The Bloodline System - Chapter 1132 The Appearance Of An Unfathomable Existence

Chapter 1132 The Appearance Of An Unfathomable Existence

Chapter 1132 The Appearance Of An Unfathomable Existence

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


Gustav could have made use of his speed to get back to the temporary base but he decided to just go back with them.

He wouldn't mind a free ride after expending a lot of his energy today.

It was quite crazy how yesterday he was thousand of miles away trying to save the lives of millions and today he was here where almkst a million lives had been lost.

The MBO and the government didn't really care about the death toll so long as the Genxodus members had been eradicated.

The devastation of the city was something they already saw coming but not with the multiple twists that left them with dead officers as well.

It had been a crazy couple of days.

If there was one thing Gustav was glad about, it was the fact this would truly spell a end to the Genxodus.

One of his major plans was to deal with them before he left for IYSOP.

Gustav soon arrived at the temporary base with the other officers and instantly went to meet the commanders.

Angy was really worried upon getting briefed about what had happened so far but Aildris calmed her.

"It's Gustav... he'll be fine,"

"I hope so," Angy replied.

"He's the reason the operation is a success so I don't think they can truly do anything to him," Matilda voiced from the side as well.

"He also has a teacher who is now a literal G.o.ddess," Teemee who had long regained consciousness added.

"Mehn I wish I had a bada.s.s teacher too," E.E smacked his lips as he voiced out.

"Perv," Matilda stated.

"Wanna be my teacher, Mat?" E.E raised an eyebrow as he rubbed his palms together.

"Don't be creepy man," Teemee smacked E.E from behind.

"Come man lighten up, you're still sore from getting your a.s.s knocked out," E.E voiced out.

"Hahaha," Matilda began laughing along with everyone else.

"Tch," Teemee threw Ria a glare.

"By the way, why has Falco not returned?" Angy inquired.

"Gustav asked him to stay there," Aildris responded.

"Oh, what about our wager with the other squad?" Angy questioned as she recalled they had a kind of compet.i.ton with another squad.

They were gonna compare who captured the highest number of Genxodus members.

"They are all dead," Elevora answered from the side.

"Their squad was a.s.signed to the upper district... they all got caught in the bloodline dampening roots," She explained but didn't explain how she knew.

"Ooof too bad," Teemee muttered.

"That means we won though... it's not like the dead can compete," E.E added.

"...I guess you're right," Teemee and the others didn't even know how to feel about this.

Should they be celebrating or feeling bad for the deaths of their fellow officers.

"At least all the slum people survived," A smile hung on E.E's face as he spoke.

The MBO had helped with bringing the slum dwellers back to their original location in the slums.

Currently, they were also helping them feed as well. Gustav had already promised he would help so E.E wasn't too worried about how the slum dwellers would turn out.


"They ticked me off... besides, you should be thanking me not pointing accusing fingers again," Gustav voiced with a calm tone while speaking in the control room.

"You should be thanking us that we are not deranking you," Commander Colt stated.

"Don't act like you have the power to," Gustav responded with an unbothered tone.

"You... you..." Commander Colt finger trembled in anger as he pointed it at Gustav.

"I will make sure you get deranked!" He yelled out.

"You are welcome to try," Gustav wasn't in the least bothered. He wasn't in the MBO to climb to the highest ranks after all. He just wanted resoruces and power.

"Calm down commander Colt, let us all be civil here," Commander Darmark voiced out.

"If that is all, I will be taking my leave," Gustav stated.

"Officer Crimson, we will still be needing your report," Commander Shuri voiced out.

"Sure, once I catch the main leader you lots will have it," Gustav replied before walking out of the control room.

"He is way too," Commander Shuri voiced out.

"If you were that talented and managed to take down a terrorist organisation almost single handedly, I bet you would be way c.o.c.kier," Commander Darmark voiced in response.

"I suggest you two try to make him an accomplice instead of antagonising him..." He added.


-(Three Weeks Later)

In the far reaches of the intergalactic s.p.a.ce, a planet thrice the size of earth orbited around a ma.s.sive sun.

A lady in all white flowing robes floated in mid s.p.a.ce right in between the ma.s.sive sun and the planet.

The sun was more than two hundred million kilometers away from the planet but the heat it radiated was still intense, considering it was bigger than Earth's sun.

A bright and ethereal glow oozed forth from the lady floating in s.p.a.ce, causing the heat radiating from the sun to reduce before it reached the planet.

The sun began to s.h.i.+ft further from the planet for what seemed to be the longest period of time before it stopped.

The beautiful lady with a ash colored hair slowly opened her eyes after a while.

"Now that it is outside the milky way, there won't be anymore issues," She muttered as she stared at her planet with a caring gaze.

"I can finally create a place where supernatural abilities doesn't exist... no mixedbloods, no powers, nothing..." She felt elated while saying this.

She turned to stare at a particular direction in s.p.a.ce where stars glittering in the distance could be seen.

Some of these stars were actually planets but too distant so they looked like stars.

"I should pay him a visit, it has been almost six months now," She worded before decided to head back into her planet's...o...b..t first.

All of a sudden she felt a strange and unknown force awaken in this part of s.p.a.ce.



An enormously bizarre and pitch black eye suddenly opened up on the far east side of her planet in s.p.a.ce.

It sent forth an outworldly energy upon its appearance that sent a strange vibe all across the milky way galaxy.


Miss Aimee's face turned serious as she stared in the direction of this eye. She had never felt anything like this in her entire lifetime.

It sent timbers down her spine which was something that had never happened to her before irrespective of how powerful an enemy was compared to her.

This eye that had just opened up was four times more ma.s.sive than her the sun she created and she was literally a spec of dust compared to it.

Her planet was like a ant before despite being three times larger than Earth. Miss Aimee didn't know what this was but it certainly didn't give her a good feeling so she knew it was definitely the the opposite of good.

"What are you?" She muttered while the glow she emitted increased intensely.

Miss Aimee was definitely not someone that would back down in the face of adversity. Her outburst of energy caused ripples to travel across s.p.a.ce as stars were s.h.i.+fted from their initial position.

She drew the attention of the ma.s.sive eye which proceeded to s.h.i.+ft its eyeball in her direction.


Staring directly at her, Miss Aimee could feel the sheer intensity of just its gaze.

However in the next instant...


The eye closed up and phased back out of existence like it never appeared in the first place.

Miss Aimee figure blurred as she charged forward and arrived at the exact location in s.p.a.ce where the eye had appeared.

Unfortunately, there was not a single trace of it. The strange energy it sent across the galaxy had also faded away.

"What was that?" Miss Aimee questioned softly.

Anything that could make even her feel chills at her current level of strength was definitely something no mixedblood would be able to handle.

This made her worried as she turned to stare in the direction of earth once more.


On earth...


A loud tremor traveled across earth, as it quaked for over a minute.

The entire planet was affected by an unknown wave of energy that had suddenly hit the earth barrier while traveling across s.p.a.ce.

"Is that... An eye?" The entire planet was suddenly plunged into a state of chaos as some earthlings spotted a large eye deep in the sky.

Of course not every part of earth was able to spot this but every part of earth was affected by the quake.

The eye disappeared just as quickly as it appeared but some of the people that saw it took a picture and circulated it across the Internet.

This caused the earth to go into a higher state of panic as the citizens quickly called on the world government to look into the situation.


Gustav who was just returning to Plankton City at the time, after training with his teammates for the past three weeks paused in place after spotting the eye in the sky.