The Bloodline System - Chapter 1085 He Is Going To Be On The Same Team With Us?

Chapter 1085 He Is Going To Be On The Same Team With Us?

Chapter 1085 He Is Going To Be On The Same Team With Us?

Author's Note: Unedited Chapters


They stood on a platform that took them directly down the hole. In the next few moments they arrived in a dark s.p.a.ce with gla.s.s walls.

Upon arriving here, three people were seated at the corner.

"So these are the infamous special candidates," Yonda voiced out as they stared at the three.

One was a pale skinned male with what deemed like stones embedded into his forehead area in a lined up format.

The one in the middle was a dark skinned girl with a beautiful but small frame. Her hair happened to be very dark and long.

The third one by the side was a purple haired extremely beautiful girl with three pigtails and a headtie covering her forehead.

"These are Vin, Sheila and..." While the woman introduced the three Matilda voiced out from the side...

"Elevora," A smile appeared on her and everyone in the group face as they spotted Elevora.

"You guys managed to make it. Good job," Elevora stated with an encouraging tone.

"Looks like they know each other," s.h.i.+rama said to Yonda from the side.

The others were a bit surprised that they were in league with someone who was deemed powerful enough to skip the selection process. They were already aware that Aildris, E.E, Endric and the others were already a type of group.

Since they were already a powerful bunch, it was even crazier that they still had another teammate of this calibre.

"Only five of us made it to the main team so it won't be wise to earn their ire," Phinx said with a low tone.

"They can't do anything to us. It won't be allowed," Yonda was unbothered unlike the rest of his teammates.

"...they didn't make it," Matilda voiced out as the gang reunited with Elevora.

"I saw... they'll manage to make it to the main team eventually I'm sure. You guys really put up a fight though. I knew you'd be able to push through," Elevora said.

"Hmm those two seem pretty strong I can sensw it but this one is just an Echo ranked... how does she qualify to skip the selection," Fildhor yelled with a look of dissatisfaction while pointing at Elevora.

"Hmm?" Elevora turned to stare at him after hearing that.

"Fildhor..." Yonda tried to call his attention to stop him.

"She's just a Mid Echo ranked like me! this must be some type of joke," Fildhor shouted out once more disregarding Yonda's call.

"Then do you wish to duel her?" The man in white asked from the corner.

"Before you answer that think very carefully... if you lose to her, you're not just off the main team disqualified from being a part of IYSOP at all," He added.

"I will..." Just as Fildhor was about to give his answer, Yonda dragged him to the side.

"Idiot... she's a mid echo ranked," Yonda reminded.

"And so am I, she is weaker so I will defeat her," Fildhor responded with an unyielding expression.

"Fool, did you forget the overall power a.n.a.lysis of the rest of her peers? Did you forget that one of them has almost the same points as I did despite being a Begginer Echo ranked?" As Yonda voiced this out, Fildhor's eyes widened.

"If they deemed her worthy to skip the selection despite her being a Mid Echo ranked, there is a high probability her overall power would surpa.s.s mine. Are you truly willing to risk it? If you're sure you can defeat me then you should," Yonda pointed out.

Fildhor thought about how it all made sense. A Begginer Echo ranked from their group was more powerful than an average peak echo ranked and she happened to be a Mid Echo ranked which meant she'd definitely be more powerful than an average Kilo ranked.

He gulp down saliva upon realising he would have gotten himself kicked off the team which meant he wouldn't even be able to represent his disqualified brother.

"What is your decision?" The man in white questioned.

"Hmph! As much as she would lose to me, I am not interested in a duel," He voiced out.

"Then there shall be no further complaints or penalties will be issued out," The man in white could see through the bluff but he was less concerned.

"Wasn't there supposed to be four candidates who skipped the selection though?" Asbestos questioned from the side.

"Indeed... the last or rather first teammate will most likely be unavailable for the training season but he will definitely be available when it's time to leave planet earth for IYSOP," The man in white announced.

'Gustav...' The others already knew he was referring to Gustav.

-"Huh? That doesn't sound right,"

-"Wasn't it supposed to be a mandating six months training?"

-"Wouldn't this affect our coordination as a team if we don't train together?"

Some of them voiced out their dissatisfaction after the announcement.

"Do not concern yourselves with these... he is busy with important tasks and doesn't necessarily need drilling like you lots. Unless you can defeat him, I will not be listening to any complaints," The man in white stated.

"Who the h.e.l.l is he anyways?" Yonda also questioned with a dissatisfied tone.

"He is... Gustav Crimson," The man in white revealed.


The eyes of the candidates besides Aildris and the others widened as they heard the name.

'That guy is going to be partic.i.p.ating?'

'He's going to be on the same team with us?'

The name Gustav Crimson was quite popular worldwide so it was impossible for everyone here to not have heard of him.

They still couldn't believe their ears.

"Are you satisfied now? Or would you like to voice out your complaints on his qualification?" The man in white questioned after noticing the looks on their faces.

-"Who knows what his a.n.a.lysis would have been if Gustav Crimson had partic.i.p.ated in the selection?"

-"The first Major ranked MBO officer under the age of twenty years... that can only be accomplished from completing multiple high ranked missions,"

-"Hmm we'll be able to gauge his strength from close range when he finally shows up,"

Some of them voiced out their thoughts.