The Bloodline System - Chapter 1130 Sovereign Of Darkness

Chapter 1130 Sovereign Of Darkness

Chapter 1130 Sovereign Of Darkness

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


"We have asked for reinforcements so we will have more officers surrounding the walls soon to make sure no Genxodus member manages to escape," Commander Darmark gave this final head up before disconnecting.


Within the upper district, a wave of darkness could be seen surrounding a particular vicinity.

This wave of darkness was like a never dying flame of pitch darkness that prevented anything or anyone from coming close.

All the roots in this area had completely given this wave of pitch darkness quite the distance despite sensing that there was a mixedblood within.

They couldn't go near it. There was nothing but empty s.p.a.ce in this area, besides the darkness which was in a stationary state.

'Where am I?'

'What is this?'

A presence within the domain of darkness kept questioning.

It was like this presence both existed and didn't exist at the same time.

'Your body went into survival mode... causing this,' A voice answered the presence.

'Huh? Dark is that you?'

-'Of course you pig! I mean... my king...'

'What do you mean by king? Tell me what exactly this is and how I get out of it?'

-'You are the... I can't say yet but you are already transitioning so you will figure it out soon enough,'

'What do you even mean by that?'

-'Lowlife... i mean king... You're are the one who did this so only you can get out of it,'

'I don't even know what this is? How will I even figure out what to do,'

-'You will have to cos n.o.body... hold on... only he might be able to help...'

'He? He who?'


A loud whoos.h.i.+ng sound rang out and what was heard next was a familiar voice calling out a name.


"You really have a lot of explaining to do," He heard the familiar voice once more.

Outside the area of darkness, Gustav stood in place. He happened to be inspecting the vicinity.

"Well at least, whatever this is, protected you," Gustav muttered as he looked around.

His eyes were glowing a myriad of colors which depicted that G.o.d Eyes were activated.

All of the roots in the vicinity did not dare close in on this area and the darkness had eroded the place it dwelled upon.

Gustav stretched one hand forward and could already feel the erosion and negativity the darkness embodied.

"That's powerful... under normal circ.u.mstances, i won't be able to come near this," Gustav said as he lowered his arm.

("The darkness is super concentrated... it is a domain of its own. If anyone goes in, they are never coming back,") The system chimed in.

"From what I can see, it has different effects... none good," Gustav deactivated G.o.d Eyes at this point.

"Atomic Disintegration alone won't do the job... since it also has effects that go beyond physicality," After determining a bunch of things, Gustav finally activated an ability.

[Ultimate Combination Has Been Activated]

Gustav's body morphed as he increased in size and muscular structure. His skin turned whitish as a single ram horn grew out of his forehead. He reached a height of nine feet as a halo appeared around his head as well as a tail and some crimson markings.


A wave of energy blew across the vicinity, causing the city to began rumbling once more as Gustav activated this ability.

Ultimate Combination had become extremely powerful since Gustav had also increased in strength.

'This should do it,' Gustav thought.

Not only could he feel the immense increase in strength, ultimate combination also embodied a lot of abilities without issues.

The glow surrounding him increased as he began taking steps forward.

The darkness in his path, increased in size and tried to consume his figure but in this state, Gustav was just to powerful for it to truly have effect on him.

Besides the darkness trying to erode him from the inside out, he could also sense negativity as thoughts began to appear in his mind.

However, Gustav was able to bear it and pushed forward into the darkness, emitting light from his figure.

Gustav couldn't imagine how terrible it would have been had he tried infiltrating the darkness without activating ultimate combination.

A couple of seconds later, he arrived before an unconscious body floating a couple of feet above the ground.

"Falco..." Gustav muttered as he stared at the tattoos that had covered his entire body.

Besides that, a crown made of total darkness was floating just a few inches away from Falco's head.

This dark crown was only half constructed, and seemed to still be forming. This left Gustav with a slightly confused expression as he inspected Falco and the half constructed dark crown for a bit.

