The Bloodline System - Chapter 1084 Results

Chapter 1084 Results

Chapter 1084 Results

At this point it had already spread that he was the little brother of Gustav. There was not a single person here who didn't know Gustav so they felt the result wasn't so unbelievable anymore.

-'So both brothers are monsters,'

Similar thoughts ran through everyone's mind.

After a few more minutes the third phase finally came to an end.

"Everyone has been successfully a.n.a.lysed. Now its time to reveal the results," The man in white stated.

Before the ranking board was revealed, the partic.i.p.ants already knew who the top three were. It was impossible to forget as their a.n.a.lysis results were stuck in their mind.

Some of them already knew they wouldn't make the cut while some were not so sure since up to two hundred partic.i.p.ants were involved.


The holographic screen ahead changed and the ranking board was revealed.

a.n.a.lysis Ranking

1. Asbestos F.

2. Yonda V.

3. Endric O.

4. Aildris R.

5. Emmanuel E.

6. Tareek B.

7. Rosalin V.

8. Trunks K.

9. Phinx A.

10. Angy

11. Falco

12. Fildhor I...


Everyone stared at the ranking with keen eyes trying to find their names.

The names in the top ten positions were as expected. These ones had truly done phenomenal in the third phase. Their stats proved they were the top of the brunch.

"Daum I'm at 15th..." Teemee voiced as he spotted his name.

"You should be glad. It was a tight one," Ria said with a smile.

"I am," Teemee responded.

Despite being a bit disappointed that he was way beneath Endric, EE and Aildris, he was still glad that he made it to the main team.

"What about you?" Teemee questioned Ria.

"*sigh* check the rankings," Ria said with a slightly crestfallen tone.

Vera also checked for her name after the top sixteen since she already felt she wouldn't be amongst the top 15.

"Hmm 32..." She said with an emotionless tone. She could be less bothered about it so long as she made it on whether or not it was the main team.

"I am at 14th place," Glade voiced out with a joyful tone.

She was just right above Teemee on the ranking. Everyone was still disgusted by her presence but they tolerated it since she was practically a slave now who couldn't go against them.

"Good for you," Matilda responded.

"How about you Matilda?" She questioned.

"Unfortunately I'm at the 19th position... sub team," She raised her shoulders as she voiced out.

"Cheer up guys, even though Gustav mentioned we should all make it to the main team, we did our bests. Everyone still got onto the team," Angy said with a supportive tone.

"That's true. Be it subst.i.tute team or main team, we all still managed to qualify. Out of the thousands that partic.i.p.ants we made all it to the top forty-six," Aildris lightened the mood up with his words.

"Gustav would still be proud of everyone and you all should be proud of yourselves too," E.E raised a thumb up as he added.

So far seven of them managed to make it to top sixteen while the other three were below but managed to qualify for the subst.i.tute team.

Their group still managed to take up a large portion of the main team, especially with Gustav being a part as well.

"By now everyone should know of their fate." The man in white voiced out.

Looks of disappointment and disbelief were present all over the faces of multiple partic.i.p.ants while some looked elated.

"The selection has officially come to an end," He added.

Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing! Zing!

In the next instant multiple people began disappearing. After a few seconds, only forty six people were left.

They stared at each other with scrutinizing looks. Out of all the private organizations, only a few were left. Three people from the private organizations had managed to make it into the main team while ten made it into the the sub team.

The rest were all MBO officers. This had shown how capable the private organizations were as well.

"Before we move further... within the next six months of training, there will be opportunities for sub team members to get into the main team," As the man in white announced, Ria face brightened up.

'I will have a chance?' Hearing this lifted his mood as he swore to make use of this opportunity.

'I just need to switch sides with her... easy...' Vera said internally.

Matilda was also preparing to make use of this opportunity as well.

"I advise you main team members to train hard and improve if you don't wish to switch places with anyone on the sub team," The man in white added again.

"Now, the sub team members shall be transported to a different location. You lots are gonna be trained separately," He proceeded to snap his fingers after this.


The thirty qualified sub teammates dissappeared one after the other.


After they were all gone, only the sixteen that made it to the main team were left.

"Congratulations on getting into the IYSOP team. You lots are bestowed with the opportunity of representing our planet in the near future. I trust you'll make us proud," The lady who had been standing beside the man on white all this time, finally spoke.

"The training will begin tomorrow but before that..."


A part of the ground opened up by the side and she gestured at them to move towards it.

"Meet the rest of your teammates first," As she added this, the others recalled they were supposed to be a group of twenty.

"Looks like we're meeting the rest of the four that got in with special privileges," s.h.i.+rama voiced with a tone of interest as her ma.s.sive body made stomping sounds on the floor with every movement.

"They better be strong enough or I won't stand for this," Yonda stated with a fired up tone.

Angy couldn't stand their incessant babbling but she didn't have a choice for now.

They stood on a platform that took them directly down the hole. In the next few moments they arrived in a dark s.p.a.ce with gla.s.s walls.