The Bloodline System - Chapter 1136 Miss Aimee Arrival

Chapter 1136 Miss Aimee Arrival

Chapter 1136 Miss Aimee Arrival

The figure stood right in front of her after appearing.

"You know what to do,"

Miss Aimee's avatar nodded and blasted off into the sky in the next instant.


Within a bright conference like room, a projection of seven figures could be seen surrounding a ma.s.sive floating table.

A man in silver colored MBO uniform stood behind on the left side of the table. He looked like a middle aged man but had a horn on one part of his head.

A discussion seemed to have ensued between him and the projection of these seven figures.

"It is yet to be unveiled," Grand commander s.h.i.+on stated.

-"Is the MBO even doing their job?"

One of the projected figures voiced out.

"World Leader Five, this isn't the job of the MBO but the job of all authoritative figures on earth as well. We are unaware if it is a real threat yet," Grand commander s.h.i.+on responded.

-"The energy waves caused a cataclysm on Jupiter and caused Saturn to get become solidified while also moving them out of their original orbital positions... and you say that isn't a threat?"

"And the MBO took measures to put them back in their original position. We are playing our part in trying to figure out what that thing was," Commander s.h.i.+on replied.

-"Not to mention how it caused an earthquake all across the planet despite the barrier," Another of the projected figures voiced.

"It disappeared without a trace. Satellites are unable to detect its presence and some of our technological scanners are unable to sense its energy all across the galaxy..." Commander s.h.i.+on explained.

-"The civilians are worried. We're gonna have to come up with a story for them soon since we still don't know what we're dealing with here,"please visit .

"I suggest going with something simple to avoid planet wide unrest," Commander s.h.i.+on suggested.

-"What is the MBO going to do about this next? Don't tell me you have nothing planned just because the Satellites are unable to detect anything?" World Leader One finally spoke.

"We have sent a team to the appearance point in s.p.a.ce to collect data. Once we have information on what we're dealing with, I shall inform the world leaders," Commander s.h.i.+on stated.

-"Whatever that thing is, we want it neutralisd immediately if it is discovered in the process," Another one of the world leaders voiced out.

"Understood," Grand Commander s.h.i.+on nodded.

-"We shall await the good news,"

After saying this, the projections began to fade. The figures disappeared completely after a couple of moments.


The whole place turned silent for a bit as Commander s.h.i.+on seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

"Commander s.h.i.+on," A feminine voice pulled him out of his reverie.

"Huh?" He quickly turned around with a startled expression as he hadn't expected anyone to get this close to him without his awareness.

"Aimee?" He voiced with a tone of surprise as he stared at the feminine figure in white outfit before him.

She gave off a celestial aura as she stepped forward.

Grand commander s.h.i.+on felt it made senae now since no ordinary person would be able to get this close to him without his knowledge.

"What are you doing here?" He questioned.

"You know why I'm here," Miss Aimee replied.

"The giant eye?" Grand commander s.h.i.+on felt this could be the only reason she would just pop by his place without prior notice.

"It appeared right beside my planet..." Miss Aimee voiced in response.

"...That means you were right next to it?" Commander s.h.i.+on felt this would help bring in more information since Miss Aimee was closer.

"It was but it disappeared too quickly... I was unable to engage it in any form," Miss Aimee replied.

"The whole planet was plunged into unrest... Do you know what it is or its purpose for appearing?" Commander s.h.i.+on questioned.

"No," She replied.

"Hmm, I sent a team to the location where it appeared. Maybe they will be able to discover something," Grand commander s.h.i.+on stated.

"That is a waste of time. They won't discover anything," Miss Aimee voiced out.


"I've tried, there is nothing. Not a single trace was left. It doesn't matter what technology they use, they won't be able to uncover anything," Miss Aimee bluntly shut down any hopes Great commander s.h.i.+on had initially.

Great commander s.h.i.+on let out a heavy sigh as he stepped back and sat on the table with a contemplative look.

"What do we do?" He questioned.

"That thing... it appeared like it had always been there and disappeared like it never existed. It gives off a presence unlike nothing I have ever felt before," Miss Aimee disclosed.

"What? It didn't travel across s.p.a.ce to that point? It just suddenly appeared?" Great commander s.h.i.+on questioned with a look of disbelief.

"Yes. I didn't sense spatial energy either. Also, it is at least eight times the size of Earth's sun. Spatial travel for such a ma.s.sive ent.i.ty is practically impossible," Miss Aimee stated her a.n.a.lysis.

"You said it gave off a presence like nothing you have ever felt... how exactly did it feel?" Great Commander s.h.i.+on inquired.

"Powerful... unfathomable... choking... overbearingly powerful..."

Grand commander s.h.i.+on's face went from intrigued to disbelief and then shock in a couple of moments.

He understood how much powerful miss Aimee had become and realised that for her to be giving this sort of description, meant none of them on earth would be able to withstand being in the presence of that ma.s.sive eye.

"But it's just a eye..." Great commander s.h.i.+on couldn't help but mutter.

"That's why it cannot be just an eye... we have to find out what it is and get rid of it," Miss Aimee pointed out.

"Get rid of it? We don't know if it is an enemy yet," Great commander s.h.i.+on responded.

"I want to uncover all the necessary details about it but incurring the wrath of an ent.i.ty that puts fear in you of all people's heart is not something that I think would be in the best interests of earth," Great commander s.h.i.+on stated.

"Don't be a coward. That thing is nothing good I can guarantee that. Just because earth was unscathed this time doesn't mean the same scenario will play out next time," Miss Aimee voiced with a tone of coldness as her eyes squinted.

"We still don't know what we're dealing with," Commander s.h.i.+on responded.

"I will kill that thing before it can cause harm to everything I hold dear and you will help me with the support of Earth," Miss Aimee stated with an authoritative tone.


An aircraft could be seen slowly descending from the sky towards the top of a ma.s.sive mountain with the statue of a bird above.

The bird was looking like a Eagle but with very long talons which was bigger than a full grown adult.

The bird itself was a structure of its own and guards could be seen all across the vicinity.

Upon touching down, a group of twenty filed out from the aircraft one after the other.

Two MBO officers who were already awaiting their descent, began to slowly lead them down the mountain path on the east side.

"If we were headed for the bottom of the mountain, why didn't we just get off at the bottom?" Ria wondered out loud as they slowly made their way down.

"Because the security measures put in place will destroy the aircraft.


dwellers who seemed to be living very frivolously.

"Where are the ones you said were suspicious?" Gustav questioned as he tried to hide the expression of disgust he felt deep down.

"Your six o clock... the one with the brown clothing and your two o clock, the one with a wrapper like cloth," E.E whispered.

"Hmm," Even without turning around to stare in their direction, Gustav could make out their entire appearance using his perception.

"Now that you mention it... they do seem kind of suspicious," Gustav stated.

"Did you notice it?" E.E questioned.

"The mud smeared on part of their body... it doesn't seem particularly old. It's barely noticeable but if they had been on the slums for a very long time, it would look a bit different," Gustav was finally taking note.

"I didn't notice that but what I did notice was, they act like they frequent this place a lot but if they did I would have seen them before... I have never seen them. This used to be the den of my brother's gang and it became like this after he pa.s.sed. I know every single person that frequents this place and since they're adults, I would have seen them before as well but I haven't.

Secondly, the one sitting two o clock, was holding the cards wrongly... The one six o clock was observing the environment while trying to act like he's asleep," E.E listed out.

"I did notice he wasn't asleep but I didn't find him suspicious... you're right these two definitely need to be observed," Gustav whispered back.