The Bloodline System - Chapter 1138 Heading Higher

Chapter 1138 Heading Higher

Chapter 1138 Heading Higher

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


It was said that this particular one could make the mixedblood increased in strength by a couple of steps.

A mixedblood who managed to reach this point in the oasis would become way stronger than whatever Rank they achieved when leaving this place.


'Are you storing up more energy now?' Gustav asked internal as he withstood the pressure of the fifth level.

("This time I should be able to absorb more and put it into a backup storage just in case,") The system replied internally.


("This time, what happened the other day will not repeat itself,") The system added.

'Hmm? You going bonkers the other day?'

("Yes... There will be enough energy to protect against any forceful override,")

'Just as i thought... that thing was truly responsible then,'


'Did it appear because of me?'

("You already know I won't answer that but it looks like you haven't regained a single power of your Outworldly ident.i.ty that you can control yet so you cannot truly understand anything,")

'Hmm... So until I'm able to use Cohilia then...' Gustav slightly raised his left palm and peered into it.

The multicolored slanted rhombus glow deep within was still trapped in a barrier.

'I'll just focus on getting even more powerful...' Gustav's face turned serious as he closed his eyes back.

Nothing could be seen in this world of red so there was no point to leaving his eyes opened unless he activated G.o.d Eyes. The pressure of the fifth level was something he could bear.

He could feel all of his bloodline getting nourished as he floated within the fifth level.

A torrent of energy slowly began circulating around him, causing the glowing red oasis to start spinning as well.

Originally it would take a Kilo ranked around five to ten years before they could get to the next rank.

However, for people like Endric who had a high bloodline grade, it would take them around two to three years.

Being in the fifth level meant, one week of bloodline channeling would equal two years in the normal state.please visit ??????????l.c??.

'When you are done tell me... I will challenge the higher levels,' Gustav said to the system internally.


[Daily Task Completed (2/3) : Enter the fifth level of the oasis a??]


Gustav's eyes remained closed while the notifications kept ringing in his head.

He ignored the sounds and focused, letting the energy from the Oasis seep into his body.


'You don't wanna go higher?' Husaruis questioned within Endric's mind.

'Not yet... did you forget the phenomenon of ranking up to Delta?' Endric reminded.

'Why is that a problem?' Husarius inquired.

'I don't want everyone to be aware of my strength level. Too much questions will be asked since a lot of things don't add up. I should be at the peak of Echo instead I am at the peak of Kilo...' Endric explained.

'If it is the phenomenon that you are worried about, i can suppress it,' Husarius stated.

'Huh? How?'

'I will trap it in your core for the meantime and which means you would have achieved the Delta rank but not completely... when you finally have the chance to be alone, I will unleash it and you will become a full fledged Delta rank,' Husarius explained.

Endric; e?"

'This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, you can't waste it all because you're afraid of becoming more powerful,' Husarius added.

'Well alright then...' Endric opened his eyes and looked around.

Almost everyone was still in the second level of the oasis while some had already moved to the third level.

Endric could spot Vera and a few others here with their eyes closed. They just floated within the body of water.

Waving his arms down multiple times, Endric arrived at the third level where he could spot, E.E, Angy, Aildris, Abestos, Falco, Ria, Phinx, Fildhor, Matilda and Glade here.

They had formed a kind of circle as they floated within the fourth level with their eyes closed.

Some of them had expressions of pain on their faces which depicted they were still adjusting to the pain of the third level.

'Man, if the third level hurts this much, then how painful would the fourth be?' E.E had this thought in mind as he bore the pain.

He wasn't the only one having this thought. Some of them hadn't expected it to hurt this way but at the same time they could feel the energy from the oasis flowing into their bloodline channels.

'No pain no gain i guess... but I'm staying here for now. No way I'm gon try to kill myself like these maniacs,' E.E decided.

Endric could feel the improvement just from staying within the third level for a couple of hours. However, he knew within himself that this wouldn't be enough to break through to the delta rank.

The peak stage of the Kilo rank was the most difficult out of all four steps. Trying to break through could take years and Endric could tell that this level of the oasis wasn't fast enough to get him to breakthrough in a week.

'Time to go further up,' Endric began swimming higher.

The further he swam the more the pressure. It started making him feel like he was lifting over a thousand ton while swimming.

He could see the fourth level right above him but getting in was more difficult than he had expected.

'Telekinesis Tube...' Endric said internally, causing energy to spread forth from his being.


An intense vibration could be felt within the oasis as s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+fted.

A hollow pa.s.sage that led up was formed right around Endric, leading straight up into the next level.

The others who had felt the intensity, opened their eyes and were shocked to see Endric floating straight up into level four unhindered.

Upon closer look, they could see that there was no water within the area he ascended from. The oasis water had been pushed aside for a bit.

In a few moments everything returned to normal after Endric had gotten into the fourth level.

'Did he just...?'

'That kid is a monster like his brother,'

They had these thoughts in mind as they stared up while shaking their heads.

The only other two that had arrived at the fourth level were Elevora and Yonda. They hadn't expected someone else to go up this quickly.


In a flash, three days had gone by....



A ma.s.sive water pressure pushed a short guy in tank top and shorts back downwards.

He stared up with an unyielding expression where a transparent red floating body of water could be seen.

'I will get to the fifth level no matter what!' He swore internally while charging upwards again.


Waving his arms downwards, his body ascended across the oasis with speed.


Only for him to be met with another hindering force. The waters right before the fifth level was so dense that no matter how much he tried, he couldn't break through it.

Elevora, Sheila, Vin, Abestos and Endric who were all floating in the fourth level further below, looked upwards for a bit before resuming their meditation.

They paid no heed to Yonda who had been trying to get into the fifth level for the past day.

Abestos shook his head with a slight expression of pity, 'If he spent more time channeling his bloodline rather than trying to get into the fifth level, he would have progressed farther by now,'

The others seemed contented with this level of speed and remained focus on channeling their bloodline, knowing they would get good results from it regardless.

'How did that muppet do it? He got in so easily,' Yonda thought as he recalled just how easy Gustav leapt into the fifth level.

He had already tried the same thing from outside the oasis but the pillar of water extending upwards was extremely hard at level five.

The instant he made contact with the outside walls of water, he got blasted backwards with force.


The ground opened up in the next instant shooting out a blinding light and they both disappeared.

After disappearing, E.E s.h.i.+fted out of his hiding place and was about to approach the exact spot the two culprits were positioned initially when...


An invisible figure sped across and disappeared into the distance along with him.

A blast of wind scattered across the vicinity but the sources were unseen.


"Why did you stop me from heading there?" E.E questioned after they had gotten quite a distance from the initial location.

"There could be hidden cams... we'd be uncovering ourselves if we actively approached that area after what had happened despite using a different ident.i.ty," Gustav voiced out.

"Hmm, did you check?" E.E inquired.

"We've pa.s.sed that location before during the day while we were scouring the slums... and no I didn't spot anything out of place. I made sure to observe using my abilities yet I didn't uncover anything..." Gustav purposely said every word firmly so E.E could understand.