The Bloodline System - Chapter 1107 Tailing The Suspects

Chapter 1107 Tailing The Suspects

Chapter 1107 Tailing The Suspects

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"Then let's do it..." Gustav responded.

"Huh?" E.E paused his steps once more and turned to stare at Gustav.

"Let's change the fate of the slum dwellers," Gustav clarified.

"For real?" E.E's face brightened up as he voiced out.

"We first need to find a way to keep this part of the city safe during our clash with the Genxodus though," Gustav stated.

"Good thing both of us are here earlier... with our combined efforts we can try to do something," E.E was starting to get hyped up.

"Hnm. Let's go," Gustav nodded.

E.E and Gustav proceeded to start scanning the city at this point.

They hadn't forgotten their second objective after getting E.E's family out of here which was to investigate the entirety of Aribia city in secret to discover if they may be any loopholes in the operation.

The second objective was also to try and discover if there were any more potential hideouts for the Genxodus members that the Genxodus eradication scouts may have missed.

However, they now had a third objective. Which was, to try and protect the lives of the slum dwellers during the period of the operation.

They had started taking care of the third by secretly setting up protective areas that would be safe for the slum dwellers to hide in.

The major problem was discovering who was a bona-fide slum dweller. Gustav had no doubt that some Genxodus members would guise as slum dwellers to escape getting caught.

They wouldn't want to end up protecting Genxodus members by mistake.

They also couldn't start spreading the word of how a secret protective area was being created for the upcoming clash so the slum dwellers could be prepared.

This was an unreasonable idea because they would also be alerting the Genxodus members of their plans to attack.

Everything had to be kept under the wraps for now.

"I will be able to differentiate between a real slum dweller and a fake so when the time comes, leave that to me. I'll sort it out," E.E informed Gustav.

Gustav nodded in response knowing E.E was more knowledge than him in this aspect.

Gustav and E.E secretly set up these protection spots all across the slums for the rest of the day while also checking different areas.

"The back alley seems more suspicious than before," E.E informed Gustav at the end of the day.

"Hmm is that so? I only noticed a bunch of slum touts though," Gustav replied as they stood within a demolished building.

"There are some I do not recognise... and they don't act like the typical slum tout," E.E disclosed.

"Let's keep an eye out for those ones then," Gustav stated while turning in the direction of the back alley they were referring to.

"First I need to contact them to be sure we're not compromised..." Gustav added before tapping onto the back of his ear.

"Aildris, can you hear me?"

-"I can hear you Gustav,"

"Good... how are things over there?"

Few minutes Gustav had ended the communication with Aildris after confirming they were in the clear.

According to the information that was spreading across camp, one day was left till operations began.

Gustav and E.E only had a day left to spend here before they had to return. It was currently nightfall but since they had practically achieved two of their three objectives, they had done enough.

However, with what E.E had mentioned, they definitely needed to go back and check the suspicious individuals he noticed.

Few minutes later both of them walked into another demolished building. The first thing that drifted info their nostrils was the strong stench of alcohol and smoke.

-"I win!"

-"Not again, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d must be cheating!"

-"You now owe me..."

A couple of people, mostly male could be spotted sitting around a pile of rubble and playing some weird card games while in a heated argument.

-"Give it to him Markle,"

-"Beat that b.a.s.t.a.r.d up!"

In another part of this place, some with tattered clothing were exchanging punches with cheers coming from the witnesses.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

"Ahhh! Uhmmm! Hmm!"

The sounds of flesh colliding and loud moans could be heard from another corner of the demolished building.

That part happened to be dark enough to mask the looks of the two figures engaging in perverse exercises.

However it wasn't dark enough for strong mixedbloods like Gustav and E.E. They could see through the dim area clearly.

This was one of the buildings in the back alleyway E.E was referring to. All they could see around were a bunch of tout like slum dwellers who seemed to be living very frivolously.

"Where are the ones you said were suspicious?" Gustav questioned as he tried to hide the expression of disgust he felt deep down.

"Your six o clock... the one with the brown clothing and your two o clock, the one with a wrapper like cloth," E.E whispered.

"Hmm," Even without turning around to stare in their direction, Gustav could make out their entire appearance using his perception.

"Now that you mention it... they do seem kind of suspicious," Gustav stated.

"Did you notice it?" E.E questioned.

"The mud smeared on part of their body... it doesn't seem particularly old. It's barely noticeable but if they had been on the slums for a very long time, it would look a bit different," Gustav was finally taking note.

"I didn't notice that but what I did notice was, they act like they frequent this place a lot but if they did I would have seen them before... I have never seen them. This used to be the den of my brother's gang and it became like this after he pa.s.sed. I know every single person that frequents this place and since they're adults, I would have seen them before as well but I haven't.

Secondly, the one sitting two o clock, was holding the cards wrongly... The one six o clock was observing the environment while trying to act like he's asleep," E.E listed out.

"I did notice he wasn't asleep but I didn't find him suspicious... you're right these two definitely need to be observed," Gustav whispered back.

"Should we stay here and observe them both or lure them out and secretly interrogate them?" E.E asked.

"For now, we observe," Gustav whispered.

"I take dibs on the one 6 'o clock," E.E whispered back before they both seperated and moved to different parts of this demolished building.

Despite the fact that this building was almost completely run down, it still had some higher floors and missing stairways.

The slum touts usually made their way to the upper incompete floors regardless. Some would climb.

This made the upper floors in use as well.

Gustav could already tell that there were over two hundred slum dwellers in this decimated building alone which was most likely very large when it was a complete building.

Now that E.E and Gustav had focused on one of each suspects, they would have to secretly follow these two wherever they went.

For the next three to four hours, both suspects didn't engage in any suspicious acts besides the games that were ongoing in this part of the slums.

They mingled with the others, smoking, frolicking and drinking. Gustav and E.E also pretended to join in with the games they played here.

Gustav secretly activated G.o.d Eyes to scan both suspects and confirmed they weren't Mixedbloods.

The one in a wrapper like cloth had a buzz cut and slight pot belly but that was about it.

While the other one with a tattered brown clothing, was bald and had a tattoo on his inner thigh.

They were truly ordinary from what he could see.

A couple hours later when it was midnight, the two finally moved out of the building.

The way both of them decided to leave the building at the same time was almost as if it had been pre planned.

Gustav and E.E also had to move at this point and followed both of them outside.

It wasn't abnormal to move around but the timing was a bit too suspicious.

However, E.E and Gustav were soon met with a bit of confusion after both figures moved in opposite directions.

After getting out, they didn't even make contact with each other or share any form of hidden message. They just went in opposite directions.

Gustav followed the one with the pot belly and wrapper like cloth while E.E followed the bald one who Gustav noticed had a tattoo on his inner thigh.

They could still communicate with each other if they wanted to so going in opposite directions wasn't much of a problem.

They decided to stay true to the goal and observe these two for the rest of the night.

Gustav completely erased his presence as he moved while E.E kept a very close distance and would sink into the vortex he created on the ground whenever the one he was tailing turned around.