The Bloodline System - Chapter 1133 Activating Self Destruct

Chapter 1133 Activating Self Destruct

Chapter 1133 Activating Self Destruct

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter






Seconds earlier, the system began to go bunkers after the appearance of the ma.s.sive eye.

"What is it?" Gustav questioned repeatedly but didn't get an answer.




[Activating self destruct!]

"What?" Gustav eyes widened as this notification appeared in his line of sight.

"What are you doing? Stop!" Gustav yelled out while seated on a sky sc.r.a.pper.

[Self destruct in 10...]


"Hey! Stop it! System!"




"System! Have you gone crazy!?"



"s.h.i.+t!" Gustav cursed as his brain frantically worked on a way of handling the situation.

'Endangering myself isn't gonna work since the system is practically Activating self destruct...'

'Nothing like Electromagnetic charges will be effective since the system is not a that kind of technologi... s.h.i.+t... i also can't reach into myself to do anything like a manual override since it's physical existence is inexistent ...'

More than a million different thoughts were popping up in his mind within a couple of milliseconds time frame.

"Activate dash..."

"Activate Lightning Blitz..."


The countdown continued uninterrupted.

Gustav also tried multiple means besides activating a system ability but every single one of them proved abortive since the existence of the system was one that had never been seen before.

Till this day Gustav was still had very little knowledge about the system despite how long they had been bonded to one another.


'Will I die when it self destructs or will only the system disappears?' This was amongst the myriad of thoughts appearing in Gustav's mind.

Just as the last second arrived, a plan that might work amongst the millions of thoughts he had conjured, popped in his mind.


'I hope this works!' Gustav's face turned completely serious as he thought.

However, just as he was about to activate what he had in mind which was related with his Cosmic Superiority, the eye in the sky suddenly disappeared.

[Self Destruct Deactivated]

Gustav's face began to soften as he slowly returned to his calm state.

[System Has Returned To Full Operational Capacity]

Gustav stared at the sky, straight in the direction where the eye had appeared initially with a suspicious look.

He had now confirmed that whatever appeared was responsible for the system going bonkers just as he suspected earlier.

"Hey system... what the h.e.l.l was that?" Gustav questioned with a calm but wary tone.

("Don't ask questions... you don't wanna know,") The system voiced sounded a bit metallic at first before returning to its usual tone.

"Don't play dumb! Just a while ago you were about to self destruct... tell me what that thing was and stop keeping secrets d.a.m.nit!" For the first time Gustav was truly getting p.i.s.sed at the system as he voiced out

("Relax... if I were to self destruct you'd be fine. I'd be gone but you'd be fine,") The system clarified.

"That doesn't explain anything," Gustav stated.

("So long as you're alive there is nothing to worry about,")

"Stop dodging the d.a.m.n question,"

("It's gone anyways so i'm good... weren't you worried aboutme?")

"So the eye truly had something to do with you going bonkers... you cannot keep hiding things from me. Tell me what it was,"

("And i don't intend to hide things forever. It is just not the right time,")

"I've been hearing that for years... I'm sick of it! When is it ever gonna be the right time?" Gustav wasn't backing down on this subject.

Despite the earth barrier protecting the earth from the strange wave of energy that spread across the galaxy upon the appearance of the earth, Gustav very much sensed the maliciousness and sinister feeling it gave off.

("Did you forget that early revelation would bring about cause and effect earlier than intended?") The system reminded.

"Am i suppose to wait till the problem is right at my doorstep before finding a way to take card of it?" Gustav questioned.

("That is why you are being prepared... you already know all of these tasks and quests are not for nothing. Everything that has happened so far is in accordance to guide you towards the right path to achieving success in your future endeavours,") The system voiced lengthily.

"Am i supposed to battle whatever that eye is or what?" Gustav questioned while raising his eyebrows.

("No that is nothing compared to what is coming...") The system replied with a cryptic tone.

Gustav; "..."

"The only hint i can give you is, what had just happened today is one of the five premonitions,") The system added.

"Five premonitions? Does that mean four more similar events will take place in the future?" Gustav questioned.

("No, expect differences... I can't say anymore than that except, our time is running out,") The system replied.

"Occurrences that can mess with your functionality... the maliciousness and outburst of aura it spread across s.p.a.ce that caused the entire earth to quake despite the barrier protection..." Gustav could tell, he would be dealing with no ordinary existences in the future.

If the earth didn't have a barrier, the entire planet would have sustained more damage just from its gaze alone.

He couldn't deny that at the moment he was not only curious but also on edge. Gustav had acc.u.mulated quite the strength since he started this journey but he knew he was still a bit far from reaching the pinnacle of power.

"No matter how much the authorities investigate they will never be able to find out anything about this," Gustav could already tell they would be hitting dead end with their investigations.

He would have to carry the cross alone for now and find out more about the whole situation before he could include anyone.

"Endric..." His mind suddenly drifted to Endric at the moment.

"He should know more about the situation,"

However, Gustav recalled Endric had not returned and his fake was still walking around pretending to be him.

"We leave for Flalencia in a little over one week for IYSOP... I'm sure he is aware that there's barely any time left so he should be returning soon," Gustav thought out loud.

("You intend to question him about the eye?") The system already knew where Gustav was going with this.

"Doesn't matter to you since you keep hiding things," Gustav responded before leaping off the skyc.r.a.pper.


His body traveled in an arc above Plankton City as he stared at the beautifully structured roads as wdll as the teleportation rings and cirlcles down there.

In the past, the ground would be his means of transportation but three years later he's cutting across the sky in high speed.

Gustav was currently heading back to the MBO tower since he had only left for a bit to clear his head after he arrived with the others from the IYSOP training area today.

The sudden occurrence was something no one had expected to happen.

The ma.s.sive screens in the city which were initially displaying the IYSOP candidates and information about the upcoming compet.i.tion, were now broadcasting the current situation.

The image of the eye which had circulated across the media was now being broadcasted by media outlets too.

Gustav squinted his eyes as he leapt from place to place across the rooftops of the city skysc.r.a.pers while staring at the news display.

"Hmm?" He suddenly spotted something while his body was flying across the air.

[Hover Has Been Activated]

He activated hover to pause his movement in mid air as he stared down.

In a particular street within Plankton City some structures were to undergo rebuilding which was causing to currently get demolished.

Construction workers and a couple of worker droids could be seen moving about the area.

However, the exact thing that had caught Gustav's attention was an item within one of the half way demolished structures.

He could see that there were other items placed outside the partly demolished structure so as to prevent them from getting destroyed but thjs particular item was abandoned inside.

They didn't care if it was destroyed or not.


A loud mechanical sound rang out as a ma.s.sive steel like platform descended upon the half way demolished structure in a bid to crush it completely.


At this point, Gustav swooped down with intense speed arriving right underneath the ma.s.sive metallic platform.


A heavy sound of collision rang out accompanied with sneaky sounds as the platform was stopped.

It seemed it was struggling to descend further which caused the construction workers to display looks of confusion.

Gustav who was right underneath the ma.s.sive metallic structure which shadow had covered the entire vicinity, slowly pushed upwards with his left hand.

The platform began to forcefully elevate while he stared at the tub in front of him which bore multiple lines of cracks.

A smile appeared on Gustav's face as he pushed the flat surfaced metallic platform up completely before reaching to grab the tub.

-"Who the h.e.l.l is that?"

-"Did he just casually lift the crusher with a single hand?"

-"What the heck!? That thing weighs almost a miilion pounds,"

The construction workers in the vicinity had already sighted him from outside the range of the crusher and witnessed Gustav lifting the platform.