The Bloodline System - Chapter 1105 Challenge Between Two Squads

Chapter 1105 Challenge Between Two Squads

Chapter 1105 Challenge Between Two Squads

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[Flesh Warping Ability Has Been Activated]


Wriggling sounds were heard in the room for a few seconds before E.E returned to his original looks.

"It's truly you my boy," Mrs Elebhose said with joy and gave E.E a choke hug.

"Mama," E.E responded with a chuckle barely feeling the strong grip due to his power.

"I've missed you too," He added while closing his eyes for a bit.

"So what is this I hear about us leaving? I've been making really good sales lately," E.E's mother stated with a tone that made it clear she was disinterested in leaving.

"It's a matter of urgency and safety," E.E's face turned serious at this point.

"Why? What happened?" Mrs Elebhose questioned with a tone of curiosity.

"This whole city is about to be plunged into chaos..." Gustav voiced out then proceeded to give a bit of information on what was coming.

He answered most of her questions that were not related with spilling the information that would affect the operation.

"So, they wouldn't let you two come here to get us out so you had to use fake ident.i.ties?" Mrs Elebhose questioned.


"Those a.r.s.eholes," Sarah stated.

"Language," Mrs Elebhose voiced with a stern look.

"Sorry mom," Sarah apologised.

"It's fine... they are as you say DIRTY a.s.sHOLES," Mrs Elebhose rolled her eyes while speaking.

"Hahaha mama," E.E laughed heartily after her response.

"So how are we getting out?" Sarah asked.

"I've taken care of that. A private jet will be arriving tomorrow morning at the Saint Luca airport. You two just need to get there at the appointed time and they will fly both of you to Plankton City," Gustav explained.

"The private jet will be parked in one of the private hangars so there won't be any issues with having to book a flight," He added.

"Oh wow how did you two manage to put this together so quickly?" Sarah had to admit she was astonished.

She could already tell that this set up was mostly possible due to Gustav but since she knew her brother's capabilities but couldn't understand how Gustav was pulling it off.

"We'll stay here with you two till tomorrow morning before leaving," E.E announced.

"It's still safe currently, is it not? Won't you two be in trouble if you stay here too long?" Mrs Elebhose questioned.

"Not to worry, our teammates will handle it. We'll still be staying back in the city for a couple of days," Gustav a.s.sured.


Back at the camp like base, Aildris and the others stood in front of the structure a.s.signed to them.

"They don't seem very friendly," Falco said as he noticed the disapproving glances other squad members in the vicinity were throwing at them.

"Knowing Gustav, he must have p.i.s.sed off a whole bunch of people again," Angy shook her head while speaking.

"Is it wise to do that? Shouldn't we be making friends instead of enemies?" Glade said with her greenish face scrunching up.

"No matter how many enemies he makes, I will have his back if anyone tries to mess with him... unlike you," Angy threw a piercing glare at Glade while responding.

"Uh?" Glade had a confused look.

"Angy," Matilda said while giving her eye signs.

"Hmph," Angy understood the signs and kept her mouth shut.

"I still wonder why my rival didn't choose to bring Endric along..." Ria muttered with a thoughtful expression.

"We didn't even get to ask him before they..." Teemee didn't need to finish the statement.

Everyone already knew Gustav was currently in the city with E.E and they needed to make sure no one figured it out.

"Spiifff!" A roll of saliva suddenly landed by Vera's side.

She slowly turned around to stare in the direction it came from.

"f.u.c.king rookies! You better not slow us down!" A bald brown skinned female officer yelled with a serpentine like tongue swimming in his mouth.

"Insignificant b.a.s.t.a.r.d do you wanna die!" A dark haze slightly phased out of Falco as he voiced out.

"Eh?" The bald female officer was taken aback as she sensed the outburst of dark energy.

"You rookies have no respect for your seniors eh?" Another one of the female officer teammate voiced out as he appeared from the structure beside theirs.

"Respect goes both ways. Her saliva should be fed back to her," Angy retorted.

