The Bloodline System - Chapter 1134 Sea Of Corpses

Chapter 1134 Sea Of Corpses

Chapter 1134 Sea Of Corpses

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter



Gustav got out of there with the tub in his grasp which caused the construction workers to stare at him even more shockingly.

-"That's... Gustav Crimson,"

Now they recognised him since he was closer. However, before any of them could approach, Gustav leapt into the air and flew off.

In an instant, he had disappeared into the far skies.

The workers and everyone in the vicinity were still at loss as to what would cause such a scenario but there was no one to answer all the questions in their mind.


"What the h.e.l.l are you doing with a old bathroom tub?" Falco questioned upon spotting Gustav carrying a large tub into the MBO tower.

"This tub here has been my buddy during difficult times. I consider it a relic of the past which serves as a worthy reminder of the old times to me," Gustav responded while heading towards the teleportation elevator with it.

The MBO offivers in the vicinity stared in his direction weirdly as they spotted the tub he was carrying.

"Ehnn... I don't get it," Falco stated in response while following Gustav.

"You don't have to," Gustav replied.

Falco slightly rubbed his face before deciding not to give it much thought.

"The others are on the 628th floor in the cafeteria discussing what just happened," Falco disclosed.

"I'll meet you guys once I drop this off," Gustav felt he should have dropped this off at his house instead but they just got here.

He decided to keep it in a room here in the meantime till they left the MBO tower.


Chattsr! Chattsr! Chatter!

Within a restaurant like vicinity sounds of discussion could be heard all over the place. Some people had occupied tables where they sat and ate while chatting. Others were still trying to get something to eat.

The attention of hundreds of people within the vicinity seemed to be drawn to a particular area where three large tables were joined together. A group of seventeen sat around the three tables minding their business as they seemed to be chatting.

However, everyone in the vicinity could not help but glance in their area multiple times and even chatted about this group which seemed to be popular.

-"That's them..."

-"The highest ranked amongst them is said to be Sheila,"

-"Sheila? But she looks like the youngest?"

"She's a peak kilo ranked at such a young age,"

-"Abestos is just right after her,"

-"I hear Angy is fastest mixedblood of the young generation,"

? -"They all seem so powerful though, looks like we really have a high chance of winning the IYSOP,"

-"But three of them are missing, where is Gustav?"

Mutters could also be heard across the place.

A few momemts later, a youngster with white hair walked into the cafeteria. He also drew everyone's attention as he moved towards the sitting position of the group of seventeen.

-"Falco, where is he?" Angy questioned upon his arrival.

"He went to drop something off... don't bother asking what... but yeah he should be here soon," Falco replied.

"Your hair has been getting quite dark lately... it might get difficult to tell the difference between you and Dark Falco if it turns completely black," Teemee voiced with a contemplative expression.

This had been happening since after the operation to get rid of the Genxodus. The operation had ended in success and they even later caught the main leader of the Genxodus.

However, it was still a day everyone would never forget especially for Falco. He was supposed to have lost his life as well but he still hadn't figured out how he plunged himself into an unfathomable scenario.

Dark Falco had been a lot silent since then so he still hadn't gotten answers.

"Dark Falco is noisy and can't go a second without calling someone a low life so I'm pretty sure we would," E.E replied before Falco could.

"I guess you're rightt," Teemee mumbled.

"Where is Endric?" Sheila questioned.

"Didn't he say he was going to the bathroom?" Matilda chimed in.

"Its been two hours already," Sheila voiced with a concerned tone.

"You sure are attentive when it comes to Endric," Angy stated with a suspicious look.

"He is my husband to be," Sheila said before pouting.

"He is thirteen you vile pedophile," Vin responded from the side.

"Age is just a number," Sheila placed her hands on her cheeks while fantasising with a look of delight.

"She's a lost cause,"


"Certainly a nutcase,"

"We should tell Gustav,"

Everyone nodded or commented while glaring at Sheila.

