The Bloodline System - Chapter 1137 Entering The Fifth Level

Chapter 1137 Entering The Fifth Level

Chapter 1137 Entering The Fifth Level

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"There's a beam in the middle?" Angy voiced with an expression of confusion.

"That's not a beam... that is still a part of the oasis," Gustav replied.

"Huh? How..." Angy was about to ask again when the MBO officers ahead explained.

"The oasis have different level of effectiveness which is also represented by the floating pieces of rocks around it," The officer by the left voiced out.

"The further up you go, the more the effectiveness of the oasis. However, it is advisable not to go beyond the fourth level for Mixedbloods below the Delta Rank," The other officer explained.

"Why not?" Falco questioned.

"Mixedbloods lower than the Delta rank will feel too much pressure bearing on their bloodline channels which might cause the channels to burst, causing the mixedblood to lose their power and return to the Zulu rank," The officer responded.

"Ths effectiveness is quadrupled at that height but so is the pressure," The other officer added.

Everyone Besides Gustav had looks of astonishment after hearing that.

They stared at the pillar of water extending from the stream below straight up. The pillar of water extending up turned into a different color the higher it extended.

"Seven levels and we can't go beyond the fourth," Aildris mumbled.

At the fifth level the pillar of water was starting to look reddish but was still transparent. However, from the sixth level it was pure red with no transparency. The seventh level above, glowed a bright and crimson color. It looked similar to blood.

The first level was the stream itself where everyone could soak in without issues.

"We'll leave no so you all won't be disturbed,"

"Be careful,"

The two officers voiced out after arriving at the bottom of the mountain.

Everyone voiced out their appreciation and bid farewell to them before moving further ahead.

"I can already feel my bloodline energy stirring up," Teemee said with a tone of fascination.

"Same here... the air itself makes my bloodline channel faster," Abestos voiced out.

"With this, I should at least reach the second or third step of Kilo," Phinx said with a slightly delighted expression.

"I will reach the third step and defeat Gustav! The captain position will be mine!" Yonda stated.

"Not a chance," Everyone voiced at the same time.

"Tch," Yonda expression turned sour.

"Give it up man, just focus on getting stronger," Fildhor said while patting Yonda on the back.

Vera moved forward and began removing her clothes.

"Eh? Eh? Eh?"

"Ah not here Vera!"

Ria and Falco faces burned up as they voiced out.

"Hmm?" Vera paused for a bit before completely unb.u.t.toning her MBO uniform.

Some of the guys had covered their faces with their hands.

"I have a swim suit," Vera voiced out.

"Ohhh," Falco hand dropped after hearing this.

Vera had a greenish swim suit underneath which complemented her hair color and slightly lifeless eyes.

The other girls giggled upon seeing the reaction of the boys and took off their clothes as well before jumping into the stream.

"A marvellous sight to behold indeed," E.E voiced with a smile.


He felt a push from behind and before he knew what was happening, his body had already blasted forward.

"You MF..."


A loud splas.h.i.+ng sound rang out as he landed in the stream right beside Elevora.

E.E quickly pushed his head out of the water before he could drown. Elevora who was right beside him with a yellow swimsuit began chuckling upon seeing his expression.

"You can laugh?" E.E voiced with an expression of disbelief.

Elevora turned to the side quickly while E.E added, "Looks good on you... you should definitely smile more,"

Elevora had a slight blush on her cheek as she slowly descended into the water.

"As for my revenge..." E.E snapped his fingers.


A vortex appearead right behind the culprit who happened to be Falco.

"Huh?" It was too late for Falco to react as he turned around in the process of the Vortex swallowing him up.


He reappeared from a vortex above the stream and fell strictly into the oasis.

The group was jolly as they moved into the stream one after the other while laughing and chatting.

Gustav only had a black shorts on at this time as he stared at the stream.

Everyone was already in except for him.

He slowly raised his head. If one followed his sight, they'd see that he was staring at the ascending pillar of water in the middle of the stream.

It seemed to be swirling with a compelling torrent of energy.

"Yo Gus! Get in!"

A yell was heard from within the stream.

"See you guys after one week," Gustav voiced out in response before leaping.


Everyone eyes widened as Gustav's body ascended above the fourth level instantly.


