resistance that prevented access to the sixth level for lower ranked Mixedbloods.

"Hgghhhhhh!" The instant Gustav got into the sixth level he groaned loudly.

Energy from the sixth level of the oasis from flowing into his bloodline channels from every angle and he felt like he was burning on the inside.

"Ghaahhhhh!" The oasis trembled and waves of water streamed out as Gustav yelled with bloodshot eyes.


'What was that?' Everyone wondered internally as they locked hands at the fourth level.

However, they didn't pay it too much attention to it since they didn't feel the water vibrations much due to being a bit distant from the sixth level.

The group gave each other looks of affirmation before closing their eyes.

They began to channel their bloodlines after they had formed a circle and were connected by holding each other hands.