"Tell me what?"

Everyone turned their faces to the sides as they heard a familiar voice.


"How did you get here?"

"No one saw you come in?"

They voiced oit with tones of surprise.

"Because you guys weren't paying enough attention and I tested out an upgraded ability," Gustav replied to them as he took a seat.

He noticed that the only person missing on this table out of their group was Endric.

'Where did the fake go?' He wondered internally.

"Brother in law, where is my husband?" Sheila asked from the side.

"Don't call me that," Gustav stated.

"Brother in law, brother in law, brother in law, brother in law," Sheila began poking Gustav's face from the other end of the table as she called out repeatedly.

Gustav grabbed hold of her finger and glared at her with a cold look.

"Brother in law," She donned a wide smile as she called out once more, ignoring his death stare.


Vin knocked on Sheila's head from the side before voicing out, "Behave yourself,"

"Tch, you're no fun Vin," She voiced before pulling her finger back and slopping down her chair.

"We'll be heading to the Oasis tomorrow for the one week meditation," Gustav announced.

"Yosh, they finally approved?" E.E said with a look of excitement.

"Hnm," Gustav nodded.

"You all know it is closed to the rest of the world not just because of how potent its waters are but because its effects reduce upon usage. A day will come when the oasis will no longer exist if Mixedbloods are allowed to entry which is why it is a rare treasure to the entire earth," Gustav added.

"So they only let us cos we are Earth's IYSOP candidates?" Ria questioned.

"Obviously," Teemee responded.

"They only allow a single mixedblood to occupy the oasis once in every ten years," Falco disclosed.

"Since I was allowed in recently, they shouldn't be letting anyone in for the next ten years but fortunately for us, we get to have the place to ourselves for a week before we head out of planet for IYSOP," Gustav disclosed.

Every single team member had looks of excitement on their faces after they heard Gustav announce this even though some of them still didn't like him.

They never knew there would be a time in their livelihood where they would be given access to the oasis. It was truly a dream come true.


Within a ma.s.sive medieval city with a dome surrounding it and ice chunks falling from the sky, a teenage boy with curly hair stood in the middle of what seemed to be a battlefield.

It couldn't even be called a battlefield anymore since it seemed like a one sided slaughter had occurred here.


A violent and invisible line slashed through the air and decapitated a group of twenty. Blood jetted out like a fountain, painting the cold iced ground with red.

As heads rolled, bodies also piled. Destructiveness spread across the city and houses were collapsed as well.

The teenage boy with black curly hair had a blood soaked body with his eyes hung low as he stepped forward slowly. His face was expressionless but his gaze b.l.o.o.d.y sharp.

His knees weakened after taking a few steps but not because of physical tiredness.


He fell to his knees as he placed his hand on the pool of blood he had showered the city in. He slowly raised his hands with an expression of craziness as tears gathered in his eyes.

"Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!" He yelled out with an intense feeling of emptiness and pain.


The ice on the grounds cracked as a wave of energy blasted forth from his figure and destroyed more of the structures in the vicinity.

krrrryhhhhchhkkk! CRAs.h.!.+

Cras.h.i.+ng sounds rang out as he kept screaming for close to thirty seconds.

"Hahahahahahahahaha!" He suddenly began laughing like a depraved lunatic as he picked himself up and resumed walking again.

He was stepping on a path of corpses as he moved forward with a lifeless look.

Suddenly, a corpse covered in blood far behind, rose to its feet.

"I... trusted... you... ENDRIC!" A weak feminine voice rang out.

Endric's suddenly paused his footsteps as he slowly turned around to stare at the seven feet tall figure who was covered in a cracked armor.

The muscular female figure had lots of holes in her outfit which was drenched in blood. The origibal color of the armor was unknown due to it being blood soaked.

"You... you... you... betrayed me..." She struggled to voice out as she held her belly region.