The Bloodline System - Chapter 1086 And So It Begins

Chapter 1086 And So It Begins

Chapter 1086 And So It Begins

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


While Gustav was very popular for some of his feats which included saving the world, they were still doubtful of how powerful he was.

They knew he was unaffected by the machines that sealed bloodline energy which made sense to a.s.sume he'd take care of the situation easily since he still had his abilities.

They felt his strength couldn't be gauged that way since everyone else had lost their abilities and he was the only exemption.

"I don't hear any objections," The man in white stated.

They kept quiet at this point as no one wanted to stupidly underestimate him. He had been garnering popularity way before the incident and some of them were aware of that.

"Ekkk I'd have someone strong enough to play with," Sheila voiced with a look of excitement.

"This girl... he won't be available," Vin voiced in response.

"Wouldn't it still be problematic for him not to show up at all?" Another one of the candidates asked.

"Maybe... but the world government has enough faith in him and they don't wish to force it upon him to attend. He can decide to show up if he wants to or not," The man in white explained.

"Tch! Such privilege..." Yonda couldn't help but voice out.

Aildris and the others felt like confirming Gustav's decision not to attend training but they left it. He would still be showing up anyways according to him and they were unbothered about the whole coordination thing because they had battled alongside Gustav many times so it wasn't an issue for them.

The man in white and the other lady led them out of the room towards a ma.s.sive landscape.

They arrived in an artificial s.p.a.ce where they could see a large mansion like building atop the tip of a ma.s.sive rock.

Surrounding it was a body of water. Far to the east were all kinds of weird looking landscapes with different features. Thunderstorms, volcanoes, whirlwinds, tornadoes and all sort of craziness.

Towards the east they could sight an endless dark pit spitting out deadly pillars of flames and flesh ripping winds.

To the north they could spot all sorts of beasts scattered across the place with a living forest that made moved. The trees, leaves, and even the ground were all alive. It looked nonetheless dangerous.

Towards the south all that could be seen different colours of glowing planetary like rings. It was unknown what sort of encounter to expect from heading to that area but it definitely looked interesting.

In the middle of all this was where the house was located. The mansion was the only area that looked a bit normal compared to the other areas.

The other areas looked like different universes just scattered across the place.

Everyone had looks of intoxication as they scrutinized the entire vicinity.

"This is where your IYSOP training begins," The man in white stated with a strong tone.


...And so the IYSOP training for both the main and sub team began albeit in different locations.

The terms of getting the opportunity to become a main team member had been revealed to the sub team so they all aimed to increased their strength and meet the requirements as soon as possible so they'd be able to climb their way up to the main team.

They had six months of time to make this happen or they'd most likely be on bench during the IYSOP unless something irrefutable happened to one of the main team members.

They had also been given tags which corresponded with their numbers upon finis.h.i.+ng the last phase of the selection.

This number also happened to represent the ranking system for the sub teammates.

To move up in number, certain requirements had to be met and when the time came, only the top five would have the chance to fight for an opportunity to be on the main team.

Even as they worked together to become stronger, it was still a compet.i.tion.


In the middle of one night, Endric was awoken by the sound of a ringing voice in his mind.

'Endric, are you ready?' Husarius raspy voice permeated the very depths of his mind.

"Hmm?" He slowly sat up while opening his eyes.

"Is it time?" Endric questioned with a half sleepy expression.

'Yes...' Endric's forehead kept beeping with a green glow.

'The time to complete the first task necessary for navigating the fates... is now...'

Upon heading that, Endric's eyes sharpened as he stood to his feet.

"I'm ready..."


-(Four Months Later)

Within a dimly lit green colored pool, a figure could be seen seated at the bottom.

His eyes were shut with his palms placed together. Only a black shorts could be spotted on his half nude frame as he remained in the same position for a very long time.

Seconds turned to minutes, minutes turned to hours and hours turned to days yet this figure remained stationary with his long dirty blonde hair floating to the surface of the pool.

All of a sudden, an unfathomable energy began spreading forth from his being as glowing lines akin to cracks began to appear on his skin.

Prruuuhbbblle~ Prrruuuhhhbbblleee~

The pool began to heat up and bubble as the glowing golden and crimson cracks on his body intensified.

He suddenly opened his eyes which were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with intense power and immediately took a squatting posture at the bottom of the pool.?????????vel.?o?

His thighs and calves bloated intensely, becoming twice the size of two ma.s.sive tubers of yams.


It sounded like explosions going off as this figure leapt out of the pool instantly.


He had arrived thousands of feet in the sky immediately due to the intense speed.

"...If I had moved an instant later, the entire river would have evaporated..." Gustav muttered as he stared at the water body below.

From above one could sight a large green river that spread across a radius of more than four thousand miles.

It really looked like a pool existing in the middle of nowhere. However, due to his presence within and the scene that had just played out a second ago, the river reduced to half its original height.