"Wake up, we gotta go," Gustav voiced out while moving closer to Falco's floating body.

There was no response. Falco remained unconscious.

-"He won't wake till you get him out of the darkness... if he remains here, he will transition completely,"

A voice rang out from Falco figure, yet he remained unconscious.

"Dark Falco? Is that you?" Gustav questioned.

-"What does it matter loser! Tch!" The voice responded.

"Transition completely? What do you mean by that?" Gustav questioned, ignoring Dark Falco's insult.

-"He will become the Sovereign Of Darkness untimely and his adventure with you lowlives will come to an end,"

"Sovereign Of Darkness? What is that?" Gustav questioned once more.

-"If I were to start explaining everything to you, we will be here forever and he will transition you fool! Get him out!" Dark Falco yelled back with a tone of anguish.

"Alright," Gustav went on to grab Falco's body.


Dark matter instantly spread from Falco to Gustav's hand upon making contact.

"What the...?" Gustav let go upon feeling intense pain.

The darkness that had covered his palm and his entire wrist upon the initial contact, slowly rescinded.

-"I may have forgotten to mention that getting him out of here won't be easy," Dark Falco stated.

"I'll be d.a.m.ned..." Gustav couldn't believe that even with Ultimate Combination activated, Falco power still affected him this much.

Gustav braced himself this time as he reached out to grab Falco once more.


The dark matter began spreading again. Gustav quickly turned around and charged forward.


The dark matter spread faster as he sped out of the range of the darkness.

Fortunately, it only took about two seconds for Gustav to get out of the range with Falco.

However, these two seconds were enough for him to be nearly consumed by darkness completely.

Gustav breathed in and out heavily as dark thoughts plagued his mind and his innards were being eroded.

-'You will not succeed,'

-'You are still trash,'

-'The earth will be destroyed along with everyone you love,'

-'You will fail miss Aimee and everyone else,'



Gustav breathed in and out heavily as the thoughts began to subside and the darkness that covered nearly his entire body began to rescind.

Damage had been done to his internal organs but his regeneration was working to restore that from the moment he got out of the vicinity of darkness.

"You definitely have a lot to explain," Gustav voiced out as he deactivated Ultimate Combination.


Gas was released from his body as he reverted to his original look.

Falco's tattoo were rescinding as well and the crown of darkness began fading away. Gustav could tell that he would soon regain consciousness.

"Dark Falco," Gustav tried calling out to Dark Falco multiple times but there was no answer.

He wanted to question him on what Dark Falco mentioned earlier but it looked like Dark Falco was ignoring him.


"Officer Crimson, you finally contacted us," Commander Darmark voiced through the comms.

-"Commanders, the operation has come to a finish. Prepare to evacuate the civilians survivors," Gustav voiced from the other side.

"The Genxodus members have been rounded up?" The commanders all voiced out at the same time with expressions of disbelief.

-"Huh... No," Gustav replied.

"Then what do you mean by the operation has ended?" Commander Colt yelled out.

-"Everyone is dead,"


-"Well, not everyone but I'm sure you already know that these roots were after Mixedbloods right?"

The commanders; "..."

-"So yeah, all mixedbloods are dead now, including MBO officers that were trapped here and civilians. The human civilians are still alive though," Gustav reported.

"How could this be?" Commander Shuri voiced with a devastated tone.

Thousands of MBO officers had lost their lives due to thsi endeavour.

"What about the Genxodus members?" Officer Colt questioned.

-"Twelve thousand six hundred and thirty two Genxodus members... I slaughtered..."

Gustav revelation caused all commanders to open their mouths wide with crazy expressions.

-"On the bright side, I caught four... three of their leaders and left one member alive. You can question those,"

"Officer Crimson..."

-"I'm lowering the walls now,"

The communication was disconnected after this. The commanders looks of shock had not faded even after a couple of seconds had pa.s.sed by.

"Send word to the reinforcements surrounding the upper district... tell them to bring back the captured member and leaders and also escort Officer Crimson back to this base,"


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