The Bloodline System - Chapter 1106 E.E's Revelation About Sam

Chapter 1106 E.E's Revelation About Sam

Chapter 1106 E.Es Revelation About Sam

They had refrained from taking a lot of belongings so as not to arouse any suspicion. A wheeled vehicle which was commonly used on Aribia City was already waiting outside for them.

Both mother and sister bid farewell to E.E and Gustav before getting in.

The vehicle zoomed off a moment later and they were soon out of sight.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

"Don't worry, we'll be here till they've gotten on that jet and taken off for the skies," Gustav said to E.E.

E.E didn't know what Gustav was up to at the moment but seeing the multiple glows in his eyes, he could tell he was using an ability

Gustav sights were currently zoomed in on the vehicle which was driving across the roads of the upper district towards the airport.

Despite the vehicle having travelled for several miles, Gustav sight was still able to keep up without issues.


After arriving at the airport, Mrs Elebhose and Sarah moved towards the area Gustav had instructed them to go but were stopped by airport personnels when they got to a point.

"The man with the green hat..." Sarah spotted a person standing by the side when they got restricted.

She quickly called out to him and pa.s.sed him the ID Gustav gave her.

The man in green hat tapped onto a part of the ID which displayed a small holographic information.

"Confirmed, this truly belongs to Sir Crimson," He muttered.

"Let them pa.s.s," After commanding, the officials restricting them initially, moved out of the way.

The man in green hat led them towards a part of the airport.

"He said Sir Crimson? Could he be referring to Gustav Crimson?" Sarah thought out loud as they moved towards a private hangar.

Her face showed complex expressions, "Could that have been him all this time and we had no idea?" She turned to her mother with an excited expression.


"Your MBO ID? Won't you need this?"

-"No. My true ident.i.ty is enough..."


She recalled what he had said earlier.

"So... it was truly him? We met Gustav Crimson?" Sarah had the urge to scream out right now as she realised she shot at him and even conversed with him all this time.

Despite being in the slums, there was not one person who didn't know about Gustav.

Not only was it broadcasted worldwide when he performed some feats but his accomplishments were also widespread and he was also one of the most talked about mixedbloods whenever there was a discussion about the MBO.


Minutes later Gustav finally deactivated G.o.d Eyes and turned to E.E.

"Let's go," He stated.

E.E smiled as he understood his family had finally got out of the unsafe city.

"Thank you... for everything," E.E said with an appreciative tone.

"Not a problem. If I had known, I would have done something about it a long time ago," Gustav shook his head as they began strolling away from the apartment.

"It was my cross to carry. I wouldn't want anyone getting dragged into cleaning up for me," E.E responded with a serious tone.

"It's okay to let your friends help you lift your cross the same way you have helped them in situations they couldn't handle all on their own," Gustav placed his hand on E.E's shoulder as he voiced out causing them to come to a pause.

"Is this truly coming from the Gustav I know? How the turntables," E.E clicked his tongue sarcastically as well as in surprise.

Both of them began chuckling after E.E's remark before they resumed walking again.f??????????.???

"You've really changed," E.E muttered.

"How so?" Gustav inquired.

"You're not as erratic, not as easily triggered, a bit more warm... not to the enemies of course. At least you still p.i.s.s your opposition off and always say your mind haha traits which I'll never stop admiring but overall... you've become a bit more emphatic," E.E listed out.

"You may be right. I was only pa.s.sionate about becoming stronger to protect myself and destroy any enemy that may try to mess with me but now, there are more reasons attached to it." Gustav revealed.

"You had a brother didn't you?" Gustav questioned.

"How did you know?" E.E had a surprised look on his face upon hearing the question.

"You know I take note of even the tiniest of details and piece them together to figure things out, right?" Gustav responded.

"Haha yeah... I used to have a big brother," E.E fessed up.

E.E went on to narrate the things his brother would do in place of his late father who pa.s.sed when Sarah had just been born.

E.E was only around three years old at the time of his father's death so recalling his father's personality was beyond him.

However this was something that affected his big brother so much since Sam was a little over ten years old at the time.

E.E went on to narrate how it was extremely difficult to get by in the slums so his brother became a thief. He would sneak into the upper district and steal any edible things he could get his hand on just to bring them back home for his siblings to eat.

Whenever he was hungry, Sam would always find a way to get him what he wanted.

He explained that he could feel something was off even though he was around five years of age at the time Sam made it an habit to always bring something back home.

Especially when he would come back injured but being a kid, E.E couldn't figure it out and his big brother never told him anything no matter how much he asked.

It wasn't until his mother and brother started getting into heated arguments that he began to put two and two together. Yet, his big brother never stopped.

E.E was around six years of age when his big brother who was thirteen formed a gang of thieves.

They would sneak into the upper districts, steal food and bring it back. It went from sharing with his siblings to sharing with fellow slum dwellers as well.

This continued for about a year till they decided to start stealing other merchandise as well. Their mum warned him to stop so many times but he refused and told her the upper district had so much yet the slum dwellers barely manage to make it through a day.

They became like a modern day robinhood gang and for a period of time, slum dwellers didn't go hungry daily as they usually would.

Until one day...

E.E turned eight and awakened his bloodline while he was out running an errand. His first thought was showing his big brother so he could join their gang as well and even help.

At the time he could only open a palm sized vortex but he knew it would be useful.

However, upon arriving home that day, his big brother's corpse was waiting for him. He came home to meet his mother and little sister in tears and a whole bunch of slum dwellers outside their home.

His big brother's gang were lured into a trap during their latest operation according to what the others said, he put his life in harmways for them to escape.

The gang was dissolved afterwards since Sam, the leader and master strategist was dead. None of them had the guts to carry on because they knew every single operation was a success due to his craftiness and intelligent planning.

After what had happened, they were not willing to put themselves in harmways.

E.E blamed himself because he believed he could have protected his brother if he had developed his bloodline abilities earlier or told his brother to stop.

Seeing his mother mourn broke him just as much as losing his big brother did. On that day he made a vow to take on the mantle of protecting the family.


"How did you get manage to register for MBO tests?" Gustav questioned.

"My brother left something behind for me when he pa.s.sed. He kept a box in our apartment and told my mother to give it to me when I awakened my bloodline like he already suspected I would..." E.E began disclosing.

"After opening the box I found cash that would last us for a period of time and something else... A guide to bloodline channeling," E.E added.

He explained to Gustav that this was when he began learning how to channel his bloodline due to the guide his big brother left behind.

He trained his ability by himself till he surpa.s.sed the first Bloodline rank and the opportunity for him to join the MBO arrived when registration instructors came to the city to scout for potential Mixedbloods.

"You... I'm still appalled you kept this from us all these time," Gustav said with a sentimental tone.

Now that he knew he wasn't the only one who had a rough childhood, he felt more kins.h.i.+p with E.E.

"I still have dreams of changing the fate of the slum dwellers here," E.E muttered with a tone of seriousness.

"Then let's do it..." Gustav responded.