The Bloodline System - Chapter 1131 High Death Toll

Chapter 1131 High Death Toll

Chapter 1131 High Death Toll

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"Send word to the reinforcements surrounding the upper district... tell them to bring back the captured member and leaders and also escort Officer Crimson back to this base," Commander Colt yelled.

The operators in the control room nodded as they got to work.


Within the upper district, Gustav stood in place as his body bloated and turned greenish.


He stomped his feet on the ground and the cage surrounding the upper district began to open up.


The ground quaked lightly as the iro silk walls rescinded.

in a couple of seconds, the entirety of the walls descended completely and the upper district was open once again.

MBO officers that had surrounded the upper district were visible now. They had formed a circular wall of their own due to their numbers being in the thousand.

Gustav's body slowly returned to normal as he looked around without a morsel of surprise in his expression. He already knew they were there.

The MBO officers were shocked to see the upper district in such a devastating look. It was expected that the whole Aribia City would take a hit from this operation since the Genxodus members would not just back down without a fight.

However, they hadn't expected this much destruction.

A ma.s.sive crater that covered a quarter of the upper district, another large hole in a corner of the upper district, multiple structures with cracks and even some pile of dust in spots that used to contain houses.

Aribia City now looked like a place that had been devastated by war.

'This is the power of mixedbloods and the earth is truly in danger having bore such monstrosities,' The main leader who hid in the other dimensional frequency, thought to himself.

He was even more affirmed that Mixedbloods should be wiped off the face of the earth now or it would lead to destruction.

On the surface, the MBO officers face darkened even more as they spotted pile of corpses scattered across the upper district.

The ashy and dried out looking corpses were clad in MBO uniforms so it was obvious these were the MBO officers who were ensnared in the roots before they could escape the upper district.

There were thousands of corpses like these. The other corpses they could find had incomplete body parts and dried blood could be spotted.

From the briefing they had received, they were sure these were the Genxodus members Gustav had killed. Their faces turned from dark to shocked as they realised more than ten thousand of them were truly slaughtered.

The whole upper district just reeked with blood and lifelessness.

On the bright side, there were human survivors.

The MBO quickly got to work and took the human survivors out of the buildings. Medical MBO agents were already on standby so the moment they rounded them up, the medical agents began their work.

Some of them were grievously injured while others were just shaken up by the whole occurrence.

Around a hundred thousand humans were getting attended to after they had rounded them up.

Despite the high number that were saved, a higher number of civilians had died in this encounter. The death toll was almost a million and more than 90% of those were mixedbloods.

Even highly trained MBO officers had met their demise to the roots so there was no way mixedblood civilians would be able to escape them. 20% of civilians consumed the bloodline dampening seeds after all.

The MBO won this battle due to Gustav yet the losses casted a gloom over the entire region.

MBO officers moved across the place for up to an hour as they scanned for more survivors that may have been buried under the rubble.

They still wondered why there was no longer a trace of the roots whereas the ruckus they had caused was very visible.

They had no idea Gustav had already taken care of that before he brought down the cage covering the upper district. If he had let them be, the roots would spread further and the reinforcements would be ensnared as well.

Some MBO officers who recognised their peers or found someone they knew amongst the dead officers, were in a state of mourning.

"Well, the MBO officers didn't care about slaughtering the innocents who may have consumed the bloodline dampening seeds so I guess they met a fitting end themselves," Gustav said out loud as he watched them work from a rooftop.

"You would have killed them as well if not for the fact that you remained unaffected," Falco scrunched his nose as he voiced out from the side.

"True, which is why I wouldn't be mad if I had met my demise here," Gustav responded.

"Tch, you couldn't even try to lie," Falco clicked his tongue at Gustav's bluntness.

"I would have still tried to save E.E's people though but that is just because of E.E so it doesn't really count," Gustav shrugged.

"Would it..." Falco was about responding when they heard a loud call from below.

"Officer Crimson!"

They both looked down and could spot a bunch of MBO officers walking towards the building they were standing on.

"Officer Crimson we were asked to escort you back to the control room," One of the officers voiced out.

"Those are the people you should escort back," Gustav stated while pointing at the four who were Genxodus leaders and a member below.

"The commanders asked for you to be brought back along with them," The officer replied.

"And if I refuse?" Gustav questioned while squinting his eyed with a menacing look.

"...We'd have no choice but to use force," The officer replied as they surrounded the building.

"Huh? Why are these guys trying to take you back by force?" Falco inquired with a look of confoundment.

"Probably cos I killed more than ten thousand Genxodus members instead of capturing them," Gustav replied with a casual tone.

"Oh alright..." Falco nodded as he folded his arms.

His eyebrows suddenly twitched as he came to a realisation, "You killed over ten thousand of them?" He voiced with with a tone of terror.

"Why are you acting so surprised?" Gustav said while raising an eyebrow.

"Cos you killed over ten thousand you psycho," Falco responded with a bizarre look.

"I've killed hundreds of thousands before, this is nothing in comparison," Gustav shrugged.

"You b.l.o.o.d.y murderer!"

"It wasn't on purpose though,"

"This one was,"

"Yeah cos they deserved to die,"

The MBO officers sights kept traveling from Gustav to Falco and then from Falco to Gustav as the two argued.

"Officer Crimson," One of the officers called out again.

"What?" Falco and Gustav voiced at the same time.

"You are coming with us," The officer responded.

"Not interested," Gustav replied before taking a seat on the rooftop.

"It is insubordination to disobey the command of a superior especially when they are the commanders of the operation," The officer stated.

"I read the MBO guidelines in camp so you don't need to inform me.... however I cannot come with you lots because my work here is not complete," Gustav responded with a cryptic tone.

"We are sorry but we will have to use force now since you have refused to come with us willingly," The officer apologized while gesturing at the others.

"You are welcome to try," Gustav eyes showed a disinterested expression as he remained in place.

Fhooowwmm~ Fhooowwmm~ Fhooowwmm~

The officers activated their bloodline abilities in preparation to attack.

"Hold on," Falco voiced out, causing them to stop.

"Why don't you wanna go with them?" Falco inquired while squatting beside Gustav.

"The main leader... he's still in hiding," Gustav revealed.

Falco eyes widened slightly as he heard that, "Do you mean the main Genxodus leader?"

"Yes, he might show himself once the entire place has returned to tranquility... can't risk missing him. If he escaped, everything would have been for nothing because the Genxodus will definitely recover," Gustav explained.

Falco face lit up with a look of contemplation as he heard this.

"How about this... go with them first, I will keep an eye out and inform you if I notice anything out of place," Falco suggested.

"Keep an eye out on the entire upper district and not just the ma.s.sive hole over there," Gustav instructed while jumping off the building.

"Sure," Falco replied with a nod.

"Let's go," Gustav said to the fellow officers upon landing on the ground.

Two of them moved towards his sides and were about to hold on to his arms when he spoke.

"Did they ask you to treat me like a criminal too?" He questioned.

"This is..." One of them wanted to respond when Gustav interrupted.

"It will be in your best interests to stay away if you don't wanna lose your hands," Gustav threatened.

They arrived before a couple of hover cars lined up and Gustav got in along with them. Some of the officers joined the one he sat in while others followed the ones the Genxodus members were kept.