"Oh? Are you brats asking for it?" Another buff teammate suddenly appeared again like they had been waiting for this moment.

"Asking for what? If you want us to feed her saliva to every single one of you, we shall do so," Teemee spoke up as well. He was already fed up with the glares they had been getting since they arrived here.

Besides, they knew this issue wasn't started by them.

More and more of the bald female officer teammates from the other tent began to appear.

Aildris noticed that things were starting to get heated up and finally intervened.

"Everyone... instead of turning this into a brawl how about we have a challenge," Aildris manner of speaking invoked silence and caused everyone to pay attention.

"What type of challenge?" The bald female officer inquired.

"As officers our duty here is to get rid of the opposition which is the Genxodus... turning our fists on each other doesn't seem like a sensible thing to do if we harbor a grudge so instead I suggest our challenge should be based on which squad manages to apprehend the most Genxodus members," Aildris explained.


-"Sounds interesting,"

-"We can show these rookies whose boss,"

"Nice but what's a challenge without a stake?" The bald female officer said with a smirk.

"You seniors are free to choose your stake first," Aildris stated with a respectful tone.

"Good good... then, if your squad loses, Gustav Crimson must lick our boots one after the other and you all must join him," She grinned after voicing out.

"What? He's not in..." Falco was about to refute but Aildris tapped his shoulder.

"We agree but if your squad loses you all will be at our mercy for the rest of your careers. Which means you can't refuse if any of you are asked to do something by any of my squad members," Aildris stated.

"Kid if we lose I'll even agree to lick your b.u.t.ts till the end of my days," An opposing squad member voiced out.


The bald female officer and her teammates burst out laughing upon hearing the remark. They were confident they wouldn't get bested by rookies.

"Keep your tongue to yourself, our b.u.t.ts are clean enough," Matilda muttered with a hmph.

"Since both sides agree, we shall leave the rest till after the operation," Aildris stated with a calm tone.

The crowd that had gathered, dispersed after this and this encounter went on to spread across the temporary operation base.

"Guys but what if we lose?" Ria voiced out.

"Where did your confidence from a while ago go?" Teemee questioned.

"Gustav said they'll put us somewhere with less activity," Ria recalled.

"We won't lose," A familiar voice was heard coming from the west side.

Everyone turned to look and spotted Elevora heading towards them.

"Elevora, where have you been?" Angy questioned with a smile.

It was already nightfall and Elevora had been gone since Gustav and E.E left.

"Running some errands... for Gustav. I figured out something... There's no need for worry, Gustav will find a way to make sure we deal with lots of Genxodus members," Elevora a.s.sured.

They began discussing with Elevora who mentioned Gustav gave her a solo task before leaving.

"A while ago... was that you or Dark Falco?" Teemee whispered in Falco's ear.

"Of course it was him. Why would I speak like a lunatic?" Falco wasted no time in denying it was him.

"I thought you were in control?" Teemee asked.

"I am. I just let him out cos it was a heated situation," Falco clarified.

Teemee had a look of understanding upon hearing this and stopped bugging Falco.

He was unaware of the wry expression that momentarily appeared on Falco's face.

'Keep lying through your teeth you spineless b.a.s.t.a.r.d,' Dark Falco voiced within.


It was another regular and turmoil filled morning in the slums since the slum dwellers had awoken to carry out a repeat of the same tasks they perform on a daily.

The basking glow of the sun on their skin wasn't seen as a ray of hope to them, instead, it was seen as a display of despair that solidified their ever tragic fate.

However, this regular morning was an irregular one for E.E's family.

"Take this," Gustav said while pa.s.sing a circular badge to Sarah.

"Your MBO ID? Won't you need this?" Sarah questioned with a look of shock.

"No. My true ident.i.ty is enough. Show this to the man on green hat when you get to that part of the airport. He will escort you safely to the jet," Gustav instructed.

Sarah nodded in response and they proceeded to move out of the apartment.