A mixture of splas.h.i.+ng and sizzling sound rang out as Gustav's entered the fifth level which had a transparent red coloring.

"Wasn't the fifth level off limits?"

"What the h.e.l.l is he doing?"

Some of them instantly went bonkers upon seeing Gustav enter the fifth level.

"We need to inform the guides and get him out of there!" Matilda yelled while jumping out of the oasis first level.

'Guys I'm fine. Focus on increasing your strength.' Everyone heard the soothing voice or Gustav in their minds.

"Did you guys hear that too...?" Rosalin voiced out.

"We did," Falco confirmed.

"Oh good, i thought I was hearing things," Abestos sighed in relief.

"Well technically, you were,"

The group was a bit startled at first but after hearing Gustav's voice in their mind, they relaxed.

'It is Gustav after all,' E.E, Aildris, Falco and the others had this thought in mind.

Meanwhile, the others were still reeling in shock and wondering if the officers earlier gave them wrong information.

'How is he still fine, despite staying in a level that is dangerous for Mixedbloods below the Delta rank?'

Some of them wondered if Gustav had already achieved the Delta rank. However, they knew this wasn't the case since they only sensed the rank of a first step Kilo from him earlier.

"I am heading higher... I will reach the fifth level too," Yonda decided as he moved towards the middle where the pillar of water could be seen.

Everyone had no idea that the last time Gustav visited this place, he had stopped at level four.

He rose through the levels one after the other, getting used to the feeling of meditating and channeling his bloodline within each one of them.

Stopping at the fourth level the last time meant, bloodline channeling would be slower for him than the last time which was why he immediately headed for the fifth level.

The first level of the oasis felt like being wrapped by comfort. Every cell in a mixedblood body would feel like it was getting exclusive treatment.

Channeling bloodline there was four times faster than normal.

The second level was where a mixedblood would start to feel a little strain but it was barely noticeable. Bloodline Channeling speed at this level was eight times faster than normal.

From the third level, it became very noticeable but the pressure felt within was something any Falcon to Echo rank could handle. Channeling speed was sixteen times faster at this point.

At the fourth level it became a matter of how powerful one's pain tolerance was. Staying within this level was accompanied by the feeling of one's insides getting crushed.

Not only was bloodline channeling thirty two times faster but, it also automatically strengthened the durability of a mixedblood.

Channeling here for a week was no different from channeling in the outside world for a year. This was how Gustav easily got to the Kilo rank.

At the fifth level which Gustav was just trying out for the first time, he could feel a pressure on his internal organs.

His veins threatened to explode as well and overall an invisible weight bored upon his mental state. However, one of the good parts about being in the fifth level was, channeling speed was hundred times faster.

This wasn't the only good part... The oasis also channeled a mixedblood blooodline automatically and there was a high chance of bloodline grade increment.


Gustav proceeded to squat.

He placed a hand on his left eye and placed the other on the ground before activating an ability.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

"All seeing vision of the night..." Gustav muttered as his eyes changed from crimson and green glow into sky blue.

His exposed right eye had entirely turned completely blue.


Gustav's body cranked up like he was having a seizure in the next instant as...


"For now, we observe," Gustav whispered.

"I take dibs on the one 6 'o clock," E.E whispered back before they both seperated and moved to different parts of this demolished building.

Despite the fact that this building was almost completely run down, it still had some higher floors and missing stairways.

The slum touts usually made their way to the upper incompete floors regardless. Some would climb.

This made the upper floors in use as well.

Gustav could already tell that there were over two hundred slum dwellers in this decimated building alone which was most likely very large when it was a complete building.

Now that E.E and Gustav had focused on one of each suspects, they would have to secretly follow these two wherever they went.

For the next three to four hours, both suspects didn't engage in any suspicious acts besides the games that were ongoing in this part of the slums.

They mingled with the others, smoking, frolicking and drinking. Gustav and E.E also pretended to join in with the games they played here.

Gustav secretly activated G.o.d Eyes to scan both suspects and confirmed they weren't Mixedbloods.

The one in a wrapper like cloth had a buzz cut and slight pot belly but that was about it.

While the other one with a tattered brown clothing, was bald and had a tattoo on his inner thigh.