The Bloodline System - Chapter 1087 Top Ten Thousands

Chapter 1087 Top Ten Thousands

Chapter 1087 Top Ten Thousands

"Wasn't expecting my body to produce so much heat..." Gustav raised his hand as steam phased out of his body.

The water on his body had gotten evaporated from the moment he reached the surface. Even right now his body was still producing enough heat to evaporate the river so he flew higher.

After a while his body temperature began to reduce as the glowing cracks caused his skin to harden and peel off.

After they had completely peeled off, Gustav's skin looked fresher and rosier.

"All because I reached the Kilo rank?" Gustav didn't was a bit surprised.

However, he could sense an immense rise in his strength.

("Congratulations, you're now considered to be amongst the top ten thousand strongest on earth... still a far ride from becoming number one...") The system voiced in his head.

"Ten thousand? Are there people I haven't heard of?" Gustav expected to be at least higher.

("What did you think? That you'd be amongst the top hundreds? Pffft dumba.s.s you still have a long way to go,") The system responded.

"...about three years more hmm..." Gustav had a slightly pensive look on his face as he muttered.

Even though being amongst the top ten thousand strongest seemed like it was nothing, it was actually a great leap for Gustav.

Amongst the billions of millions of Mixedbloods on the planet and the hundreds of millions of them in the MBO he had managed to build his strength to such a level already.

Although it only got more difficult from here, this was a stopping point for a lot of mixedbloods as they found themselves unable to go beyond the Kilo rank.

"I wonder how powerful I am now..." Gustav couldn't even gauge his own strength at this point.

He would need to find a way to test it out but he risked destroying this landscape if he did so he stopped himself.

("Not strong enough... you still can't wield any of them...") The system stated.

"You don't have to remind me," Gustav squinted his eyes before turning to a direction.

"Atomic Blade," He voiced out as he spotted a mountain in the distance.


An atomic blade appeared in his hand and began to grow in size immensely.

Gustav remained unmoved even after it reached a length of two hundred feet.

He raised his hand with strength and brought it down with force.

Fwwhhiii~ Slas.h.!.+

A milky colored arc travelled forward with intense speed and cleaved through the mountain with ease.

Immediately afterwards the entire six thousand feet tall mountain disappeared amidst a flash of milky light.

"Hmm... that's not bad for a fraction..." Gustav muttered.

"Hmm? A call..?" A device appeared in Gustav's hand and he proceeded to answer a holographic call.


A familiar voice yelled out the instant the call connected.

-Few Minutes Later

"I guess it's time to go," Gustav stated after ending the call.

("News on Genxodus?") The system voiced in his mind.

"Yeah... there couldn't be any better timing for me to warm up," Gustav responded with an inciting look.

"I don't have my new dimensional bracelet yet... according to him, it'll be ready next week... so I have to fly," As Gustav pointed these out, a pair of bat like wings sprouted out from his back.

("You're not gonna put on some clothes?") The system questioned.

"Meh... no ones gonna see me anyways... and even if they do, it doesn't matter," After responding, Gustav's figure blasted forward in a particular direction.


His figure parted the clouds as he flew forward with immense speed. His flight speed now was almost twice his former.

His former speed was already rivalling aircraft and now it was even higher than before.

The sound his speed gave off would definitely destroy a person's eardrums if they were too close and this was just a speed based on his partial transformation into a mixedbreed. It wasn't as quick as Hover.

About thiry minutes later, Gustav found himself flying above Plankton city. He finally slowed slowed down as he headed for the MBO tower.

Alarms had began blaring loudly upon his approach as the AIs interpreted it to be a threat.

It hadn't been a second since the alarms went off that he arrived right above the perimeter of the tower.


He landed on the ground and was instantly surrounded by a bunch of armed MBO officers.

"State your business!" One of them voiced out with a powerful tone.

"It's me," Gustav voiced out as the dust he stirred dissipated.

"Officer Crimson,"

The officers voiced out with looks of surprise.

'Why is he naked?' They wondered internally while trying to hide the weird expression on their faces.

"We apologise... we thought it was a hostile force," One of them stated.

"It's fine... you're only doing your jobs," Gustav responded with an unbothered tone before waking away.

His presence attracted a lot of attention but he remained unfazed as he headed into the tower.

The MBO Tower was still looking absolutely outstanding as it pierced into the clouds above.


Minutes later Gustav was in a meeting with a bunch of MBO officers. He had put on some clothes after making a stop in his room within the tower.

"The Genxodus extermination group doesn't require the help of a officer outside our group. We'll deal with the problem ourselves," A man covered in blueish hides voiced out.

"Oh? And how much has dealing with the issue yourselves resulted to?" Gustav stated with a light chuckle.

"We brought more than three thousand of them into custody and killed half that number... foiled their plans on mutilple occasions and in the last operation, we discovered another of their hideouts foiling all of the plans the members within had. Do you wish to hear more?" The MBo officer in blueish hides listed out.

"Bold of you to brag accomplishments to me that only came about from the information I provided," Gustav chuckled even louder at this point.

"Especially the last operation..." He added.